Telekom ensures unrest in the us

The buyout of the german company is currently protecting protectionism

If globalization does not only provide advantages to the usa, but to turn into his own country, this seems to provide some politicians for rough restlessness. Young occasion is the search of deutsche telekom after an american mobile phone company that she could buy. After triggering the interest in sprint, voicestream wireless seems to be in the visor of telekom.

Following the formation of daimlerchrysler ag and the enforcement of ubs ag, the third-grown bank in europe, the pain webber group inc., the funft ingrobe insurance company of the united states to buy, choke some of the politicians in washington if foreign companies could now be widely used in the computer and telecommunications industry. "The political establishment of the usa now recognizes that globalization goes in two directions", said the former chairman of the federal communications commission reed hunt opposite the washington post. "In the context of the internet, we are of course thinking with good reason that this is a history-oriented story."

Anxiety seem to be at the german telekom probably because the german government is still majority owners of the company. This does not ensure that competition is concerned, it also concerns national security. The strategy oriented by the clinton government on the protection of the national infrastructure, once, calls for the fear of consideration in this area. Security strategically believe that the technical, economic and military presentation of the usa opponents, for example the so-called "rogue states", took advantage of the usa not directly to attack, but to do in the vulnerable points, including, among other things, the disruption or paralyzing of telecommunications and computer networks.

However, according to american laws, the fcc may not give a license to telecommunications companies where a foreign government has a share of 25 percent or high, unless the approval serves the public interest. Since the covenant still stop 59 percent of the shares, the telekom had to change this situation quickly. However, there is a wto scheme to buy telecommunications companies in other countries over holding companies in other countries.

Anyway, it may also come up with the german resentment. Thus, the democratic senate deputy ernst hollings, member of the economic committee, has introduced a law proposal that was prevented that fcc can still make exceptions. Oberdies sent one of 29 other senate deputies letter to the chairman of the fcc with the request, every merger, where providers are involved, the foreign governments are accurately examined. And yesterday he sent the fcc chairman another letter, which goes directly to deutsche telekom: "we did not deregulated us telecommunications to make the telecommunications company-based telecommunications companies take over the american market."

Protectionism is not the reason for this initiative, but the question of whether the us should allow a company that a foreign government is believed to be competitive through state funds and may be required by financially interested governmental minorities, with american companies target.

But in addition, there are security concerns for hollings: "it is crowded to ame that we feed back and give us america’s telecommunications. We can not rely on that the german government will always be friendly." with the emphatically, however, the american government lays down globalization, it will not be able to prevent the telecom.