The signs stand on the wall

The characters stand on the wall

Image: viktor bystrov / unsplash

Over the suggestion as a backmark of a civilized society

Last saturday i noticed a photo in the give part of the anzeiger a photo. It shows a group of children and their educators. The subject of the corresponding reportage was the transformation of kindergarten children in so-called school, which are enrolled after the summer holidays. It is valid for the children, say goodbye to take their kita.

Noteworthy in the photo i found that one of the children did not attend the smoother of the photographer. While the other children jump up and cheer his arms doing, a girl sits with hanging shoulders and laid on his legs in the first row and shows a poignant children’s melancholy.

She is the only one who expresses one to the occasion seriously. She does not have any idea of the meaning of the zasur who is imminent, and may not make a good expression to the bosen game. Admission to the school is another step in the social stranger, and such a thing can release.

The girl deserves a medal for civil courage because she has dared to refuse to the forced leach and the prescribed mutuality and to stand for her bangwithstands. Hopefully, she will not be presented from eager primary school teachers for school psychologists.

Memorial refusal applies in the spab company as a disease sign.


In a side strain of the fubgangerzone kneels a young woman, almost another girl. She has lowered her head over her cellphone. The scene is reminiscent of sculptures of praying, which are immersed in devotion and holding a lot of humility. Only that in our case is a device being worship, which obviously wins more and more a sacral status and that one as a monstrance is dealt with. A new civil religion has established itself: the mobile phoneism.

Yesterday stood in the front of the traffic light and waited for the fubgangernampel jumped on grun. Ten other people were waiting with me, of whom nine had lowered their eyes on the phone. The tenth had it on the ear and phoned. I was the only one without a smartphone and came to me like a heretic or a deserder who has removed herself off the digital force.


Shortly before the summer holidays, the city was flooded by framed schoolers. The teachers love them from the leash and so they could make what they wanted. The ages turned to a food market and drank beer of cans and bottles, the younger stood snake in front of one of these bubble tea shops, which lately slide up the ground like mushrooms after a warm summer rain. This drink pays because of its sugar and calorie content in my opinion not to the foods to be demanded by schools. By contrast, beer is almost healthy.

Teachers and teachers who allow their schuler to engage in hiking days such a stuff should be drawn to account for neglect their supervisory obligations. The sociologist in me suspects a connection between the spread of sugary-containing drinks and suvenbacks and the spread of lavelessness in society.

Many families that look completely normal to the outdoors are a single scenery of indifference and cold in the interior, the blobe side by side of loneliness. Not sufficiently healed, the kids wear woolen cleaning or basecaps, not well enough, do not engage in the body, which is transformed into warm in the body.

Even small and smallest children are added in this mode of synthetic heat generation. Parents plug their children sudden the mouth with minus to keep them from the body. Donuts and bubble tea loading can therefore be docking to an already established pattern of replacement fatigue.

The last school day meant record sales for these shops. The conformistic silliness of the schuler and the whole synthetic mine fit even less to the situation in view of the flood disaster and the again increasing incidences as usual and go to my nerves. I see that i escape from the city center and flee between my bookworm.


Not only in coarse dates, even here in the province is an increase in rage on the strain to watch. When the traffic is decreasing in the evening and the heart-style racetracks are free, young mans come into the city with their tuned sleds and motorcycles. Often you travel to the poses from the surrounding area. The pipes of the engines drabs through the city until it finally decreases at midnight. To raise the impression, take a little against it, appears from time to time, a note in the local newspaper appears that one pulled a car from the traffic and the driver has taken away the driver’s license.

Anyway, from an abruming and developing of traffic is nothing to be noted, more on the contrary. On such a goods but a roadside that deserves the name depends. Everyday life delivers countless examples for the fact that mutual respect and jereably return to rapidly. Also and especially in the ratio between car and cyclists this is to be observed.

One of the most important, if not even the most important achievement of a civilized society is voluntary jereably. It is the only effective counter-motif against the inevitable ubels of coexistence of masses of people in confined spaces. If it is no longer passed on from a generation to the next and acquired and internalized by the adolescent and new immigrants, society is lost and life in it becomes outstanding.

We are on the way there. The signs are written for all visibly to the brand, but also those who read them and to decipher, seem to be damned to the powerlessness.

Gotz eisenberg is a sociologist. In the online magazine of the gew ansbach regularly appears its stehr prosa.