The nationalist and bored and the volkian

When politicians and burger run dull prejudice

Many europeans, possibly even majorities, are convinced today that the rough number of escapeons from the middle east is a burden. That’s why it’s helpful to get the gross orders in mind.

Throughout the european union (eu), around 500 million people live, throughout europe even 800 million. And this comparatively pretty rich continent should sheer as if one or even two million escape is added? Does that mean something serious?

It adds: europe’s population shrinks for decades and will continue to do that. The demographic change is unstoppable. Europe urgently needs young people. Some people of europe will be almost extinct in a few generations if they do not do anything about it.

The nationalist and bored and the Volkian

Bevo decrease up to 2050 in 11 european countries to un world population prospects

The most dramatic is that in eastern europe, where one blocks most fanatical against any immigration, although they are most urgently needed: in hungary, poland, romania, bulgaria, estonia, latvia, lithuania, slovenia, czech republic. What the politicians floating on a wave of dull volcontic supporters is, in the face of demographic realitat, is almost criminal — a crime on their own volks. And what the populations wear there is a kind of collective suicide from dull podiment.

The population shrinks, sharply and impoverished — especially in eastern europe

Europe not only shrinks, it has been sharing and impoverished for decades. More and less purchased must provide more and more pensioners in the future. In just a generation, almost a third of all europe will be 65 years or age. Today the share is still at "only" around 17 percent. But if the first vintage of the baby boomer generation occurs from 2020, it will rise explosively.

The proportion of 79-year-olds will even quadruple during this period. In contrast, the proportion of eu burgers in the acquisition agent from 20 to 64 years. 2060 will only pay any other europe to this productive age group. The proportion of under 20-year-olds will be particularly clear: to below 19 percent in 2060 — from still just under 27 percent in 1990.

The ten most threatening shrinking nations of the world are invariably in eastern and sudosturopa. By 2050, poland’s population alone will be reflected by 5.7 million people, romania by 4.3 million and bulgaria by 2.8 million.

There is some paltic brush: well, and? A few less. That does nothing too. A few eaters less. And if that was aware of and through proportional shrinkage, the landing could handle that too. But that’s kind of life; because above all the proportion of people in working age shrinks rapidly shrinks, the number of people in the retirement age will grow.

The population increases and increasingly. The process has been in full swing for decades. If the population will be backed by a third within 35 years, as in croatia, the fastest shrinking eu country, then also the modest prosperity of its inhabitants, and there is a danger that the croats are permanently hung on the drip of the eu.

The fastest aging continent of the earth has the unique opportunity to turn long-term demographic fate a little bit for better by taking escapeons. In view of the immense shrinkage, it was not much more than a drop on the hot stone, but at least one drop. The states in eastern europe could use this, not even from humanity or solidarity, but in their own interest. But this is the own dull podity is powerful.

Because when the states of eastern europe in the coming decades demographically veroden, they will inevitably depend on many eu reed million. A common immigration policy would be an economic and politically reasonable solution. You have to drive that exactly in mind: due to their volkical supplement, the eastern europe organize their own worship and will therefore need eu billions to get their self-confident misery.