No case for the fbi (federal bureau of incompetence)

In june, fbi wants — director louis j. For two years before expiration of his service, take his farewell

Confidence in the world-regenerative us federal police is highly pushed by the deferral of the execution of the bombing of oklahoma city. (see.Consistence with back man?) arrogance, mysterious crime and antiquated technology are responsible for a whole range of carvers. In june, fbi wants — director louis j. For two years before expiration of his service, take his farewell.

The last fauxpas of the fbi could not come to no more unnecessary time. Six days before the execution of timothy mcveigh, the adult bombing of oklahoma city, the visibly pale us minister of justice john ashraft stopped the time. The federal bureau of investigation had announced that 3.135 new documents were found from the determination that had not been handed over to the defense. Ashcraft ordered the immediate manifestation of documents and postponed the execution of 16. May on the 11.June. "How could that happen? Why do we find out now?" prasident bush, according to employees, spoke that, which probably thinks the whole us nation. These questions are all the more serious, it is the biggest determination in the history of the fbis. The task devoured $ 82 million and took in its high-phase the half of all fbi officials in the beginning of the procedure had indicted indictment and defense of extraordinary rules for the finds of the fbis: everything should be negotiated. All 43.500 traces, 28.000 interviews. 5000 pounds evidence and 15.661 tracks on the mysterious accomplice called john doe no. 2 pointed. This complete disclosure itself insignificant material should generate the coarse-related public trust in the result of this process against terrorism at home. Because mcveigh had acted to take revenge on fragmented fbi campaigns such as waco massacker or the ruby ridge sliding, where the woman of a seperative seperatist came by a sharpening.

In december last year, fbi headquarters decided to fold the permanent archiving of all documents for the bombing of the government building of oklahoma city, where 168 people were killed and injured over 500. When the material arrived from the fbi buries in the washington headquarters, one found that some of them had never been stored in the main folder of the case. You waited to the 08. May to inform the defense of these new documents and two more days to analyze them and then turn to fbi boss louis freeh. Freeh, the on 01. May announced his premature resignation was besides himself. Fbi officials make an antiquated computer database responsible.

Our technology is so old and unconscious that we do not know what we know.

Meant an agent. A retired employee of the ministry of justice was incredible that the fbi has just pushed a bock for years in his public-friendly case. In particular, because similar premieges of the incorrect treatment of evidence showed during the determination of clinton’s campaign financing scandals and had led to a coarse internal examination."This is a problem that the buro has been long for a long time", says the official. "Agents can trace very well information. But the cataloging or evaluation of this data is insufficient."

Especially bad was the emotion of the internal disorganization and mysterious crap. 46 out of 56 fbi fieldburos by houston to honolulu and atlanta to anchorage did not convince everything they had the case. In some cases it seems to be as if the state-of-state fbi agents themselves decide that some compulsory reports are unimportant. "What blues me is the fact that it was not just a buro" means a veteran of the ministry of justice. "It was the whole damned authority. I can not imagine how many people could ignore the rules."

Nobody thinks that these documents could only give a hint of doubts about the guilt mcveigh’s. Minister of justice john ashcroft did then also sit on the 24. May, the documents that were still upgraded by another 898 on uber 4000 stucco as a unimportant sammelsurium of unimportant lappalia: contain his u.A. An article collection including photos from the swimwear catalog of a man who is in psychiatric treatment. A handwritten letter that bid against the payment of a huge cash amount, the freezing of a prison rate and a european trip with noble reception, unspecific information. Different letters from "noncorphic beings" property and advice from clairvoyors to obtain information about the bomb attack by contact with the dead of oklahoma. In short, documents loud ashcroft "never qualified as evidence for the process."

The defenders mcveigh’s opinion. "In addition to all the incredible examples, there are geneally substantial documents for the determination", says rob nigh, one of the defenders. He stressed that the confidence of defense is strongly struck into the fbi. "We do not believe that the fbi or the indictment really helped everything material. We do not understand how the minister of justice could declare publicly that everything was presented."

The documents found also contain references "john doe nr. 2", the mysterious second suspicious, and a man named robert jacques, who should have tried to buy a piece of remote country in 1994 together with mcveigh and the lifelong detention of lifelong imprisonment, to start a stucco to begin with the bombing training.

On 31. May customer mcveigh’s defense how expected to apply for the further deferral of the execution. The documents in question have raised more questions to give answers. Judge richard matsch leaned at 07. June in denver the request of defense. Mcveigh had convinced matsch in january to die and drop all his appeals. "Whatever the role, others could have played at the fact, it is clear that timothy mcveigh has committed the murders, for which he was charged," member matsch and commented also the deplorable state of the fbi: "it is reserved for others to pay the fbi for his behavior here and elsewhere. I expect that there are consequences when you have a health organization or organization that is not controlled adaquat or one that can not arrange your information."

Rob neigh and his colleagues of defense mcveigh’s appealed and want to call the supreme court with a further rejection of depreciation. Although judiciary ashcroft wants to challenge the application of a new procedure to court rigoros, justtiecexperts expect the further demonstration of the execution mc veighs on months, if not years beyond.

The mcveigh debacle comes at a time when the fbi has to defend itself against burrs, stating that the authority disregards the right of the individual if it sees this by a coarse goal justified.

— at the beginning of may, two officials from the boston fbi-buro had to answer for government reform for sure that they only want to protect an informant, a man named joseph salvati 30 years for a murder in the prison, from whom they knew that salvati did not commit him.

— at the same time, a court sentenced a kulx klan member in alabama, which had bombed a black church in 1963, with four small madchen. If the fbi had his secret audio tapes, which prove blaming, then it would be out of hand, then it would also have come to this judgment.

— already months before the fbi had fallen into trouble because it had ignored warnings in front of a spy in his own ranks. This conservation is accused in the form of robert hanssen, a fbi veteran, the espionage for moscow.(see.Cia wanted to recruit russian hackers)

— in a spyfall without obvious spy, the nuclear physicist wen ho lee spent from los alamos nine months in the custody before the us government 58 of 59 charges against him fails. (see.Security losing at los alamos national laboratory?) the case fell apart in august last year after the fbi agent robert messemer had admitted, accidentally abused against lee and accused him of a series of swimming manobs. The state judge said lee’s detention "has stated our entire nation".

In a country where the mistrust is as high as in the us as in the us, you do not have to be surprised if a huge police work as the fbi has an outdated infrastructure. The comparison with the fiasco of electoral machines of the prasidential election in florida is on. For the modernization of the fbi, the outgoing boss sat, louis j. Freeh, on the 16. May before the congress. His calculation for a fbi budget of 3.5 billion dollars in the next year will take 142.2 million for computer upgrades, 40% more than last year.

Freeh, 51, in september 1993 the lead to the fbi. Even then, the authority was in the crisis. In august 1992, fbi focus had been shot at ruby ridge, idaho, the wife of seperatist randy weaver (- an act, for the loud judgment of 05. June the protection lon t. Horiuchi can now be sentenced by the state idahoe-). And in april 1993, the tranengasattack of the fbi against the branch davidian sect came in waco, texas, 80 people in a flame inferno. Freeh, a fruher agent, mafia principles and federal judges, soon enjoyed gross respect among ages, as he put a more professional lead style on the day as his transaction william s. Sessions fired by ex-prassident clinton.

Initially, clinton showed freeh as one of his most highest manners. Over the years, however, the relationship of the two worsened. Freeh insisted on independent investigations in the activities of cabinet members and clinton’s own activities in the whitewater investigation. The turning point occurred as far especially for an independent examination of the clinton-gore party financing of 1996. At the end of clinton’s term, the two men barely spoke with each other.

In the last seven years, leh has expanded its relations with politicians with control over the budget of the fbi, in particular to republicans. As a result, the budget grew by 58 percent to 3.4 billion dollars. Among freeh, more than 5,000 agents and 4000 technicians and analysts were employed.

Freeh was strongly criticized for the case of the communist spion hansen and the supposed nuclear peplesses wen ho lee. But freeh also had success. In 1996, fbi agents pursued the trail of the nonvomber (cf.Machinery in the net) to the forest hat of a certain theodore j. Kaczynski in montana. The arrest and condemnation ended a sporadic 17-year bombing campaign. A few weeks ago, freeh gave the arrest of james c. Kopp known. The abortion opponent was searched for a doctor for murder, the abortion in buffalo, new york, had made.

But freeh’s large performance is probably his aggressive reaction to the threat of terrorism. After the bombing of the government building of oklahoma city, fbi agents found timothy j. Mcveigh in the cell of a prison in oklahoma, in which he was since the afternoon of bombing. Freeh also strengthened the role of fbi in the evidence of terrorism against americans abroad. He visited 68 lander, and increased the number of fbi buros of 20 to 44, and even established an international police training academy in budapest.

Freeh expressed several times that his role has nothing to do with the scandals. In a speech at 05. He regretted june "enormy grief and the embarrassment", which brought the mcveigh controversy for the fbi. But the fact that the fbi recognizes his mistake and give the documents, speak "for the caliber and the character" his agent.

Influential colleagues try at the moment, louis j. Freeh to uplange to remove his job until the fall. This was time to create the nomination of a successor by the woman’s house and perhaps its confirmation by the senate, but above all for the termination of an investigation of the hanssen-affare by a high caliber commission of the ministry of justice. Further unpleasant hearings will probably have to go through the senate from the end of june by the senate. Whether timothy j. Mcveigh then still lives, or his execution per "short circuit" — tv was transferred, is open. (does the office have the right to participate in executions?) from his point of view, he won the war against the federal government of the united states and his police residence and with the final result 168: 1.