Gaddafi tons from victory against the rebels

In libya the fear grows. Representatives of the opposition demand the targeted totung of the tyrant from the west. G8-representative and un security council

Gaddafi is sure, so tones this morning from the breaking news line of the nouvel observateurs, where a catastrophic message turns the other: "the rebels have lost their fight."With bombs on adschabija, gaddafis troops pave the way to bastion of resistance, bengasi. Did the french augemister alain joup arrest a defeat. He did not convince his colleagues at yesterday’s g8 meeting in paris to convince them to intervene militarically. "Gaddafi is on the way to win," says joup. The international community will not stop gaddafi from bringing back bensgi to understand, dear young.

Even though the gaddafi opponents are postulated that you have achieved military successes in brega, for the partial backlog of the strategically important city there are no evidence and no witnesses, so al-jazeera. And also the assertion of the military driver of resistance, when the abdel fattah younis is referred to, after which his troops could defend adgharbija against the "demoralized and consumed government troops" sounds more likely to be a guidance. The military overweight of the gaddafi troops is currently unuitable and shows itself in a series of terrain winning.

The demands penetrating from the libyan opposition to the aufen are becoming ever more forceful. So the guardian cites the spokesman for the national transitional council, mustafa gheriani, with the demand for a flight banzage zone including "tactical" military attacks "on tanks and missiles", as well as an attack on gaddafis headquarters. The question of whether a targeted tottion of the head of state is meant, affirmed gehriani:

Why not? If he this, nobody wants shed a tear.

That the confrontation between pro-gaddafi power and opposition have achieved a "final phase", there is apparently extensive agreement; but you are still completely eligible, how to intervene.

Coarse britain and france, together with the arab representative in the un security council, the lebanon, to say goodbye to a resolution, which pronounced a flight ban with implied military accompanying operations and, according to a guardian report, "hard maws against soldner and lander, namely mali, chad and other african countries, from which the regime recruited his sols ".

In the same way, the sanctions against the libyan regime would like to suggest, such as the arms embargo, which, as cameron implies, has a look. Also, one wants to send the money from the libyan olinoversen more of the population — and resistance to gaddafi -. How to work exactly is still unclear

In the security council there was no majority for a new decision in the case of libya. The russian messenger is quoted that "elementary questions" are not yet answered. It’s not just about what we have to do, but also about how it is done ". By contrast, the lebanese representative is over, that you can act fast. The demands for the help of the anti-gaddifi-kaftte are legitimate and it is necessary to fulfill them. You can quickly end the situation in libya to protect the population.

Without support, parts of the opposition could run over to extremists, warns the spokesman for the national transition council gheriani, "because they have the feelings, the west kummere is not around her".

In libya rule huge fear, reports the correspondent of al-jazeera. If it does not get the "rebels" to keep a protective zone against gaddafis troops, it came to terrible revenge actions, as well known from the tyrant.

Today, the representatives of nato meet to advise on libya.