The chinese fight against terrorism

Amnesty calls for the completion of the procedure against the uighers under the guise of the "war against terrorism" on

The connection of the 11.9. Have not changed the whole world, but at least they have taken care of the procedure against terror with the expansion of the term easier to legitimize. And because according to american government’s point of view, the world consists of good and boses only and the fight against terrorism does not require money, the good under the guise of the fight against terrorism is almost arbitrary to the us model. In the meantime, in the alliance of the good about the cruel war of russians in chechnya, which provides for plenty of human and ideological replenishment to muslim terrorists (terrorism fighting in russian), or the criticism of israeli policy access, knowledgeable, that the spiral of violence can not be terminated. And far away, the chinese have now greatly stanned their fight against independence of the muslim uighers to war against terrorism.

The Chinese fight against terrorism

Map of uyghur human rights coalition

Meanwhile, the largely undifferentiated concept of terrorism for many regimes is used to cancel any kind of resistance movement (un can not become a general definition of terrorism). That’s because you do not have to ask for the causes or the goals of these movements, but the solution to american model is primarily in the military crashing of the terrorist networks. As well as the fight against terrorism hide the most diverse interests, the real or alleged terrorist groups can hardly be scissor about a comb. Also, the question of whether terror could not be the last resource of the resistance to a repressive regime, which is not a lives, let alone human rights, is after the 11th.9. Largely silent. Of course, however, the fact that the fight initiated by the usa against terrorism under such conditions not only really "enduring" but also the spread and legitimization of terrorism in certain regions or for certain population groups were required.

An example of this is china. For a long time, the communist government fights not only against political opponents who demand more freedom and democracy, but also demand against population groups, respect for human rights and their culture. By continuous vacuum, separatist aspirations and also forms of resistance, which sometimes need to grab terrorist funds, because a democratic opposition is not possible. Shortly after the 11.9. Has the chinese government recognized the gift of the hour and their fight against the uigurers in the province of xinjiang (otturkestan) in the cover coat of battle against muslim terrorism. It was also explained that extremist, illegal religious and separatist groups have to be accompanied to terrorism and accordingly have to be evaporated, so with all sharp. And after the connection between uighur muslims and al-qaeda can be produced space and culturally quickly, china now combats united with the us and its allies in his own land streputed against bose (as it is popular).

The province of xinjiang (new border), in which 8 million uighers live and the end of the 19. Century has been conquered by china, is geopolitical and economical for china from gross importance. The autonomous region borders kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan, to the mongolian people’s republic, as well as afghanistan, pakistan, india and tibet. But there are also rough ol- and gas deposits and other grounds like coal, uranium, platinum, gold, silver or iron. Chinese atomic weapon tests were also carried out here.

Similar to tibet, the chinese government is trying to break the resistance that has often fed with bombing and hostage frame in addition to often often arbitrar arrests of tens of thousands of people by sinization, ie by the resettlement of chinese to xinjiang, so that the proportion of uigurers are attributed steady here and at some point the idea of an independence of the ethnic group is undermined by the facts created. Meanwhile, less than half of the people in xinjiang are already in 1949, they set the overwhelming majority with 93 percent. Often, uiguren and the chinese immigrants are strictly separated from each other.

Since the 11.9., so yesterday, amnesty international warned again in a recent report, the chinese government has stalled the fight against the uighurs and arrested thousands of people. Supposedly in some uighur "public law negotiations" also immediately the death sentence has been carried out. Many have been sentenced to long prison sentences. 8th.000 muslim imams had to "political training" submit to you "a clearer understanding of the ethnic and religious policy of the party" convey. Under the alleged approach to terrorists, the government had arrested many people who often had no longer done than to dust their religion or defend their culture. Amnesty turns to the international community to put prere on the human rights commission in geneva china so that the government justifies long human rights violations on the war against terrorism.

According to amnesty, in recent years, there were virtually no terrorist activities in xinjiang, nevertheless, the government was not just aware of, but also introduced new prohibitions. So during the ramadan, fasting in schools, hospitals and agencies had been prohibited. Mosque in the nearby schools were closed because they could have a negative impact on young people. There were also training for people who work in the areas of culture, media or social sciences. You have all "potential deviant and opposition activities, including the peaceful community of community about poetry, songs, books, pamphlete, letters or the internet", sight.