Can the bitcoin soon be worthless?

Can the bitcoin soon be worthless?

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Since his all-time high of almost 20.000 us dollar at the end of 2017, the bitcoin has already lost 80% value. Can the highly advertised cryptayery soon be worthless? Even without the "bitcoin chinese" let yourself be explained to any non-expert, why this scenario is very realistic.

Bitcoin is a data set of numbers and letters

Material seen bitcoin is not comparable to a commemorative munize. The buyer will quickly realize that he merely acquires a record of numbers and letters here, something like a password. He deposits this sentence at an order storage station — digital is no different — and takes its transactions from there. Neither account analysis nor access and control by state organs are possible, but internet reworks. What is closer than to believe it, in fact, a secure, inflation-free, anonymous but worldwide recognized "value" before, which can be used as a safe. If there is a good goods!

The bitcoin has neither exclusive crypto properties ..

Because of the aforementioned attributes, his promoters false is asserted, bitcoin is an exclusive "clutched" currency. Because with the so-called. Blockchain technology is allowed to create anyone’s bitcoin competitors. There are currently about 3000 cryptovals worldwide, which only protrudes about 100 state preservation of central banks. Also states tried to break the anonymity of the krypto reserves — there are already the first prohibitions! -, because they as you as "competitive" see your own nationality. How should a tax liability be calculated? Who does not believe as an investor to the task of this state monopoly, which must avoid bitcoins even if the course has already broken up so massively.

With the probability and value character of the leg, it is not far from. Despite coarse media hype, the boring capitalization of all circumferential cryptovals worldwide today is currently 137 billion. U.S. Dollar. These are just 0.1% percent of global investments, which will be scathedged by the world bank in 2017 to 136 trillion us dollars.

… Still he is a real true

In addition, the economic objects have to accept a non-state preservation. This case is conceivable only if behind it is a value and not just the faith or a fashion trend. The us dollar or the euro moges are still so imperfect, but at least they tilder one — though dwindling — share of the economies.

How fast on the other hand "virtual values" can break, the bitter end of the new market in 1999-2002 shows. The share of intershop communication, which at that time with the slogan of revolutionary e-commerce electrified the investor world, occupies exemplary how much something happens. The course fell within a year of 50 € to just under 2 €. So who, like most of the casting defenders, does not believe in it, a digital preservation will be missed against the munzes and banknotes preserved in millennia, which may not buy bitcoins.

How about the bitcoin?

It is undisputed that the "bitcoin execution" blockchain technology used in banks and insurance companies is on the rise. However, these are two different things. One is a pseudo-preservation, the other a future-oriented usable closing process. The data set of numbers and letters can be very well to fall to the course of its initial option of € 7.83 in 2009. Also 100 us dollars were still a disaster for most young belongings investors.

Bitcoin does not have a fundamental value and is only one "production cost carrier", the one extreme power consumption of up to 5.000 us dollars per stucco can cause. Costs are not a value per se. Who this "digital munze" still curves today, must have a strong faith in a course miracle. Like the manufacturing process technically, for investors is unimportant. He is interested in the business side. If he buys shares of airlines, he will not waste his time for the study of the engine’s motor skies.

The chews calculating borse teaches: everything that has a pseudo-economic character breaks up early or later. For example, in the new market, it was claimed to do businesses that enter the highest losses are currently on acquisition and will soon rise to market champions. Your shares are the future price favorites. That was highly pseudo-oconomic. Auber banks, handlers, analysts, borsen magazines and many other capital market suppliers hardly earned anyone with shares of the new market. So it will probably be with the bitcoin today. The aggressive sales advertising in all media definitely falls on today as at that time. The high spread of over 1% between the purchase and sales price of the bitcoins, today shows today as it is a little liquid market here.

The temporary course recovery on the 17th.12. From robust 7% — but at low rules — no turning. According to the 1 x 1 of the chart theory, it is at best that the exhortable channel remains further intact. She is not a comprehensible purchase argument. The belief that the course of a heavily fallen facility must automatically recover is also pseudooconomic.