In the footsteps of lenin’s leisure

Russian internet comics between cult, art and commerce

In the footsteps of lenin's leisure, the "6 1/2" heroes of the same named russian internetcomics on a weekend trip to russian hinterland and located — communism is a serious thing. In a melancholic psych's seizure, the ranks of the seven friends — one is so small that he can only be paid as a half serving — on the saving idea of one weekend on the real-existing russian village, the inevitable dacha with small garden and drawbruno.

But the dasha is not only on the 101.-kilometer-of-moscow-off-paid, the minimum distance, which the soviet regime the political banishment and "feasts" prescribed, but directly in the near the kolkhose "lenin's leisure"1. And our heroes, with rasta-curls and cool sunglasses, have also looked great. Notwithstanding all common work efforts and the defense of dangerous threats in the form of so not virtual virtual wesparents and auxiliary neighbors, the result remains unsatisfactory — the beer goes out and also the constitution of a municipality !Free love! And other harassment goes wrong. The weekend excursion in communism, with voluntary work for all and involuntary partisan elements in search of the homecoming diesel, remains episode.

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Steinbruck: no chancellor yet, but already bilderberger

The spd chancellor candidate has long lasted the consecration of discrete power

Still is peer steinbruck, the freshly baked spd chancellor candidate, did not arrive at the center of official power. Before joining the federal chancellery, the elections are known in the coming year. The initiation into the ranks of the discrete world connectors, the soufflees and stripping pullers of the unofficial power has brought behind the birth of hamburgs. Peer steinbruck, former minister president of north rhine-westphalia, was a participant of the secretive round of the bilderberger, which in 2011 for three days away from the public in the contemplative st. Moritz came together.

If the power elite zirkel bilderberg in secrets hullt, steinbruck’s participation in the conference is no longer a secret. The openness of the internet discusses the tour of the social democrats high and down. In the coarse media, however, steinbruck is glowing like hardly a chancellor candidate before; steinbruck flirting with the global power elite remains under the radar of the reporting. Is the participation of steinbruck at the bilderberg conference a problem? Yes that’s her.

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Silver implies more than gold

The upcoming debt crisis leads to the silver boom?

If you have a certain amount of money available, you can not put them in two different plants at the same time. Either you decide for gold or for silver as a hedging instrument against american debt and the increasing decay of the us dollar. However, the investment decision should be taken mainly by the point of view to set to that noble metal, which has the highest increase in increase in increase. And this was allowed to be clearly silver.

Silver is scarcer today, as the noble metal is increasingly being in demand by the booming growth markets of china and india. Since the fundamentals of the silver market are different in turn than that of the gold market, the silver price should decouple with a strong correction of the gold price from the correlation to the gold. Although it is also for the silver a juffet potential to about $ 9, but a correction was allowed to be short duration if it takes place at all. Silver increasingly gains not only as an industrial metall and jewelry area becoming increasingly important, but above all as substitute food against the sick us dollar.

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Removal of fundamental rights as a fight against right?

In bavaria, a coarse farm defends against planned compensation in the reconciliation law

Curtains in bavaria soon be illegal? This question is currently a lot of trade unionists in the free state. Together with burger rights organizations and opposition parties to the initiative, they rescued the freedom of assembly in bavaria.

The reason is a draft of the assembly law provided by the bavarian state government. With the folderalism reform these regulations are the same. The bavarian csu state government plays the pioneer with the presentation of a law draft. Even before the summer break, the new assembly law should be adopted.

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«Success» in ireland: emigration lowers unemployment

Furthermore, 100 irish leave the green island daily, so the unemployment and the costs of social security are sinking, but the future of the country is heavily burdened

As expected, the public on the 15th. December the rough ireland success show presented. The country has folded the rescue screen and officially does not need emergency aid 2.0 like greece. The alleged success is expensive on all levels and you have to do with an irish marchen. Because the debts rise to ever new record levels, the budget deficit will again be 7.3% again in 2013. But it should sink because the government saves on social spending and daily 100 inhabitants "exported" will. Only therefore the unemployment rate has fallen to only 12.5% in november. Other crisis countries such as greece or spain have more than twice as high quotas. But because of emigration, dramatic social and economic consequences are expected in the future. Especially well-educated young people return their homeland the jerking, in the future a specialist defect is expected.

From the left new germany to the right handelsblatt came many to a similar result. Ireland is one "pattern shoulder", because the country is now on his own docks. Because on 15. December has left ireland as the first crisis country the rescue screen and should now be refinanced by the capital markets again.

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The chinese fight against terrorism

Amnesty calls for the completion of the procedure against the uighers under the guise of the "war against terrorism" on

The connection of the 11.9. Have not changed the whole world, but at least they have taken care of the procedure against terror with the expansion of the term easier to legitimize. And because according to american government’s point of view, the world consists of good and boses only and the fight against terrorism does not require money, the good under the guise of the fight against terrorism is almost arbitrary to the us model. In the meantime, in the alliance of the good about the cruel war of russians in chechnya, which provides for plenty of human and ideological replenishment to muslim terrorists (terrorism fighting in russian), or the criticism of israeli policy access, knowledgeable, that the spiral of violence can not be terminated. And far away, the chinese have now greatly stanned their fight against independence of the muslim uighers to war against terrorism.

The Chinese fight against terrorism

Map of uyghur human rights coalition

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Sun, moon and stars

Who belongs the universe?

Sun, moon and stars

As long as you could just look into the sky with its planets and other corps, everything was not a problem. Wherever you come and where there is nothing to get, you do not need to own anything and there is peace. But that could change soon, because the space travel has received new buoyancy — and you have desirably summarized some place how to exploit the possible resources of space. After lunar prospector has apparently found evidence that it gives it to the poles of the moon ice cream, the race could soon start to the moon to stick down the claims for the productive use.

Already now you can buy cheap claims on the moon, the mars and the jupiter at companies. Whether you are the buyers then, however, is really obvious, is of course more than doubtful. For example, lunar embassy for $ 15.99 offers a stucco country with a property on the moon. Already over 23000 owners are allegedly about the "the only recognized world alleritat for sale of basic opportunities on the moon and other planets" her luck acquired. Most of course on the moon, because you can see the and thus by the own country at least easily from the earth. Only the landing sites of the apollomissions do not want to be glower as they should remain the possession of the entire humanity. Where no real law exists, claims can also be staked like once in the wild west. Finally, there is not even inhabitants that you first distribute mub. And everyone can also present themselves as brokers who offer something for sale, which is obvious. All this is not serious, but the privatization of space flowing and then space colonization has already begun.

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What was invented what stolen?

Greenpeace and monsanto are arguing over wheat and biscuits

That the environmental protection organization greenpeace of the work of the european patent office is equally critical of it as a considerable part of the product range of the gentech and agraries monsanto is clearly known. Nevertheless, a coarse part of the clashes plays around gene-manipulated plants or patents on life if not excluding, then without real sympathy of the public. In the present case, there could be some other, because behind the patent ep 445 929, with the inconspicuous name "plan" is provided, do not hide (for the time being abstract) claim to any organisms, but very comprehensible economic interests.

The patent that the company monsanto on 21. In may 2003, it refers to the intersection of a traditional indian wheat variety with other, also non-maculated plants, but not only includes the wheat itself, but also the further processing levels up to "crunchy, flour-mounted, edible products such as biscuits or a similar". Monsantos press spokesman andreas thierfelder, greet the claim of his company against telepolis as follows:

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The best of all possible economic worlds?

Currently, all statistics suggest that the global economy is finally moving in the right direction. If the current trends continue, then the tremendous economic imbalances could be degraded

Although the economic imbalances in the global economy are far from dissolving, right now it seems to go in the right direction. As a reminder: the "common sense" among virtually all the ocons is that the us had to be committed (discussed only the period until when the action has been done) and that europe and asia had to increase consumption and investment in order to increase the global economy necessary decrease the us demand without coarse crises. However, as exporters, such as consumers, benefited from the status quo, was the tendency of economic politicians to take appropriate measures, but so far small and the imbalances achieved more and more threatening discharge.

Apparently, the consumer rush, which the us has gone since the 90s, is now finally deducted. According to the latest economic data of the us ministry of economic affairs, the killing of 2.9 percent of gdp growth appears in 2. Quarter (after stormy 5.4 percent in the previous quarter) but not so abrupt to take place that the stability of the financial markets was danger. At any rate, the current numbers have a hope of hoping: while us imports increased by less than one percent, exports to have fun for funf percent, which was allowed to reflect in a reduction in the current account deficit. The increase in private consumption went from 4.8 percent in the previous quarter to 2.6 percent back and even inflation has turned back. Thus, the frightstep "stagflation" (high inflation in stagnant growth) is currently not talking about. However, the essential point was allowed to be the significant cooling of the real estate market. After all, through all gdp components the strongest rint of investments in residential real estate, which broke 9.8 percent.

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An atheist atlantic, a european cameron counterparty and hugh laurie as prinzregent

In the great britain, the formal coalition targets and main cabinet posts are known

Meanwhile, the occupation of the most important posts in the cabinet of conservatives and liberal democrats is determined: the tories face the financial minister and the eurosceptor visited by hugh laurie with the prince regent, which was played by hugh laurie) the finance minister and the eurosceptor william hague (which as a teenager according to own information up to 14 glass beer per day drank) also the foreign minister. Defense minister becomes the atheist atlantic and nuclear armilization advisor liam fox, minister of interior theresa may (a christian with a loud bbc "exotic shoe flavor"), health minister of favor facilities andrew lansley and justice minister kenneth clarke, who applies as a spokesman of the european party speech and intra-party counterparty cameron..

Finance minister george osborne. Photo: m. Holland. License: cc-by-sa.

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