The left: protest party against social disposition

Why germany’s parties are not future-proof

With the bundestag election of september 2009, the last election burger was clear that the change in the party system of the federal republic is inexorably. The classic three (one half) parties system from cdu / csu, spd and fdp resulted in the greats in a four (one night) parties system over. Now it was "the left", to expand this to a fuf (one half) parties system. 5.15 million votes received the left; each ninth wahler voted for this party, which exists in its current form only since the summer of 2007, but not without prehistory. This consists of two strangely linked strangen and is important for any assessment of programs and politics.

In the first free-chosen bundestag of 1949, a left, a communist party was represented, 1.3 million votes and 5.7 percent share of the kpd to move into parliament. But already with the next election 1953 she failed: her defamation of the popular uprising in the gdr as "fascist coup" reduced them to 600.000 votes and 2.2 percent share. With the kpd ban from 1956, any radically left opposition came into the illegalitat.

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Dispute between saudi arabia and qatar

Dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Al udeid air base (2004) image: us government / common-free

The "anti-iran front" has several broken lines

If the well-known, well-known politicians with threats to speak, they act frequently as a stobrupp to pronounce what may not be pronounced at the official level. As such lung pipes, in a short time interval of the former us secretary of defense robert gates acted and now the diplomat dennis ross known in middle east circles.

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The afd photoshopper, the arms npd and the stupid populated meck-pomm

Youtube and co. — our weekly telepolis video check

With a musical cracker we start today in the weekend, played by a man who really did not like as neighbors. Unless you are deaf.

And after this wonderful performance, it’s about the pool, there’s always something going on how this small collection shows. Also this recreational employment is quite late, but in the long run quite expensive.

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Berlusconi rooms legal party

The basic element of popolo della liberta also has meaning beyond italy

This weekend, the italian minister prosident silvio berlusconi created a new party mab-tailored party, popolo della liberta. It is an association of berlusconis previous party forza italia and the post-fascist allanza nazionale, which has already traversed in the last week.

Berlusconi Rooms Legal Party

Berlusconi celebrates the constituence of his party with a bombastic self-inspection. Image: pdl

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Resurrection of the mammoths in sight?

Scientists want to sequenced the entire genome of mammuts

Scientists of pennsylvania state university have sequenced with new sequencing machines all the genome of a mammoth, as they report in their article, which appeared in the magazine nature. The basis for this was that well-preserved hair of two mammoths were available, which in the siberian permafrost more than 20.000 or. 60.000 years frozen and so preserved.

Resurrection of the mammoths in sight?

Image: exhibitease llc — steven w. Marcus

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Alphabet of freedom

The koran as a source of own decision-making and base of civil law — a conversation with the syrian koranexegated muhammad shahrour

As "very slippery ground" the egyptian islam researcher nasr hamid abu zaid defined the koran. His syrian colleague muhammad shahrour sees itself as a matter of principle — but it will take out that the entire book may only be discourse. Rather, he resorts the large slip loss in the lack of border limiting between absolute and human authority (god’s word vs. Its interpretation). Under this pramisse, every generation must deal directly with the revelation, instead of traditionally lit stubborn. In the crossfire of his criticism, especially the sharia.

They emphasize that democracy is in the arab countries with a religious reform and falls. Why?

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Dream of «militar schengen»

Dream of'militar-schengen'

Eu-council prosident donald tusk in brussel on 14.12.17 for the basic pesco. Image: european union

The new european defense university pesco provides that 20 percent of the regularly increasing defense budget will be ied for the rust

There was enough start-up to a common european security policy, but this time it is serious — with the bundnis pesco (permanent structured cooperation), which was founded last december, a fixed instance should arise. The construction of this new european defense court will also be a topic on the upcoming munchner security conference of 16. To 18. Be in february,

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The nationalist and bored and the volkian

When politicians and burger run dull prejudice

Many europeans, possibly even majorities, are convinced today that the rough number of escapeons from the middle east is a burden. That’s why it’s helpful to get the gross orders in mind.

Throughout the european union (eu), around 500 million people live, throughout europe even 800 million. And this comparatively pretty rich continent should sheer as if one or even two million escape is added? Does that mean something serious?

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The digital replacement order

The mummy 2 does not save special effects

Who stands this summer in the cinema, wondering what success in hollywood is measured. The stamp of the satisfaction on the part of the film studios certainly receives every movie, of which a continuation is turned. And this year we expect some copies like "rush hour 2" and "dr.Dolittle 2". There may be almost amazing that 21 years after the first part of "indiana jones" nobody finds time to continue this trilogy after the third and unfortunately also last crusade (1988). Meanwhile, the ancestors are served by spielberg lucas at the heritage of the adventure film and in the case of the "ruupted the mummy" not even bad.

The digital replacement order

Quiet "the juxtage of the mummy"

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Thick air in german city

Thick air in German city

Munich. Image: alexas_photos / common-free

The excitement about the driving ban of diesel vehicles and the coarse picture

At the driving ban for diesel vehicles, an excitation wave after the other. Since the grun-black government in baden-wurttemberg briefly decided, "that diesel cars that do not fulfill the euro 6 standard, on days with high pollution burden in parts of the stuttgart city center from 2018 driving ban received", increase the cream and the business representatives.

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