The fake floodlights

Overpeer inc. Tried, exchange bolts with a patent pending "method for preventing falling record sales" to hike

In recent weeks, numerous manipulated mp3 files appeared in filesharing networks. Behind this is obviously the new york company overpeer, which should make exchange bolts unusable on behalf of the music industry.

That had ciaran t. Not expected. Actually, he wanted to invite himself a song of the band no doubt from the net. With the exchange pool of your choice a matter of a few minutes. But when he played the mp3 file, he only got a man voice to horen to horen, who repeated a single sentence for minutes of doubt singer gwen stefani, "you shouldn’t do this."

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The direct digital link from the satellite to the dvd is missing

For radio exhibition 2005 all manufacturers drove similar strategies

If the film and music industry — ie the software branch of the consumer electronics — realizes what the customer wants, sometimes does not put it on it to do it to him. At least instantly, the consumer electronics hardware manufacturers seem to have a similar problem.

What was new about the international radio exhibition this year? In the audio area was rather little innovative to see. Yes, ok, almost every manufacturer had a portable mp3 player with flash memory or hard disk to touch against apple’s ipod. Some manufacturers now also built mp3 players in clock radio or mini ghettoblaster (so-called. Ghetto) like the philips "shoq box" pss 120. However, the question arises how this course is still legally complied with if the music industry only provides cds with copy protection, of which maximum copy-locked wma formats can be generated (kopitus interruptus), including the german online music shop "everything auber mp3 "offer that the warning sharks also take ogg on the grain (faules brand-egg on ebay) and the link on suitable online music sources abroad can only be set safely from the music industry itself

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Athens, city of riots

Again, a policeman made a mistake, muslims are insulted and in athens burned again

Two weeks after demonstrations of xenophobic groups under the spring carrying of the right-wing extremes chysi avgi, the on 16. May the athenian center had turned into a battlefield from omonia square in the short term, spared unrest again in the middle of the last week. However, the foreigners went to the barricades this time. The riots found their flow of flow on friday. Also this time, as in december 2008, a mistake was a police action of the blame.

In greece, especially athens, it is ugly that policemen receive a kind of daily order via controlling offense (minor matters from athens). In response to the partially chaotic situation in the inner states of greece during the december of the december"until the government stumbles") the police were reorganized. Christos markojiannakis had received the responsibility of the police at the last government education at the beginning of 2009 as a vice minister of interior. He set a new police chief in athens with jannis rachovitsas. Rachovitsas is also known in journalist circles under the nickname "dirty harry". He has earned this title by strict procedures on a more early board of directors in central greece.

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«Starwars»: yearning for a new and rounded totality

Film picture from the deminsts continuation of the saga "the awakening of power". Image: © lucasfilm ltd. Tm

The blockbuster saga has been a mirror of the time ie for 40 years, "new mythology" and a quantum consolation

Dark, deep blue, almost black lies the room in "starwars" open. Infinite. The fanfare of john williams’ title music sound, and the bias writing not only uses and pays the events in front of the action, but at the same time he misses the space in its width, in which he cursed to the illegible. Then, accompanied by a short string gauge, the camera pivots "below", what we first learn that moons after "above" climbing, and then the horizon of a planet is visible, which occupies the entire lower canvas part. So the open space is structured. Shortly thereafter, the perspective triangular spaceship darth vaders slides from above into the picture and quickly covers the complete upper canvas part.

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More art as a game

More art as a game

A colorful roller coaster ride

Sony "hohokum" for ps3 / 4 / vita

"Hohokum" is a very own video game. Experience the individual scenes is at the center of achieving concrete goals is less important. In the approach, it reminds a little at flow or flower of thatamecompany and in the artistic design of locoroco or patapon. This leads "hohokum" a tradition of artistic, indie-like titles on the playstation platform.

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