The surrounding streaks on biosprit the climate warming?

After an analysis, the emissions of nitrogen oxide have not been considered realistic, especially biosprit from rapeseed and corn are no substitute for fossil fuels in terms of air conditioning

The transition of gasoline on biosprit first appeared as a good remedy to reduce the submission of fossil fuel’s greenhouse emissions. But it quickly turned out that biosprit is not a panacea, but the state-subsidized — cultivation of plants for the production of fuels the monoculture, which requires coarse corporations and the increased use of dungemittels and the food prices in the high drives (oecd rugt biosprit- subsidies). In general, it is believed that the contribution of biosprit for the reduction of greenhouse gases is rather low. According to a new study, however, biosprit from rapeseed and corn should even cause more greenhouse gases than fossil fuels.

Biosprit is not the same biosprit. P. J. Cryption (max planck institute for chemistry), a. R. Moseier (mount pleasant, sc), k. A. Smith (school of geosciences, university of edinburgh) and w. Winwarter (austrian research centers, vienna) make in your article published in the magazine atmospheric chemistry and physics and can already be viewed online for an open discussion, focusing on the evaluation of biosprit so far the emission of nitrogen oxide (n2o ) was not considered sufficient.

Emissions of nitrogen oxide are much more effective as greenhouse gas than about co2. The potential of the global emphasis of nitrogen oxide is increased than 296 times more than that of co2. According to calculations of the scientists, the use of biosprit the emission of nitrogen oxide is doubled against the previous amptions, as it is based on the ipcc. This is particularly drastically this for rapeseed, in which up to 70 percent more greenhouse gas emissions arise than fossil fuels. At maize it is up to 50 percent more. While the ipcc amed that 2 percent of the nitrogen oxide in the dunges are delivered into the atmosphere, scientists ame that there are between 3 and 5 percent. Included only the conversion of biomass to biosprit, but not additional factors such as the use of fossil fuels for the production of dunner.

However, other plants as rapeseed and corn do not require as much nitrogen as a dunner, but at the moment 80 percent of the rape are produced from rapeseed (especially in europe), the coarse part of corn produced in the usa. If the calculations of the scientists are correct, then the use of biosprit from corn and rapeseed the climate heat is not reduced but on the contrary continued. For rapeseed, the relative emission of n2o emissions is up to 1.7 times high as the cooling effect by saving co2 emissions. In the above-maize bioethanol of the usa, the relative emphasis is between 0.9 and 1.5 times high. Sugarcane achieves with a relative emphasis between 0.5 and 0.9 better values. Even with otherwise not recoverable prere-scenes of plants, the result is similar, so more emissions are caused by n2o emissions than by co2 savings "cool".

Low effects could be used to use certain grass varieties, palmol and tree like poplars or eucalyptus. However, here, so the scientists, all factors for a comprehensive life cycle analysis had to be included in order to obtain realistic values. It also had to be taken into account if the high proportion of the nitrogen theroma, which is not absorbed by the plants, and the organic nitrogen in the plants absorbs the inclusion of co2 from the atmosphere. Overall, however, the scientists ame that the use of biosprit, even if less dunner is used, does not fulfill the hopes set in it and more likely to contribute to faster climate warming.

One was worth rational decisions, rather than just on the train, because something from a superficial point of view seems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Keith smith, one of the authors

During the ipcc-related data from plant experiments, the scientists around the nobel pipe trading also involve data from the atmosphere and ice core quantities. To estimate the n2o emissions caused by biosprit, the n2o concentrations were deducted into the praindustrial time when no chemical dungem means have yet been used to take the emissions caused by natural processes. The hypothesis is that the rest of the n2o emissions of dungemittel and industrial emissions. If the proportion of the latter decreases, one preserves a treasure for the share derived from agricultural production. Due to the amounts of dungemittels used, there is a great way to have the influence on the n2o concentration in the atmosphere. However, some scientists also doubt some of the crutzen and co. Used data and estimates.