Feminist hijacking

Emma-author luise pusch demands women’s quota in the cockpit

The feminist magazine emma demands a female quota for the cockpit. Reason is the allegedly higher accomplence for amooking at manners. In addition, the author’s predominantly female gender of the killed people is a meaning. What security gain is promising exactly the author of a quota system is unclear, since after logic the author only a purely female cockpit could be a solid security gain.

Mogene women also tend to be rarely about violence, also avoiding amoclasses from taders. In 2010, a woman in lorrach shot four people and injured 18 more. In 1996, a woman blew into the air in frankfurt, with two more people injured and 13 people injured. The boomtown council see the case of a 16-year-old schooler who shot in 1979 and nine more injured because she did not want to assemble.

Boomtown rats — i do not like mondays

Whether the few flight chapters really look forward to the uninvited feminist collection may be doubted. The author prof. Dr. Luise pusch has been valid since your essay the german as a manner language — diagnosis and therapy suggestion (1984) as the burden of feminist linguistics and has a database with more than 30.I000 biographies built by women. In that regard, for pusch had also offered a reference to german pioneers of the air.

Thus, the test pilot hanna reitsch (1912-1979) trained an enforced skirt command of her, where young nazis should direct the v1 flight bomb in kamikaze style in enemy goals. Another prominent aviator was the art pilot beate rotermund-uhse (1919-2001), which flew several militar machines. The entrepreneur successfully successful after the war in erotic enterprises, however, is just at the "porn"-for feminists of the emma fraction little appeal.