The domination of the paramilitars

Now it has also caught the intelligence chief. Jorge noruega is the so far ranked functionar in colombia, which was taken in custodial due to cooperation with right militias and drugstanders

Unlike the hitherto nine detainees ("paragate" the political landscape of colombia is depressed) is noruega not only political bonded but also a narrow friend of prasident uribe. Before the prasident appointed director of the administrative department security (this), he had led uribes election campaign in the caribbean region. Noruega is not only accused that he has supported the paramilitars logistically, but also that he has passed on the personal data of several trade unionists from baranquilla, which were murdered. In addition, investigations in the prasidential election campaign 2002 as well as illegal enrichment and the disclosure of confidential information.

The allegations are not new. Already a year ago, the department head of the secret service had been arrested. At that time, the prasident was forced to take his husband from the weft line, and had sent him as a consul to milan. The rafael garcia convicted of 18 years in prison now raises his ex-boss, among other things, to have received several times sent by "jorge 40", the boss of the paramilitars on the caribbean custody.

That the intelligence chief was arrested now is due to the supreme court. The attorney general had led only preliminary investigations. After found in the visitor directory of the eleven entries of a nearby relative of "jorge 40", the supreme court ordered to admit the sentenced rafael garcia as a witness. The dear the prosecutor no choice.

Uribe: popular as before

"If the allegations should turn out to be true, i apologize, i have finally appointed the director who."Further demands escapes prasident àlvaro uribe so far with the information, the matter is the matter of justice. Its task is to conduct the government. In addition, he is mostly interested in findings for the infiltration of criminals in the "ortsy politics". "Brutal statements" just as she worked elsewhere.

On the other hand, it is not least attributed uribe that the judiciary now begins serious research on cooperation between politicians and agents with the auc. Unlike many of his transactions, he has waived to occupy the supreme court with faithful.

So far, the popularity of prasident àlvaro uribe is unbroken in the urban middle class. The youngest telephone survey in the four metropolises of the country showed an approval rate of 70 percent. The fact that uribes strategy works, not least, he owes the two gross media homes caracol and rcn, where he can all pay for an open microphone: whenever the prasident occurs, he can spread his views, without critical demands on fears.

"Para-uribismo" instead of "para-politica"

Even the liberal opposition is back. Finally, some deputies, against which is determined, come from their ranks. Only the left attacks the prasident frontal. Colombia’s parliamentary left in the last elections despite obvious electoral qualifications in favor of the prasident-loyal parties, and now third-strongest political force. This is not only due to their clear cancellation at the "armed struggle" and the farc guerrilla, but above all on the process, which, under the moderation of the former advanced carlos carlos garcia, the communist party, left social democrats and trade unionists as an alternative democratic pole (pda) united. The beginning of the senator gustavo pedro, the uribes brother, accused of having worked with the paramilitars and explosing uberibes links to these groups during his time as a governor of antioquia demands.

In marz, there will be a parliamentary debate on "para-politica" in the congress. Of course, the prasident has to be scarce because of its significant majority of hardly concrete consequences. However, he was forced for the first time to respond personal to the premieges. Gustavo petro and other ex-members of the cityguardilla m-19 are nothing more than "terrorists in civil". The fact that the "commandante uno" of m-19 is today as a director of public social security part of his government, the threat put in it has made not more desirable: not only in the left, the terrorism reproach of the prassident memories of the 1980s woke up as parts of the farc guerrillas tried for the first time to integrate into civilian life. At that time, the government had admitted the "union patriotica" to the elections — and released them to launch. Before there could be serious changes in the country’s social worship, between 2.000 and 5.000 activists, deputies and municipalities of the then also a third strongest political force of paramilitars murdered, many of them in cooperation with the agents.

Jorge robledo, speaker of the pda in congress, has now thrown the next stone. Not "para-politica", as the scandal is called in colombia, but "para-uribismo" is the apt expression. Finally, all previously arrested and the majority of the deputies, against which is determined, are influential drivers of the many parties that support the president.

Almost in uribes, rows of nervousness is wide. In the past week was speculated in several coarse newspapers, uribe stood at the summit of his power and public approval, but just right alone in this airy high. The reason is his autoritary government style, uribes lack of support for the prayer parliamentarians and his cabinet of technocrats, which only represent their fields, but not a joint government line.

As with such "enthusiasm", numerous deputies and functionaries hurried to insure the prasident of their unrestricted support. Interior minister holguin saw himself to recover the allegations of robledo: "this is another scandality (infamia) of this low-grade (infame). He does not do anything else, as a degraded (infamias) to skid against colombia, if he stood upstairs, the land is paramilitarian."Robledo in turn showed understanding," that the government is very irritated and desperately desperate. Finally, it is not easy to cope with as many friends hiking in detention, and watching that several more already snake are standing in front of the prison nails."

The legitimate of parliament fluctuates

In addition to the serious accusations against individual parliamentarians — participation in murder, decommissioning and money wash — are now examined for the first time election qualifications, which make the word "voice purchase" appear as a reminiscence on long past mercy times. The falsifications are such serious that the legitimate of the parliament chosen in the past marz is questioned. If a candidate won his seat, because counter-candidates were forced to jerking and entire counties with weapon violence were checked towards the right voice tax, how can simply take the second-placed candidate of his list? Even within government parties are now votes loudly who demand that the seats have to be vacuumed.

At least 21 other members are in the sights of the prosecutors. Your election results can be found on irregularities. Thief maloof, for example, whose political home is actually in the department atlantico, has achieved the majority of its votes in the department magdalena. Investigations of the stiftung "nuevo arco iris" drove back to the cutting of the "constituencies" designed by the paramilitars, with which they gave each of their candidates a specific influence zone. In these areas, no serious competitors were tolerated and the voting of the locational population with weapons violence were monitored.

If the investigations of prosecutor’s investigations entail further adhesive warrants, the comfortable majority of prassident will melt. The originally four man strong faction "colombia democratica" has already shrunk to halftures, against the two remaining is determined. The "convergencia ciudadana" (convergencia ciudadana) was not allowed to do it otherwise, here is determined against funf deputies.

The investigations show that the structures of the right militia — protective grounds, setup of "own" candidates, infiltration of the abord and control of the rival population — are largely intact even after their demobilization (all the market stable). The least, to which the prasident is forced in the next few weeks, is a credible program, as the influence of paramilitars can be returned to regional elections in october.