The direct digital link from the satellite to the dvd is missing

For radio exhibition 2005 all manufacturers drove similar strategies

If the film and music industry — ie the software branch of the consumer electronics — realizes what the customer wants, sometimes does not put it on it to do it to him. At least instantly, the consumer electronics hardware manufacturers seem to have a similar problem.

What was new about the international radio exhibition this year? In the audio area was rather little innovative to see. Yes, ok, almost every manufacturer had a portable mp3 player with flash memory or hard disk to touch against apple’s ipod. Some manufacturers now also built mp3 players in clock radio or mini ghettoblaster (so-called. Ghetto) like the philips "shoq box" pss 120. However, the question arises how this course is still legally complied with if the music industry only provides cds with copy protection, of which maximum copy-locked wma formats can be generated (kopitus interruptus), including the german online music shop "everything auber mp3 "offer that the warning sharks also take ogg on the grain (faules brand-egg on ebay) and the link on suitable online music sources abroad can only be set safely from the music industry itself

"ghettouter" or ipod with speakers? Philips "shoq box" pss 120

Only panasonic has provided a sd card slot in the normal mini-stereo sc-pm71s for 300 euros, from which mp3 files can not be displayed on inserted memory cards, but can be recorded digitally. This is otherwise known only from digital radios with dab, like the woodstock 53 from blaupunkt. Also sharp is coming for the first time with a dab radio, the fv-db2es to 230 euro, where you would, if you might have a song again or even to take it, how to rewind a timeshift tv satellite receiver in tivo-manier up to 16 minutes can. Thus, the legal "co-cutting of the radio" almost forgotten in the napster rip age could be more interesting, because what is more comfortable than a song that you just belonged and that you like to simply save a button, instead of a music recognition system instead of a music recognition system to pretend the song for general amusement and then download him about mobile phone, as the wet fantasies of the industry were still last year?

The direct digital link from the satellite to the DVD is missing

Sharp dab radio fv-db2es: without noise (s), for sure with time machine (timeshift)

Philips in turn with the "streamium wireless music center" a special audio wireless streaming system, which works like a pc server with wlan and mp3 players à la noxon (radio wireless radio for the hi-fi system) — only without pc, but instead easier to operate with flat mannevers in bang olufson style: a device has a 40 gb hard drive and reads up to 750 audio cds, so that still allow that the rest grabs wirelessly on this device. Optionally, then the same music program can run or a different. Compared to high-end solutions such as the cyrus linkserver (hifi and home theater in the fight against copy protection), this solution with just under 1000 euros for a server with additional wireless receptionist and 300 euros per further receptionist is favorable — however, it is also not about hifi, but an upscale compact solution.

The direct digital link from the satellite to the DVD is missing

So really well, the philips streamium wireless music center sounds only in hard cake use with a grease lubricating film on the high glossy surface

The wireless music center can receive the wireless music center as little as the wireless music receiver sla 5500, which otherwise sees the already mentioned terratec noxon susceptibly similarly and how it costs 130 euros. Where the noxon in the latest version ii has now also has an optical digital output and microsoft wma can play. In addition, the gerat now has a usb 2 port for external hard drives or mp3 player, so it is no longer on a running network server instructed. However, the new model now costs almost 200 euros.

The direct digital link from the satellite to the DVD is missing

Elta shower radio ..

The design sensation of the cheap brand elta, the intern "dildo" called shower radio with soap dispenser, but stupidly without vibrator, which was sold in the early year in the carnival, but should not be launched. Instead, there are all serios on a dvd player with networking. And otherwise, all manufacturers rather rather on video as a audio, especially on flat screens, mobile phone television (pocket bookball) and dvd recorder.

The direct digital link from the satellite to the DVD is missing

… In use???

For the flat screens, the digital copy protection system hdcp everywhere is a topic — which is not that it does not already be built that it is really through and works. The request of the buyer does not correspond anyway. The enthusiasm for hdtv has already decreased in the face of this problem (analog, digital -…No matter, the main thing tv watching is illegal!To). In addition, the normalburger is confused — he hort from the digital antenna television dvb-t and high-resolution digital television hdtv and does not realize that these two terms have absolutely nothing to do with each other and can not be combined: terrestrial is not a sufficient bandwidth for hdtv available even if you have changed from dvb-t from the currently used mpeg2 coding to mpeg4, as it is about satellite for hdtv straight. After purchasing new dvb-t receivers, only one hdtv transmitter went into an analog television channel instead of their four at the normal dvb-t, which is why such planes for germany has immediately discarded.

Dvd player is now also available with digital hdcp output and upscaling of the pal signal on hdtv. Although this could also do the hdtv television, the digital transfer from dvd player is naturally better than to transfer to the tv from there and then digitally to digitize and highly scales in this. However, the new tvs usually have only one digital input — so you have to decide if you want to have good dvd image or hdtv, for example, from premiere. And there is an obstacle that works in the video area more and more with individual components. A device such as the classic vhs video recorder, which receives self-standing, caching, playing and archiving, but not analog with tape, but on a modern digital base with dvd, that is absolutely not in sight.

The direct digital link from the satellite to the DVD is missing

Panasonic mini stereo sc-pm71s with sd slot (center left)

Instead, on the one hand, satellite or dvb-t receptioners are available as a defensive rate, which are now well taken by hard disks. But there is a mysterious limit of 80 gb, which hardly exceeds such a device. Greater hard drives are the satellite-made manufacturers apparently suspicious because their hardware and firmware is not designed for it — or simply too expensive. And 80 gb are unexpectedly fast. If 160 gb has ever been donated, as the premiere-certified humax pdr 9800, the successor of the pdr 9700 ("premiere" record digitally to hard disk), so are 80 gb of which reserved for a new service of premiere, which stores videos on demand overnight — the buyer can use only 80 gb for his own recordings. For dvb-t, it looks like. In england, even 40 gb are in the expensive sky-plus pay tv receivers with hard disk, as larger plates are considered to be archived, which is unaudited by the film licenses.

The already legendar, but still not available reel box

Receivers, which allow at least over relatively slow usb connections to transfer the recordings that you want to keep rar (mp3 and films for download via satellite) — and then a more expensive and storing pc is still needed in the living room to download dvds to make what certainly not the need of the normal buyer was allowed to correspond. And satellite receiving with the possibility to save directly on dvd, there are not yet available, apart from the recently confused and still not available reel box or that of the spring, but just with the intended software scope dmc box of itv. Only fujitsu-siemens is already long in business and radio exhibition with the activity based on pc technology, with the new activity 300. The cheap brand yakumo wants to bring something similar to the end of the year.

The other warehouse is the classic consumer electronics manufacturers such as panasonic, sony, jvc, sharp or philips or the cheap brands such as mustek or phocus. Here are larger hard drives suddenly no problem, dvd video recorder with plates of up to 400 gb are available, which ranges for a solid archive of series or films. And here can even be outsourced in an increased speed on dvd, which is already on hard drive.

The direct digital link from the satellite to the DVD is missing

A look at the offal of the reel box

But at the recording kills, terms fall like show view and vp instead of epg and dolby digital. Should the great dvd bolides about ..? Yes, indeed, you have some firewire interfaces or slots for flash memory cards, but only an analog tuner. Already for cable television customers. The rest often does not receive any own programs in the city, because dvb-t has been changed. But dvb-t-tuner are only very occasionally in the dvd video cards. And satellite viewers look all into the pipes, because their spare dvb-s receiver with hard disk can only connect analogously to the scart cable with the spill dvd recorder with hard disk to play and decode on one side and to decode it re-encode and resume the other. Better will not get the picture of it and it occupies both expensive devices depending on the film length several hours. The multi-channel sound remains on the track.

Enthusiasm … Or anger?

If you ask the manufacturers why they do not offer dvd recorder with dvb-s reception, which were the modern digital equivalent to the classic video recorder, so you get the most absurd answers, from "good idea, about someone should think about anyone? "From satellite technology, only the manufacturers of satellite receivers idea, we do not understand anything" until the low point at panasonic: "dvb-s is not standardized in contrast to dvb-t, because we had to build another device for each country". Yes, clearly, just the europe-wide satellite radiation should have problems with national borders — there has been a pan-scandinavia with mac radiations and the in the next few years of analogue radiations with dvb-s now a europe-wide standard, in contrast to the many different analogues terrestrial television forms with which manufacturers strange no problems. As a high point of progress, it is then if the dvd recorder can at least contribute the satellite receiver for recording or exploitation.

The direct digital link from the satellite to the DVD is missing

Still most coolest: "pimp my grandma her living room" — the heise showroom on the ifa 2005

About the dvd successor hd-dvd and blu-ray disc you may not think about it, because from copy protection, the customer will even be harassed and forced to be a conflicting approach or even if he has a shipment like that it really liked that he wants to archive them permanently.