The jacket becomes a weapon

An electrorrent should provide for more security

Now the women still rushed; namely: in the us, after a report from wired, a product is to come to the market this year, which is similar to a knight’s rusting the carrier against unpleasant corpermal attacks. And the good thing is, if it is not a joke that the part does not rust and rattles, but looks really chic. The product carries the promising name no-contact jacket, and meaning is a new jacket that is the contact attempt of a bose buben by means of an 80.000 volts strong electric shocks wade.

This is possible this is a battery integrated in the clothing stuck, which transports the electricity via a fine layer of conductive aracon thread in the case of the attacker to give it a fierce, but by no means a dead blow. Which is natural compared to the commercial self-protection weapons such as knives or pistol enormous benefits. Finally, the jacket can not be used against the victim itself. And their targeted use prevents the attacker from being so seriously injured that one would like to justify themselves as a victim again for hours before the police because of a successful final rescue committee. In addition, there are no hasslich blood stain, which is known to be difficult to remove only.

The developers of this product, adam whiton and yolita nugent, actually thought of almost everything: so that the jacket, for example, not the wrong electric shocked, must first with contact plugs "spicy" be made. And that looks quite struggling, as charging the jacket horbar knickt and small arc over slots in the external lining flicker. In order to prevent the defense from being abused as an attack jacket, it is also produced only in small coarse and very narrow armrobes. Thus, women (and children) are quite altitutically knowing, but not manner. And since women are the peasant beings anyway, maybe that’s a good thing.

In short: the "no-contact"-jacket is undoubtedly a fine, but with a planned price of around 1.000 dollar fairly expensive thing. And rusted with her, many women will find a stucco far more secure for dark bursts and threads. But for the often longed-for-over-security you do not care.

In contrast to manners, women will definitely be victims of violent stars in most cases, with whom they are known or were even friendly. And since this is therefore usually playing in private spaces where woman is rarely wearing a jacket, the developers of this electrorrentes may perhaps over others "no-contact"-clothing stucco thought. So there is still a lot to do, also and especially in interpersonal contact. Jackets or we pack it.