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The russian filmpet andrej tarkowski died 25 years ago — and hill the insights of a unusavienced

Smooth black hair, the face closed to the left hand, the look doubtfully directed into an imaginary distance: a russian stamp of 2007 shows the director grublerisch, as a heavy thinker. A souvenir in tristesse? Andrej arsenevich tarkowski, so his full name, died on 29. December 25 years ago in paris on cancer. He was only 54 years old; his films are considered timelessly terrific.

Seven works brought the master under the people, although he did not like the people as a mass of indiscriminate consumers:

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If taders will sacrifice

The collection on a supermarket branch in krems in low easter ended for a 14-year burglar for the dead. Policemen shot him from behind and that makes in austria just for heating discussions

In the night of tuesday, the 4. August, on wednesday, the 5. August, broke florian p. Together with the 16-year roland t. Into the mercury branch in the niederosterreichian city of krems. What exactly happened when the alarm was drawn and the policemen — a man and a woman — arrived in the supermarket is just determined. It is clear that the policemen shot three times and that fireworks demanded a seriously injured and a death victim. A shot went into the emptiness. A shot pierced both thighs of roland t., the accomplice and possibly instigator of florian p. A shot hit florian p. In the back. A few minutes later he died in the hospital.

Florian p. Was buried yesterday in krems. Contrary to all amptions, the burial has gone without riots over the bean. Since the death of the 14-year-old especially among the young people in krems a deep policeman hate strain, escalations were omitted. Escalations are highly happening before. In the form of reader letters and postings, in the newspapers and television. The question that has hovered in the room and sometimes more direct, sometimes rather placed between the lines: how much weighs the life of a 14-year, which is criminal?

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Yemen could become a next afghanistan

Al-qaeda spreads in the arab country despite the us interventions, in the new al qaeda magazine young people are looking for terrorist

Al-qaeda hardly plays a role in iraq and afghanistan. Her new locations are somalia and above all of the yemen ("we come to suck you"to). In the republic on the arabian peninsula, the mixtue anti-terror war of the united states has begun: the military assistance for yemen is significantly increased. Cia secret agents are suburb and hunt al qaeda (with us drones is to be killed islamist preachers in yemen). But also us stateburger, who could bust attentate in the us, as they are the new edition of the al qaeda online magazine "inspire" propose.

Yemen could become a next Afghanistan

Title page of the al qaeda magazine inspire. All pictures from inspire

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Why the wireless room will be destroyed

The wap world reminds the web in 1994 before there were banner ads, animated gifs and cookie attacks

So well, i give you an insight into a secret. Contemporarily there is a possibility to access the internet as fast, convenient and unsteady as sooner before there were banner ads, animated gifs and cookie attacks. It’s the rectilinear wap world, just made of text, a simplified world wide web on which you should actually access only with cell phones or pdas.

But thanks to some security, you can, if you know the unused urls of these sites, call them with a usual browser. Then you will not be the same anymore.

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