Eu wants «coordinator» setting up protests and cross-border sports events for summits

EU wants'koordinator' fur gipfelproteste und grenzuberschreitende sportereignisse einrichten

Uefa euro 2012 in warsaw. Image: piotr drabik / cc-by-2.0

Fubball fans and gift memorials get to do with a new eu institution: data exchange, rice locks and police cooperation with police coal positions should be centrally coordinated

For ten years, the european union has been an approximation of security cooperation with police coarse layers, the so-called "major events". For this purpose, sporting events as well as summit meetings. Now should also "third-country" be supplied with police and intelligence information. For discussion is a "european travel lock" for unpleasant "storer", the proposal comes from germany.

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Image of black tread: when speech cosmetics replaced social struggle

Image of black tread: when speech cosmetics replaced social struggle

When black people are first controlled because they are on average poor, another language. Photo: free photos on pixabay (public domain)

Black retirement was not tinky for left of the 1970s, but rebellious. Today, the antiracist struggle reaches the last stage. Then the fight is canceled

Like the capital press on 9. July reported, follow the berlin verkehrsbetriebe (bvg) to the example of the mvv munchen and want the term "travel without paying" do not use anymore. The munchner public transport companies had paid all the posters on which "travel without paying" was warned. Instead of "black driving costs 60 euros!" now it is called: "honestly, the longest."

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No desire to lauscher

According to two physicists, the search for signals of auberrard intelligence could therefore be in vain because they hide their communication against curious eyes and ears

We still do not know if we are alone in the universe as intelligent beings. Despite some unchecked ufo trail, we have probably not visited us a carer dirt so far. And with the existing resources, no finds have come to a search for communication signals in the search for communication signals of aiberish intelligent living beings. Even though more and more planets have been found and thus the likelihood has risen that there are a lot of planets on which life could have been created, the question remains why we have not belonged to anyberry civilizations yet, if it has been be.

In 1950, the nuclear physicist enrico fermi presented some colleagues the question of why no auberdirdish intelligent living beings (etis) had come to earth. After his conviction, according to the so-called fermi-paradox, had a civilization that had the appropriate technique for space travel such as missiles, time enough to find and colonize our galaxy. Within a few million years, the milk strain could be in the hands of such a carberland who wants to dominate the earth like the european volker. In view of the age of the universe, a civilization had to stop by ourselves on the earth — if they emigrate, the dairy strain colonize and just come in time, in the people who also get along.. You can think of a lot of reason why the intelligent auberdians are not here (if you do not believe in it, they have been here or are still there with their ufos).

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Science journalist from passion

The death of klaus simmering is a gross loss for science journalism and watching tv

It is not so unlikely that you know klaus simmering. For whoever has seen his films, also knows the science journalist behind it a little and to stumble over his films, was temporarily a light. "Faster than the light" and "on the way to the ufo drive" wochen in 1999 and 2000 weekly in the night program of the space night on bayern alpha.

Faster than the light? At least such a nonsense like ufos, they make think. Simmering is the risk of entering the fat bowls, always entered and this made him as a human and journalist to such a pleasant figure. Unfortunately, he is also an excerpt tragic figure. On 21. April, he died for 45 years on a sudden, aggressive brain tumor. He leaves his wife sylvia itzigehl and the children of paul and veronika.

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