Warming up, the income of the top managers also

In gobritannia live after a study seven million people with job under one "extreme financial stress", from the wages to life, is becoming more and more difficult for many

In the great britain, there is no hartz iv, but of course the arguments equal when it comes to the unemployed. You should see yourself to get a job, then everything is fine. Especially as work, regardless of all conditions, is always better than not working, and performance is always rewarded.

This gladly from conservative and liberal knitted ideology, which incidentally relies on flexibilization of the world of work, has increasingly difficulties in view of the growing army of the "working poor" to claim. The army of those grows, which have work, but thus do not make a lot to be able to live. Add to this the many atypical and badly paid employment procedures of part-time, temporary work and minijobs. And if this situation is not only given to prefabricated, but a long time, then it also expires the costly to the system-keeping promise for the most prolonged, that cheap work is the golden path to a better paid job.

In the uk, almost seven million adults live in the labor age according to a region commissioned by the british guardian "extreme financial stress", although you have work and largely no state support. These 3.6 million households of a total of a part of the middle class, for themselves "work does not pay", in addition, have neither savings nor real estate ownership and at best just about the round. Bruno rost, the study leader, explained, they are around the "new working class — apart from the fact that the work they afford no longer pay off. These people say that it was the worst way of self-failure or social carving if they were forced to apply for government support or to move into a social housing".

In the households haunted by poverty, where adults or both parents relate a low to medium income, 2.2 million children live. Due to the poverty despite work, households with two parents and two children with an annual income between 17 apply.000 and 41.000 pounds (21.000-50.000 euro) or couples without children with an income between 12.000 and 29.000 pounds. Self-divided handlers in small communities, ethnically mixed communities and singles, which live in the center of little city or young owners and private tenants of homes in domestic resources settlements.

The gap between arm and rich deepens in the crisis

While the one’s money is scarce, the other thanks to the neoliberal tax reliefs for the information, which ultimately did the debt crisis or has at least stronger. The british top managers increased their income by 10 percent last year by average. From the crisis traces the managers who earn median 200 times more than the average employee, hardly something. This also occupies who has to pay the costs of the crisis. Similarly, development in other states, for example the us. There also wave the income of the managers. The median of the annual income of the 200 highest top managers is 14.5 million euros, last year increased by 5 percent.

Although the ceos of german dax companies with 5 million euros earn average, but in 2011 the income increased significantly and increased the distance to the average earnings of a fully operated worker. The expenditure for pensions of the board members of the dax-30 companies also decreased significantly. After all, this averaging seven million euros will be paid to the early members of his board, for the still active averaging 2.4 million in jerks are paid: "the total jerks for pensions of the dax items summed up to almost three billion euros."

On the other hand, there were last wages, but it grows the number of atypical and thus usually low paid staff and the mini-jobber. In germany, 2009 were 7.1 percent of the working-hearted working poor (working poor), since 2004, so since the import of hartz-iv, the number has risen by 2.2 percent. The short-published monitor youth poignancy 2012 makes it clear that young people are affected between 14 and 27 years the strongest of poverty. Every fun of them is poor despite state help. These are 2.6 million.