Action games school attention

After a metastary, improve and accelerate computer games the cognitive processing of visual information

Computer player do not just make a pastime, they often train their cognitive feelings during hours, probably by the scan of certain capacities in training other less well-formed. This does not distinguish computer games from other games and at all of learned activities. Looking at action games, then it is clear that they require rapid processing of sensory information in order to quickly make strategic decisions and act accordingly — depending on the interface with more or less coarse motor use.

Computer games require a permanent attention and reaction rate, which in the density probably exceed the everyday behavior of most people, if they do not have to react like athletes or soldiers in extreme situations. If you zug in computer games too long, then the effects are difficult for the game, for example the virtual death or a defeat,. Players who not only win, but also want to train a virtuosity, rely on further acceleration of reactions and are also looking for games that offer new challenges.

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The surrounding streaks on biosprit the climate warming?

After an analysis, the emissions of nitrogen oxide have not been considered realistic, especially biosprit from rapeseed and corn are no substitute for fossil fuels in terms of air conditioning

The transition of gasoline on biosprit first appeared as a good remedy to reduce the submission of fossil fuel’s greenhouse emissions. But it quickly turned out that biosprit is not a panacea, but the state-subsidized — cultivation of plants for the production of fuels the monoculture, which requires coarse corporations and the increased use of dungemittels and the food prices in the high drives (oecd rugt biosprit- subsidies). In general, it is believed that the contribution of biosprit for the reduction of greenhouse gases is rather low. According to a new study, however, biosprit from rapeseed and corn should even cause more greenhouse gases than fossil fuels.

Biosprit is not the same biosprit. P. J. Cryption (max planck institute for chemistry), a. R. Moseier (mount pleasant, sc), k. A. Smith (school of geosciences, university of edinburgh) and w. Winwarter (austrian research centers, vienna) make in your article published in the magazine atmospheric chemistry and physics and can already be viewed online for an open discussion, focusing on the evaluation of biosprit so far the emission of nitrogen oxide (n2o ) was not considered sufficient.

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The signs stand on the wall

The characters stand on the wall

Image: viktor bystrov / unsplash

Over the suggestion as a backmark of a civilized society

Last saturday i noticed a photo in the give part of the anzeiger a photo. It shows a group of children and their educators. The subject of the corresponding reportage was the transformation of kindergarten children in so-called school, which are enrolled after the summer holidays. It is valid for the children, say goodbye to take their kita.

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«They scold us nazi whores»

Christian peace activists in hebron

Mary lawrence is friendly steamed on the strain of old town hebrons. From time to time, the woman remains with the red cap to talk to shop owners and passers-by in the large palatinian city. It is usually nothing good. "We do not stop prere", complains an old palasticine. "You have already distributed people from the apartment about us, now you are tramming us." she means the judian settlers. Lawrence writes with and wants to understand a lawyer. Hope, however, does not occur because the legal path was barely drawn by success.

Mary lawrence in cpt outfit in the old town hebrons. All photos: peter scherer

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Your traces in the sand

Your traces in the sand

A 1.5 million year old footprint from ileret, photo: m.R. Bennett, bournemouth university

1.5 million year old human fibe prints discovered

Once again there are exciting traces of the ancestors of modern man in africa. In kenya, hominids go on two legs, the impressions of their fruze in the mud, fine sand preserved them over 1.5 million years. The analysis showed that these early people were very similarly built like us.

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Religious education and the basic law

There is no entitlement to ethics lessons in elementary school, the federal administrative court judged. But there is a claim to religious education.

From the 14. Every year, everyone in germany himself can decide which religion he liked or not. Until 14. Life of life, this decision is responsible for the legal guardian that can also determine in that the child is part of religious education or not. Unlike early times, where the children who did not participate in religious education, simply parked in a corner of the classroom and had to be expected with infants, it is no longer verpont, not to pay religious education to religious education. Many schools alternatively offer ethics lessons.

However, there is no entitlement to such ethics lessons, the federal administrative court now ruled. Had succeeded by a mother whose denominational children should not participate in religious education, but on ethics lessons. However, this was not offered at the school. The claimant looked in a disadvantage of her children in elementary school and moved in court. Already the administrative court mannheim had denied the claim with judgment of february 2013. The federal administrative court has dismissed the revision of the claimant with its current judgment, which is why you only open the course to karlsruhe.

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Really old

Now it is proved: the hominid fossils of the kibish formation are the oldest survivors of anatomically modern people.

For many years, research has debated whether the survivors of the omo hominids found almost forty years ago in athiopia, actually the oldest traces of the early ancestors of man are, and whether the schadel of omo ii is not perhaps young. In the current ie of nature, australian anthropologists present their fairly unique results.

Omo ii: age or equal to old?

In 1967, the kenyer kamoya kimeeu found a schadel with part-skeleton (omo i) in the kibish-formation in the omo-basin in sudathiopia, a few kilometers away, another schadelbone (omo ii) was recovered. These fossils are still a sensation today, because they are the most old survivors of homo sapiens sapiens. Her age is on 195.000 years scated. They come from the time in which the first modern people began to explore the earth.

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With computers and internet, we are as with a devil pact

A conversation with clifford stoll, who in his latest book for that "logout" pladished

Clifford stoll, 1951, is astronomer, nerd, hackerjager. He pays for the pioneers of the data networks. His book "cuckoo" reported by the "hunting for the german hackers who cracked the pentagon". That was 1989. Six years later, 1995, as well as in this country with the computer industry the world wide web boomed, he published "silicon snake oil", in german appeared under the title: the wisse internet. Now his youngest prank comes out: "logout. Why computer lost nothing in the classroom and other high-tech heritages".

From the computer and internet pioneer to the high-tech hareatic, it is a way — and accompanied by certain experiences. What was your ubiel experience with the calculator, with the computer on the net?

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«Absolute security can not give it!»

Open letter to the chairman of the bundestag inns wolfgang bosbach (cdu)

Dear wolfgang bosbach,

Today i would like to thank you! Thank dafur that you have been helentical for safety in the innermost of our country for the year and day. This is important, because sometimes someone else can hardly look for safety: her namesake has voodle from the inside to the financial department, wife of the leyen does not fight for internet locks, but tries to loose the ratsel around hartz iv and i feel already uncertain. So since you have to keep the position alone, do my questions give you suggestions for you to confer your mission even better.

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