The fear of standstill

The fear of standstill

Central reclamation phase 3. Image: minghong / cc-by-sa-3.0

Hong kong: city of permanent change and compaction

"Laying a middle empire": what fritz rudolf fries as a title for a (novel) fiction auserkor, was for hong kong awarded twenty years to the actual reality. When the lease agreements with great britain delivered after almost a century, the kingdom had made the center of the crown colony. But from the executed "laying" undefired is built here, transfers and created, generated and handled. Located here is the place where unabashed is shown that economy governs the world. "Work hard, eat well, gamble high" is the general motto.

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Law to the nuclear phase-out could fail on the convey court

The law is too poorly formulated, as evidenced in an appeal in the environment committee

The amendment of the atomic law, with which the federal government wants to commit the nuclear phase-out, continues to be criticized. Although union and fdp of the opposition have come to meet and have now established exit data for individual nuclear power plants, but much does not fit together. Crafted mistakes in the law could take the exit even very dangerous, warning experts.

Much does not fit together with the accelerated energy transition, which the federal government was fully explored in fukushima. That already starts on the first page of the bill when union and fdp assert all seriously, by establishing the ethics committee "social dialogue" about the dangers that go out of nuclear energy, at all. Black-yellow does not want to be true in the atomic policy of burger protests, which exist much more than the chancellor angela merkel is in the federal policy.

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Communication with the self

An email interview with igor stromajer

The first appearance of igor stromajer was a surprise coup: in the network art competition "extension" the hamburg kunsthalle in 1997 came, saw and won stromajer with his work "0.Html". Although he had hardly atticed in the net art scene, he got the first prize from the booth, and was probably the most beamed by himself.

Communication with the self

Animated gif from igor stromajer.

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The legal consequences of the decsss case

Interview with axel horns: "the free public distribution of the weak cryptographic procedures must continue to be possible."

An interview with axel horns, mailing information technology and society (fitug), to the legal consequences of the decss falls and the question of how german judges decided in this case. One of the answers is that the reverse engineering of dvd-css software according to german law only for purposes of interoperability permanent goods. But the diekewelt of the decompilation paragraph of the copyright law adjusts at all over to the reality of the open source scene?

Is reverse engineering from software in germany legal?

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Who is the lord of the pictures?

Monitoring and uncertainty: "red road"

Video monitoring is "in". As the subject of art and theory, as as the theme of the political discourse ‘. It was spaded significantly, at the latest, as the end of last year, the case of a 76-year-old pensioner nationally excited nationwide. The man had been brutally hinged in a subway of two fans. The act had recorded surveillance cameras, the pictures were published and the tatters soon identified and captured. Welcome campaign ammunition for the rights that, like the bavarian minister of interior joachim herrmann, used the opportunity and pladated for more video monitoring. A somewhat differentiated contribution to the grassing monitoring discourse now provides the british filmmaker andrea arnold in her movie "red road". He is dedicated to the seemingly unpolitical, private side of the topic and keeps the lazy of the lazy after the promise of "more safety". In fact, especially surveillance cameras may improve the observation of the crimes. No way but you can do it.

All pictures: fugu film rental berlin

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Who should pay?

Computer games could be art — if someone made themselves historiography

For computer games, most people have the same relationship as to chewing gum. Who does not like to chew himself, looks only dirty stains on the strain stick. Who does not like to play himself, knows from the horensagen brutal sliding games, which allegedly exclose massacre under schoolern. In this regard, henry jenkins as a literature professor is unobniotic. He leads the program for comparative media science at the massachusetts institute of technology (with), whose research approach he with the words "from homer to the holodeck" describes. Jenkins now calls computer games the "liveliest art form of 21. Century". Cinema, tv movie and jazz have also been despised until they established themselves as art forms.

At that time, in 1924, the american literature and art critics hilbert seldes published the book "the seven liveby arts". He was kept at best, he paid the broadway musical, comics and the hollywood movie to those seven arts and the hollywoodfilm. Seldes looked reflected in them the everyday life of industrial society and urban life. He called the artists he made art not only to their topics for alive, but also because they worked them with technologies of the gewart. All this also meets for computer games. Jenkins sees the time they came "as new popular art, the asthetics of the 21. Century shapes" take. Goods about the self-reliable use of the metaphor of the in a figure slip in "impress john malkovich" without the computer game possible?

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Afraid of the future

Bill joy, co-aging of sun, warns of the usual technique and calls for more control of technical progress

It has to be an event of a special kind when in coarse american newspapers like washington post or the new york times find the concerns of a relief of the technical elite against the technical progress entrance, especially the article "why the future can do without us" will appear in wired tomorrow.

Obsessed from the better future, which will bring technical progress with it, and excites from the still exploding borship ratings of the internet industry or biotechnology industry, which apparently seems to be a pillar in the economic near future, it’s difficult to get critical time. "Officially" must be proclaimed by the relatives of the industry optimism. Only computer pioneer danny hillis had a full optimism, which blessings will bring the compan games with themselves and that people are also ready to merge with the machines (danny hillis about the future of entertainment, the power of the game developers and the merger of humans and machine). There may already be surprise when bill joy, co-agent by sun microsystems, may envy, the new technologies could already lead to a decline in humanity within the next two generations.

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Comment: if germany is a role model for the energy transition

Comment: If Germany is a role model for the energy transition

Symbol image: tp

The berlin energy watch group wants to promote renewable energy sources with a simulation of energy supply worldwide

Under the title global energy system based on 100% renewable energy — power, heat, transport and desalination sectors, a study was presented in april, which wants to offer a cross-sectoral hourly shield simulation of the global energy system (save us the children?To). As a german contact for the study carried out together with finnish lut university, the berlin energy watch group (eec) is called. Prassident of the eec is the early grune mdb hans-josef fell, who is often referred to as the father of the eeg.

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Rusting control against cyber war?

Concepts for the occlusion of cyber wars are available — aming the political will is available

For it security, the end of 2009 was waited for surprises: one of the most important commercial representatives of the it security industry demands an open debate on the dangers of cyber wars, while the us and russia spells on cyber root control. Sabotage campaigns in cyberspace have become so dary of many actors that acting is notative.

Mcafee, according to its own "worldwide it security company", yields all yearly "virtual criminology report" out. In 2009, this report did not work for the first time with general it security ies and their criminal causes, but with government agencies and threats "as good as invited" cyber war.

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No case for the fbi (federal bureau of incompetence)

In june, fbi wants — director louis j. For two years before expiration of his service, take his farewell

Confidence in the world-regenerative us federal police is highly pushed by the deferral of the execution of the bombing of oklahoma city. (see.Consistence with back man?) arrogance, mysterious crime and antiquated technology are responsible for a whole range of carvers. In june, fbi wants — director louis j. For two years before expiration of his service, take his farewell.

The last fauxpas of the fbi could not come to no more unnecessary time. Six days before the execution of timothy mcveigh, the adult bombing of oklahoma city, the visibly pale us minister of justice john ashraft stopped the time. The federal bureau of investigation had announced that 3.135 new documents were found from the determination that had not been handed over to the defense. Ashcraft ordered the immediate manifestation of documents and postponed the execution of 16. May on the 11.June. "How could that happen? Why do we find out now?" prasident bush, according to employees, spoke that, which probably thinks the whole us nation. These questions are all the more serious, it is the biggest determination in the history of the fbis. The task devoured $ 82 million and took in its high-phase the half of all fbi officials in the beginning of the procedure had indicted indictment and defense of extraordinary rules for the finds of the fbis: everything should be negotiated. All 43.500 traces, 28.000 interviews. 5000 pounds evidence and 15.661 tracks on the mysterious accomplice called john doe no. 2 pointed. This complete disclosure itself insignificant material should generate the coarse-related public trust in the result of this process against terrorism at home. Because mcveigh had acted to take revenge on fragmented fbi campaigns such as waco massacker or the ruby ridge sliding, where the woman of a seperative seperatist came by a sharpening.

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