Eu wants «coordinator» setting up protests and cross-border sports events for summits

EU wants'koordinator' fur gipfelproteste und grenzuberschreitende sportereignisse einrichten

Uefa euro 2012 in warsaw. Image: piotr drabik / cc-by-2.0

Fubball fans and gift memorials get to do with a new eu institution: data exchange, rice locks and police cooperation with police coal positions should be centrally coordinated

For ten years, the european union has been an approximation of security cooperation with police coarse layers, the so-called "major events". For this purpose, sporting events as well as summit meetings. Now should also "third-country" be supplied with police and intelligence information. For discussion is a "european travel lock" for unpleasant "storer", the proposal comes from germany.

According to the police-related protests in goteborg (eu summit 2001) and genoa (g8 summit 2001), the eu addressed the eu-sec research program to standards for the exchange of information and mutual posting of police agencies and intelligence services define. The aim was the praventive investigation of international structures that prepare for events and bring the police in a thorough to thread (with false papers against "euro anarchists"to).

Eu-sec has been involved in a second phase with parties from 22 eu member states, two years ago, a weaving study was present, but it still remains under closure. Already suddenly, but several updated manuals were created in which data exchange, travel locks and an offensive media strategy are proposed.

Also pipeline streaks other their strategies in dealing with the police. Markant action forms were the use of the internet since 1999, the "clown’s army" from 2005 or the "funf finger tactics" from 2007. In almost all eu member states, the use of pyrotechnics is not criminalized and is used even in demonstrations of judicial employees or the fire department.

"Field studies" in the wendland, the nato summit and the antifa

That’s why the eu replied with the investigation godiac to in ten "field studies" to observe political gatherings in several countries (eu project against left mass protest). Godiac addresses exceeding active protest movements.

In the project description, summit protests are in 2009 as "challenge" for european police objects, including the nato summit in strasbourg and baden-baden, the g20 summit in london and the g8 summit in the italian earthquake area l’aquila. The police researchers traveled as part of godiac to castor transport to wendland, the nato summit to portugal, to antifa protests to vienna or a trade union demonstration according to the gobritain. The rainbow pride in bratislava was also analyzed. Results were present at a conference in stockholm, but remain secret like eu-sec.

Now the two long-term research should be summarized. In the 7. Eu research framework program has been set up the house program. The project started in 2012 ends in february 2014, from germany is the university of police in munster in the boat. Again, talk about the controlability of "violent situations or escalations". The standards defined in early projects should now "transfer to key areas" will. The goal is to set up a "european coordinators for gross events", which should then be involved in all coarse events.

For discussion is also one "european travel lock" ("european travel ban"to). It should be equally directed to fubball fans and summit makers, in eu documents is the term "traveling violent offenders" ("traveling violence") introduced. The initiative for the eu-wide entry and exit lockers comes from germany: suggested to use the schengen information system (sis ii) for this purpose.

Also within the house own studies are carried out. In the past, the security architecture of the uefa euro cup was invested in poland and the irish eu prassidence. Continue with the summit meeting of the opposite lithuanian eu presidency and the european volleyball championship in poland. Before the end of the house, the nuclear safety summit is observed in holland.

Even my intelligence information is shared

However, it should not remain in cooperation within the european union: in december, the council of the interior and justice ministers on a proposal of poland had police cooperation with "third-country" decided. The initiative goes back to the joint fubball europe championship in poland and ukraine of 2012, the polish police want to tend to be experiences at eu level.

As a future fields of action are olympic games or other competitions that do not take place in the eu. For example, this concerns the olympiad in brazil: the local police could now "risk analyzes" get the "with the participation of numerous national authorities" be carried out — hereby also meant intelligent services. Also, the transfer of data on expected participants goods allowed: standing in a visor "single dates and extremists", "groups of radicalized individuals spending themselves as sports fans", as well as groups, organizations and persons who have an event "as a bean for your ideologies" want to use.

Data should be transferred from all eu member states unsolicited to the extensive country. As the information is charged, the eu is a fault: digital activities are of police and intelligence interest "on the internet or on other communication channels".