Atomic nightmare

The existing nuclear systems worldwide are not protected against connection

Despite the critical security situation after attacks on afghanistan, castor retailers from german nuclear power plants were again transported to france last week. Reliable security measures are not available, security authorities and operator companies talk possible potential dangers as unlikely.

Since april 2001, they rumble back in regularly, the castor transports. Was on 1. October has been canceled even a transport because of the terrorist wave, so are at night to 10. September again two transports with radioactive atomum from the north german nuclear power plants stade and brunsbuttel broke up for reprocessing to la hague / france. Only with bremen was stopped by the train of 30 lonely nuclear power gates for 20 minutes.

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«The eu must speak stronger»

The osce media officer freedom duve on the consequences after surpasses on journalists and demonstrating the g-8-gifels in genoa

The surpasses of italian safety faith on demonstrators and demonstrators during the g-8 summit in july in genoa are now the subject of numerous preliminary investigations. Numerous globalization opponents put the surpasses on journalists, but also on participants of the protests, in the context of a europe-wide limit of fundamental rights. Contrary to the opinion that is due to the relevant domestic situation under silvio berlusconi and the government participation of neofascist force.

Also fruity dive, commissioned to protect the media of "organization for safety and cooperation in europe" (osce) has turned to the italian aufemister renato ruggiero in an open protest letter — his answer is still waiting for himself so far. In the conversation with telepolis, duve describes, the 18 years for the spd in the bundestag sab, his association.

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Warming up, the income of the top managers also

In gobritannia live after a study seven million people with job under one "extreme financial stress", from the wages to life, is becoming more and more difficult for many

In the great britain, there is no hartz iv, but of course the arguments equal when it comes to the unemployed. You should see yourself to get a job, then everything is fine. Especially as work, regardless of all conditions, is always better than not working, and performance is always rewarded.

This gladly from conservative and liberal knitted ideology, which incidentally relies on flexibilization of the world of work, has increasingly difficulties in view of the growing army of the "working poor" to claim. The army of those grows, which have work, but thus do not make a lot to be able to live. Add to this the many atypical and badly paid employment procedures of part-time, temporary work and minijobs. And if this situation is not only given to prefabricated, but a long time, then it also expires the costly to the system-keeping promise for the most prolonged, that cheap work is the golden path to a better paid job.

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Acta: secret diplomacy in the age of globalization

Acta is only a very triple case for undemocratic international standardization. It is time to question the monopoly of governments about intergovernmental negotiations

The so-called trading income for the evidence of product and brand piracy acta has finally arrived at the public. For international mass protests, tens of thousands have gone on the strain since the end of january. It was about hundred thousand on the 11th. February in germany. The online burger movement avaaz collected about two million protest records. The protests are just in time to prevent the agreement still to prevent.

It was already signed by most governments involved as well as the european union. On 26. January there was a rough ceremony in tokyo. Now the ratification is based on, ie the approval of the national parliaments and the european parliament. The agreement (pdf) enters into force for those contractors who deposit their instrument. At least six are needed. Due to the rights of the european parliament, which were stated by the treaty of lisbon, this must also agree with the eu.

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Sliding command for the turkish army

Sliding command for the Turkish army

Source: isku

Kurdish news uniform a document that becomes the gun use of the turkish dispute in the southeast of the country

The attacks on kurdish city and neighborhoods are always escalating. For more than 31 days, diyarbakir sur is under a siege and artillery. The straws of bads such as nusaybin, cizre, sirnak or diyarbakir sur acknowledges more and more ruin landscapes, as they are otherwise suspected in syria. The startup barrier concerns more than one million people. The turkish human rights association ihd reported on 22. December:

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New linke bosses are fixed

NEW LINKE bosses are fixed

Janine wisser and susanne hennig-wellsow this saturday. Photo: martin heinlein / the left

Janine wisser and susanne hennig-wellsow chosen on digital party congress with rough majority

With more than two-thirds of the delegate votes, janine wissler and susanne hennig-wellsow have been chosen to be chosen for the new fuhrungduo of the party. Wissers who already entertained their hessian landtagsruption and represented clear anti-capitalist positions in their application speech on the digital party congress, received the better result at 84.2 percent, but they had — unlike hennig-wellsow, on the "mixed" list stand — no counter candidates.

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Telekom ensures unrest in the us

The buyout of the german company is currently protecting protectionism

If globalization does not only provide advantages to the usa, but to turn into his own country, this seems to provide some politicians for rough restlessness. Young occasion is the search of deutsche telekom after an american mobile phone company that she could buy. After triggering the interest in sprint, voicestream wireless seems to be in the visor of telekom.

Following the formation of daimlerchrysler ag and the enforcement of ubs ag, the third-grown bank in europe, the pain webber group inc., the funft ingrobe insurance company of the united states to buy, choke some of the politicians in washington if foreign companies could now be widely used in the computer and telecommunications industry. "The political establishment of the usa now recognizes that globalization goes in two directions", said the former chairman of the federal communications commission reed hunt opposite the washington post. "In the context of the internet, we are of course thinking with good reason that this is a history-oriented story."

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Feminist hijacking

Emma-author luise pusch demands women’s quota in the cockpit

The feminist magazine emma demands a female quota for the cockpit. Reason is the allegedly higher accomplence for amooking at manners. In addition, the author’s predominantly female gender of the killed people is a meaning. What security gain is promising exactly the author of a quota system is unclear, since after logic the author only a purely female cockpit could be a solid security gain.

Mogene women also tend to be rarely about violence, also avoiding amoclasses from taders. In 2010, a woman in lorrach shot four people and injured 18 more. In 1996, a woman blew into the air in frankfurt, with two more people injured and 13 people injured. The boomtown council see the case of a 16-year-old schooler who shot in 1979 and nine more injured because she did not want to assemble.

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Everything you wanted to know about krypto regulation

Epic publishes the international report on krypto politics 1999.

The stained ladies and gentlemen in the federal government is satisfied in front of themselves. Rarely a government was praised in a report of a burger right movement as the federal republic of germany in the epic report on krypto politics 1999 — and the praise covers the old as well as the new government. Germany has played a crucial role in making key events (key escrow) from the wassenaar treaty on export notifications for dual-use-good. Also steadfast was contradicted to the request of the traveler krypto ambassador of the united states, david aaron, who wanted to oblige germany as well as other countries to a restrictive cryptopologies, both in terms of domestic use and exports. At the latest with the cabinet template for cryptopologists, the course is finalized on grun.

Germany is part of an international trend to a liberalization of cryptopologists, which the epic report was found out for fur 1999. International organizations such as the oecd and stunning communities as the eu were already out of line in 1997, which the us supported by the united kingdom. Influenced by the wishes of their intelligence services and criminal findings, these two countries wanted to know the export of strong interlocking and in case of doubt can also access the communication of their own burgers. But oecd and eu, and subsequently nation-state governments such as germany and france, rated the opportunities for electronic trade and growth of an open knowledge society as the needs of the hardliners in the various interior ministries.

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Vista sucks! And do not forget the fries…

Youtube and co. — our weekly telepolis video check

After christmas, which hopefully does not run so, the time of the backlogs comes. Also in this column! And without a doubt one of the largest achievements of the now in the last year’s year comes from microsoft. On the msfireefox page.Com is offered by a "microsoft firefox 2007 professional edition". So a firefox browser from microsoft, which makes it for itself and its own browser, the internet explorer, competition. Unless microsoft has made klammheim the firefox people and their company. Already clever, the guys around bill gates!

It is advertised for this browser whole new type with this video. And as system requirements are mentioned: "quadcore cpu 4.6ghz processor or higher (for the loading of hotmail.Com)."

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