Federal minister of justice enforces filter

How self-funky filters depicts on the plain of software companies and providers can be seen in the case of aol and cyber patrol: political one-sidedness

With populist arance, federal minister of justice herta daeller-gmelin wants to better combat crime and right-wing extremism on the internet in order to accelerate the flat enforcement of filters for the german burger. Of course, one seems to be in the delusion, technically all problems can bring to the world. On the internet are the filter or other possibilities how to block access to content.

If one sees once of the question as to whether some neonazi has emerged less due to any ban, the whole line seems to be very questionable, which the federal minister of justice. Since they obviously returned to censance content at the legal level on the internet, this should come from a kind of a voluntary code of conduct of the internet companies and providers. The short-handed hand then the content of which content should be blocked so as not to get into potential difficulties with the law. It is also intended for a direct cooperation between providers and burger organizations that the providers can point out directly on websites and did not have to accept the detour over or take media. Anyway, there is a risk that this could ame a wild censor campaign.

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