«The system has a clear effect»

A study from san francisco shows that surveillance cameras have no effect on severe crimes, but have led by 20 to 30 percent in property labels to a rint of 20 to 30 percent

Do we want a society that lives stately under observation of camera eyes? The question arises again and again, currently on the newly created website of the american burger rights organization american civil liberties union. The name of the website: "you are leg watched". So-called hotspots, camera monitoring systems in all 50 states of the usa, links drove to the relevant local news or other news sources, the information about the costs, planning of installation, execution, etc. Give. But there is also a different high price that does not let yourself be in dollars, the for the "trugger appearance of security" must be paid: the mobs on burial freedoms.

The use of monitoring cameras exchanges only the illusion of security and in reality is not efficient, as far as the prevention of crimes is concerned, so the central argument of barry steinhardt, which is belonging to the technical staff of the aclu. On the new website, the argument is occupied by study results

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Really old

Now it is proved: the hominid fossils of the kibish formation are the oldest survivors of anatomically modern people.

For many years, research has debated whether the survivors of the omo hominids found almost forty years ago in athiopia, actually the oldest traces of the early ancestors of man are, and whether the schadel of omo ii is not perhaps young. In the current ie of nature, australian anthropologists present their fairly unique results.

Omo ii: age or equal to old?

In 1967, the kenyer kamoya kimeeu found a schadel with part-skeleton (omo i) in the kibish-formation in the omo-basin in sudathiopia, a few kilometers away, another schadelbone (omo ii) was recovered. These fossils are still a sensation today, because they are the most old survivors of homo sapiens sapiens. Her age is on 195.000 years scated. They come from the time in which the first modern people began to explore the earth.

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Why the wireless room will be destroyed

The wap world reminds the web in 1994 before there were banner ads, animated gifs and cookie attacks

So well, i give you an insight into a secret. Contemporarily there is a possibility to access the internet as fast, convenient and unsteady as sooner before there were banner ads, animated gifs and cookie attacks. It’s the rectilinear wap world, just made of text, a simplified world wide web on which you should actually access only with cell phones or pdas.

But thanks to some security, you can, if you know the unused urls of these sites, call them with a usual browser. Then you will not be the same anymore.

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Acta: secret diplomacy in the age of globalization

Acta is only a very triple case for undemocratic international standardization. It is time to question the monopoly of governments about intergovernmental negotiations

The so-called trading income for the evidence of product and brand piracy acta has finally arrived at the public. For international mass protests, tens of thousands have gone on the strain since the end of january. It was about hundred thousand on the 11th. February in germany. The online burger movement avaaz collected about two million protest records. The protests are just in time to prevent the agreement still to prevent.

It was already signed by most governments involved as well as the european union. On 26. January there was a rough ceremony in tokyo. Now the ratification is based on, ie the approval of the national parliaments and the european parliament. The agreement (pdf) enters into force for those contractors who deposit their instrument. At least six are needed. Due to the rights of the european parliament, which were stated by the treaty of lisbon, this must also agree with the eu.

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With computers and internet, we are as with a devil pact

A conversation with clifford stoll, who in his latest book for that "logout" pladished

Clifford stoll, 1951, is astronomer, nerd, hackerjager. He pays for the pioneers of the data networks. His book "cuckoo" reported by the "hunting for the german hackers who cracked the pentagon". That was 1989. Six years later, 1995, as well as in this country with the computer industry the world wide web boomed, he published "silicon snake oil", in german appeared under the title: the wisse internet. Now his youngest prank comes out: "logout. Why computer lost nothing in the classroom and other high-tech heritages".

From the computer and internet pioneer to the high-tech hareatic, it is a way — and accompanied by certain experiences. What was your ubiel experience with the calculator, with the computer on the net?

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Syria: bashar al-assad can be elections again

Syria: Bashar al-Assad can be elections again

De · jà-vu: assad poster before the elections in syria 2014. Image: hosin zohrevand, cc by 4.0

Vote meets rejection in the west. Signals from the country and the region opposing. Winner is already certain

Things to do today in syria prasidental elections. Three candidates compete for the highest office in the country, which is heavily drawn by ten years of war and a massive economic crisis.

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«Absolute security can not give it!»

Open letter to the chairman of the bundestag inns wolfgang bosbach (cdu)

Dear wolfgang bosbach,

Today i would like to thank you! Thank dafur that you have been helentical for safety in the innermost of our country for the year and day. This is important, because sometimes someone else can hardly look for safety: her namesake has voodle from the inside to the financial department, wife of the leyen does not fight for internet locks, but tries to loose the ratsel around hartz iv and i feel already uncertain. So since you have to keep the position alone, do my questions give you suggestions for you to confer your mission even better.

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Sliding command for the turkish army

Sliding command for the Turkish army

Source: isku

Kurdish news uniform a document that becomes the gun use of the turkish dispute in the southeast of the country

The attacks on kurdish city and neighborhoods are always escalating. For more than 31 days, diyarbakir sur is under a siege and artillery. The straws of bads such as nusaybin, cizre, sirnak or diyarbakir sur acknowledges more and more ruin landscapes, as they are otherwise suspected in syria. The startup barrier concerns more than one million people. The turkish human rights association ihd reported on 22. December:

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New linke bosses are fixed

NEW LINKE bosses are fixed

Janine wisser and susanne hennig-wellsow this saturday. Photo: martin heinlein / the left

Janine wisser and susanne hennig-wellsow chosen on digital party congress with rough majority

With more than two-thirds of the delegate votes, janine wissler and susanne hennig-wellsow have been chosen to be chosen for the new fuhrungduo of the party. Wissers who already entertained their hessian landtagsruption and represented clear anti-capitalist positions in their application speech on the digital party congress, received the better result at 84.2 percent, but they had — unlike hennig-wellsow, on the "mixed" list stand — no counter candidates.

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Science journalist from passion

The death of klaus simmering is a gross loss for science journalism and watching tv

It is not so unlikely that you know klaus simmering. For whoever has seen his films, also knows the science journalist behind it a little and to stumble over his films, was temporarily a light. "Faster than the light" and "on the way to the ufo drive" wochen in 1999 and 2000 weekly in the night program of the space night on bayern alpha.

Faster than the light? At least such a nonsense like ufos, they make think. Simmering is the risk of entering the fat bowls, always entered and this made him as a human and journalist to such a pleasant figure. Unfortunately, he is also an excerpt tragic figure. On 21. April, he died for 45 years on a sudden, aggressive brain tumor. He leaves his wife sylvia itzigehl and the children of paul and veronika.

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