Dutch cancellation survey with a surprising result

In addition to christian and social democrats, the wilders party seems to have lost votes — as winners are forecasting left liberals, postmaotists and other

In the great britain and the netherlands, the european elections took place yesterday. However, the official result should be announced on sunday night only on sunday night if the 26 other eu countries have also coordinated. In the netherlands, however, there were secondary lifts in which about 40.000 wahler, who came from the electoral cabins, were asked which party they gave their voice. Such surveys are considered more reliable than telephone surveys, but are still subject to a certain error detriment, because the respondents in their answers can give preference to the seemable wishes of frager before the truth.

If the read-out survey result from the netherlands correspond to approximately the actual result, it would be surprise: after that, not only the christian democrats (which abandoned from 20.1 to 15.2 percent), the ruling social democrats (which with 9.6 instead of before 12.1 percent behind the postmaoists land) and the green (which instead of 8.9 reaches more than 7.8 percent), but also geert wilders and its euro- and islamcritical party for freedom (pvv), whose vote of 17 12.2 percent decreases. Thus, the pvv only lands four — and not (as expected by many observers) in place.

Geert wilders. Photo: rijksvoorlichtingsdienst. Processing: machinarium. License: cc by 2.0.

Winner of the read-out survey is the left-liberal d66, which can increase its share of voting by 11.3 to 15.6 and thus becomes strongest party — aming that the forecast is close to the end result. In 2009, d66 was still in place in the order of the most voting parties.

Also appreciated, the postmanist left from the sociatist partij (sp), which was likely to raise from 7.1 percent to 10 percent with a rather integration requesting course, the covenant of mastered-protestant christians unie (cu) and fundamentalist-protestant customer gereformeerde partij ( sgp), which is now as strong with 7.9 (instead of 6.8) percent as the green, the pensioner party 50plus (4.2 percent) and the animal welfare party (4.1 percent). In the last european elections, all other parties included the two latter only 5.3 percent.

The economic liberal vvd, which governs in the hague together with the social democrats, can increase the result from 11.4 to 12.3 percent in the post-election survey against the earnings of five years ago.

The turnout was in the netherlands as well as five years ago at about 37 percent, which means that only about 4.6 of the 12.5 million eligible voters went to the urn to decide on the total of 26 meps of the country.

Today, the european elections continues in ireland and in the czech republic. In ireland, surveys interpret a good deposit of the catholic-linknationalist sense finely, which was as a political arm of the terrorist group ira. In the czech republic could "action dissatisfied burger" (ano) the overriding social and christian democrats and strongest strength.