Yemen could become a next afghanistan

Al-qaeda spreads in the arab country despite the us interventions, in the new al qaeda magazine young people are looking for terrorist

Al-qaeda hardly plays a role in iraq and afghanistan. Her new locations are somalia and above all of the yemen ("we come to suck you"to). In the republic on the arabian peninsula, the mixtue anti-terror war of the united states has begun: the military assistance for yemen is significantly increased. Cia secret agents are suburb and hunt al qaeda (with us drones is to be killed islamist preachers in yemen). But also us stateburger, who could bust attentate in the us, as they are the new edition of the al qaeda online magazine "inspire" propose.

Yemen could become a next Afghanistan

Title page of the al qaeda magazine inspire. All pictures from inspire

On 26. January of this year, the american sharif mobley wanted to shop in sana’a, the capital of yemens, only briefly and drink a tea. But when he sits in the cafe, try eight masked manner in a small transporter to tug. Mobley can still liberate even the moment, but then shot into the leg and transported by his kidnappers.

What sounds like a criminal gang, is in fact a arrest of yemeni security officials — and that on behalf of the us government, how to show a number of official documents later. Current background was the failed bomb attack on a plane of the northwest airline in detroit, a few weeks before, on the christmas day of the 25. December. The 23-year nigerian attack, umar farouk abdulmutallab, had received the plastic explosive in yemen including a short training.

The department of homeland security in washington was obviously concerned, because the incident in detroit was already the second within a short time associated with yemen. At 13th. Noval malik hassan had shot in fort hood, texas, 13 people in november 2009 and injured 30 people. The major of the us army was inspired by anwar al-awlaki, the religious mentor of al-qaeda on the arabian peninsula (aqap) and encouraged. How to turn out months later, the spiritual of al-qaeda also influenced the attesta from times square in new york.

In order to prevent further connection, the us security behavior seems to be quite right. You did not have many clues. With the previous tatter profiles of islamists, which are active in radical organizations, from abroad, preferred from afghanistan, pakistan or arab countries, maybe bear beard and dschilaba, possibly also received a military education at al qaeda you do not start anything anymore. Every us burger, muslim or converted could be a daily, after not even his own soldiers, such as major malik hassan, are trustworthy and slaying colleagues.

Yemen could become a next Afghanistan

Bin laden is still mentor, the connection of the 11.9. Are central "advertising" for al-qaeda

Hunting on supposed terrorists

For homeland security remained as a contact point only the yemen. "No fewer than 36 former prisoners drove last year in the yemen, allegedly to learn arabic", in the report of the us senate of january 2010, it is called the role al qaedas in international terrorism: "some of these americans have disappeared and you are suspected that they have gone in al qaeda training camps in the government’s uncontrolled parts of the impoverished country." an similar concern, so john kerry, the former us prassadan candidate and the chairman of the inquiry commission continued, "smaller group of about a dozen americans moved in the yemen, adopted a radical form of islam and married locals".

Sharif mobley, who is expired in the us order, does not belong to the smaller group that has moved, but learned how many other compatriots also, arabic at one of the numerous language schools in sana’a.

After the failed assassination at christmas in detroit, mobley and his wife, due to the security situation deteriorating in the yemen, recovered back into their homeland, the usa,. Since you have a newborn son, try to get on the us embassy for the backward-traveling papers. For weeks, the us officials repeatedly sparse the process and verhale mobley. In one of these surveys, he admits to have met the al qaeda-spiritual anwar al-awlaki. A terrible mistake. From this point on, mobley is shaded and finally arrested. On the day when his wife missed him on the us embassy, her apartment of 15 manners is grammed and searched. Those who led the house search recognizes them little later in us representation. The man carries a message card.

Sharif mobley is custody several times "matt and khan" horse, which refer to as employees of the us government. They are him, he will never see his family again and raped in yemeni’s prison. Mobley is still in custody today and is charged with the murder. During his hospital stay, he should plan a flight and shot a warmer. In yemen, he threatens the death penalty.

"There is forfalls where there is a cooperation at a highest level", explains abdul ghani al-aryani, a well-known political analyst in yemen. "If the government has cooperated by yemen in this case, it is a risk-free opportunity to collect pluses in the americans, precisely because the person concerned is an american."

The level of sahrif mobley asked the us resists for explanation, but so far there were no reactions. Although his lawyer cori crider believes, as it’s about the life of their client, that the two secret agents, "matt and khan" statements in court and show all the involvements. But that is to doubt. In this case, it is more than just one, perhaps indeed innocent defendants — it’s about national security interests and the us will not understand a spab.

Yemen could become a next Afghanistan

Islamic us burger are advertised

Al qaeda is looking for radicalized single dates

One week ago, the second edition of the al qaeda online magazine is "inspire" appeared. As the first number, she should have been produced by aqap in yemen and is a professional magazine that well connects to western media patterns and entertainment. Terrorism "apart" made and made to a kind of fictitious adventure tour as in computer games with the joystick in hand.

The target audience is clear: young, dissatisfied western muslims, converts or simply young people who believe to need to need something. You are suggested, but attendants to commit to will-elected public places in their homeland and thereby "take a look at the alone or in small cells", to stay undiscovered by the police keeps.

Prototypical example is the "ultimate mahmaschine", which came from a splattermovie: a landing pickup car should be considered with long knives, best from the butcher, to then drive with him in a fubgangerzone. "You should consult the locality previously", it is called in "inspire", "to make sure there is not too many inputs in which passers-by can be done to protect". Goods that only a computer game, many were immediately say: horny idea, horny game! But it can be easy that there is an audience, muslim back or forth, the assassination with the pickup "super" find. It does not need to do a paranoia: you only have to think of the murder nozzle or amoclians in germany or the us, which crazed in schools their teachers and co-schoolers like freudild.

The makers of "inspire", including samir khan, a us student submerged in the yemen, which in new york a blog with name "inshallahshaheed" (martyr’s so god wants), want to appeal to people who have never noticed before. For investigators, such single dates are hard to stop, as yes the amooker of major malik hassan showed in fort hood texas. "The group (al-qaeda) has expanded its recruiting amounts", it is called in the investigation report of the us senate", to be able to acquire mutual trail". Target "self-traditional individuals lacking relations with the coarse network al qaedas, but they share the theological arguments and strategic ideals".

With this new form of recruitment al-qaeda on the arabian peninsula (aqap) "particularly ambitious" proven. The organization became the "take advantage of the yemen" and always become strong there. The us burrowing, the yemen connet to develop a solid al qaeda site, as once afghanistan among the taliban.

Yemen could become a next Afghanistan

Under "open source jihad" should do-it-yourself guides be given for the fight, without why to travel to the terror camps

Al-qaeda finds good conditions in yemen

The conditions for this are indeed: the government of prasident ali abdullah saleh has no control over wide parts of the country. In the north fights the al-huthi tribe for independence, in the suden a secession movement for its own state (the war in yemen escalated). Over half of the yemeni population lives less than 2 dollars a day. The illiterate rate amounts to more than 50 percent, the inflation rate is 27 percent, about 40 percent are unemployed.

Ideal conditions for al qaeda, explained nadia a. Al-sakkaf, the editor-in-chief of the english-speaking yemen times, opposite telepolis. "Imagine a place where there is no infrastructure, no rule of law, but corruption in an exhaust, that you can buy yourself within a tag from the custody. Added to this is poverty and lack of education. Who does not have a decency in this way, the purchase of a ticket to the sky seems to be a good business." ("we are armed, illiterate, hungry and angry"to)

The headquarters of al-qaeda is located in the remote and mountainous shabwa province, from which your religious mentor anwar al-awlaki comes from. At the end of september, yemeni special units began there an offensive against the terrorist organization. But the approximately 100 al-qaeda campers, which were transferred around the village of huta of the army, could flee during the night. They survive, according to local press reports, a pickup rail, full loaded with explosives. It is obvious that the terrorists got help from yemeni security services. The connections of al-qaeda in yemen range up to the top administrative level. "Ali mushin al-ahmar is the half-brother of the prassident and military commander of northwestjemen", thorough nadia a. Al-sakkaf from yemen times the context. "He is known for his extreme religious views and relations with al qaeda. Al-ahmar was allegedly responsible for the training of jihadists in yemen before they were sent to afghanistan and iraq."

Yemen could become a next Afghanistan

al-qaeda represents itself as a temporary, modern technology and asthetics open-minded terrorist group

In the province of abyan in sudjemen, al qaeda seems to have linked to parts of the militant secession movement. A few days ago, the basic thing was a previously unknown "aden-abyan army" conuner that the yemen of the "crusaders" be free. This new "liberation army" has attacked several times militar convoys of the yemeni army in the last week and has tested at least four soldiers. As a loss of retaliation bombarded the air force positions of al-qaeda in the region.

So far, the army yemen has not come far in the fight against al-qaeda — despite us air-breaking and detailed satellite images. It goes to washington should and must change soon. In the current year, the us auf ministry of government of yemens paid $ 63 million for anti-terror work. In 2008, it was just 20 million. Now, an application for the decision to give the arab republic of the next six years a military aid in the total value of $ 1.2 billion. Should the time have come, more us troops will participate in yemen at the anti-terrorist fight. The use will no longer be limited, as us militar explained in connection with the offensive of the yemeni army against al qaeda. For now, only cia agents and smaller elite units are on site.