Corona triage

Corona Triage

Triage lights to distinguish patients in need. Image: triagelights / cc by-sa-3.0

A comment on the approval of the corona crisis published triage recommendations of the italian siaarti physicians

Triage — this is the sorting of patients in groups forward and subordinate to treat in a large massage of the availability resources. That has always been a delicate and stressful process.

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The oracle of darpa

To the new spasing fantasms of the "total information awareness"-system

The 11.September not only marks a remedious perceptual leak spatmoderner’s overinformation societies, he confirms the evergreen knowledge that the future is not predictable. This should now be different in america, the future has to submit to the manichaic fight against the world bose.

The oracle of DARPA

The avant-garde american war technology, the "defense advanced research projects agency" (darpa), now projects the technologically revolutionary system of "total information awareness (tia). The system with the babylonian claim and the totalitarianism in the name should collect all the information and evaluate in good time, which are available to art terrorism, but often not interpreted in time in the past.

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Adventure game in the intelligent house

Philipp kerr’s architectural future vision

A house, which in the future may no longer have a dead building that protects people, a hollow inhabitant, in front of the fallow weather. It will be intelligent to react to humans, much sustainable exports and a kind of life drove. A house of the future is no longer machine, it is a robot in which people could be and who could free themselves from their control. Philipp kerr wrote a gripping science fiction thriller whose boser hero is a skyscraper that could give it soon.

Intelligent hauser, when controlling themselves, in themselves and crosslinked architectural environmental environments are the conclusion of a cyberreal architecture with the target direction on biosphere. For a long time, there has been a groundbreaking project for a fully integrated system of living and working in japan. Tron is a project that the "computerized society" wants to anticipate by providing all the devices and objects in our living environments with computers, sensors and effectors, with the such intelligent houses, city and strawing also become the habitat of robots. Everything will be in the "total architecture" monitor and in principle automatically controlled by computers. The climate is regulated, closed window closed or inflated, energy savings, material width controls, access to buildings and the stay in them monitor, each individual by chips or retinascanning identified and its whereabouts is detected by heat and motion sensors. Such houses are to be connected to each other and one works on a system that the intelligent house network is in turn networked with the straws equipped with sensors and microsystems to control the traffic lens. If, for example, go to the toilet, evaluations can be made immediately on the health status. Of course, all this happens to make people’s lives easier and safer, increase productivity and minimize environmental impact.

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Gaddafi tons from victory against the rebels

In libya the fear grows. Representatives of the opposition demand the targeted totung of the tyrant from the west. G8-representative and un security council

Gaddafi is sure, so tones this morning from the breaking news line of the nouvel observateurs, where a catastrophic message turns the other: "the rebels have lost their fight."With bombs on adschabija, gaddafis troops pave the way to bastion of resistance, bengasi. Did the french augemister alain joup arrest a defeat. He did not convince his colleagues at yesterday’s g8 meeting in paris to convince them to intervene militarically. "Gaddafi is on the way to win," says joup. The international community will not stop gaddafi from bringing back bensgi to understand, dear young.

Even though the gaddafi opponents are postulated that you have achieved military successes in brega, for the partial backlog of the strategically important city there are no evidence and no witnesses, so al-jazeera. And also the assertion of the military driver of resistance, when the abdel fattah younis is referred to, after which his troops could defend adgharbija against the "demoralized and consumed government troops" sounds more likely to be a guidance. The military overweight of the gaddafi troops is currently unuitable and shows itself in a series of terrain winning.

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To scold the freedom

Laws against god’s treasure and their impact on fundamental rights worldwide

Despite considerable efforts to their definition, no one is exactly what today "religious" actually. The human rights organization freedom house explores in your current report "policing was" the impact of laws to protect these undefinable cumbers.

In the us, the woman is, is the freedom at home, and therefore there is also a special house for you: the organization "freedom house". Founded in 1941 with prominent jerk covering (says z.B. Hamed eleanor roosevelt to its first supports), the organization is sometimes referred to as an ngo today, although your money comes to two-thirds of the us government. The state remote should therefore be doubted, and the explanatory goal of dissemination "liberal-democratic" values coincides with that of us aufpolitik also in many cases, such as.B. In the support of the solidarnnosc in the eighties of the last century.

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Syria: bashar al-assad can be elections again

Syria: Bashar al-Assad can be elections again

De · jà-vu: assad poster before the elections in syria 2014. Image: hosin zohrevand, cc by 4.0

Vote meets rejection in the west. Signals from the country and the region opposing. Winner is already certain

Things to do today in syria prasidental elections. Three candidates compete for the highest office in the country, which is heavily drawn by ten years of war and a massive economic crisis.

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