«The eu must speak stronger»

The osce media officer freedom duve on the consequences after surpasses on journalists and demonstrating the g-8-gifels in genoa

The surpasses of italian safety faith on demonstrators and demonstrators during the g-8 summit in july in genoa are now the subject of numerous preliminary investigations. Numerous globalization opponents put the surpasses on journalists, but also on participants of the protests, in the context of a europe-wide limit of fundamental rights. Contrary to the opinion that is due to the relevant domestic situation under silvio berlusconi and the government participation of neofascist force.

Also fruity dive, commissioned to protect the media of "organization for safety and cooperation in europe" (osce) has turned to the italian aufemister renato ruggiero in an open protest letter — his answer is still waiting for himself so far. In the conversation with telepolis, duve describes, the 18 years for the spd in the bundestag sab, his association.

After the summit of the g-8 in italian genoa, they have turned to the aufeister in rome and asked for declaration about the surpasses on journalists. Have you received an answer?

Freut duve:no, but the circumstances are called by me again. What is the last state? How many journalists are affected and what happened?

Freut duve:we can only make a comprehensive picture with the help of an official opinion of the italian. According to my buros in vienna, no answer to my questions has been discussed so far, probably because the italian side applies uncomfortable facts that i protrude in the questions. But i also noticed how the italian media, above all, the television, the surpasses on journalists who had to be made from collegial solidarity actually publicized, set aside. The facts present us are based on the statements concerned immediately after the summit. They say the italian media had not reported on the events…

Freut duve:…Or just very vague. The newspaper repubblica, but also other newspapers like l’unita reported critically. But the others hardly. Through already existing control or inequate obedience?

Freut duve:of course there is a strong media control through the possessions. In the entire berlusconi private supervisor there is an extraordinary silence agreement. Underlong of news, the strongest form of propaganda, much more elegant, as constant praise hymns or tilting. Other, so far independent media homes have obviously been swung to berlusconi. That’s the main problem for me. I am not the researcher for the innerital affairs, but my job is to inquire how the press discussion over certain events and which interests it is influenced. Everything else, criminal behavior of burgers or policemen, for example, is a matter of italian. Globalization opponents arrange the surpasses in a development associated with the constraint of fundamental rights in italy. Share this pavement?

Freut duve:we have it according to believable reports of those who are sometimes free to do with a police, which conveys the impression of a dramatic latin americanization. After all, we are talking about officials, in the service of parliamentary democracy, not a total state. If the now with mussolini characters occur and styled and torture the demonstrators to criminal against criminals, because they prefer a black shirt, then we are at a dangerous threshold. For a long time i have reported for a long time for the bundestag about some military engineers in latin america, guatemala and others, and i was very horrified against this background about the behavior of these policemen. The events in italy are directly related to the domestic situation, ie the government participation neofascist?

Freut duve:at the police, i do not see that in this form. Each policeman has a subjective legal sense of law and woman around the consequences of surpasses. How do you assess the reaction of european governments to the events in genoa?

Freut duve:i already had a deduction that the italian challenge of the european string culture, namely media and government control in one person, has not become a topic of the eu in advance. There are also exercises of the deputy italian minister president who are fully in the haider line. Since the eu had to speak stronger. In germany, minister of interior otto schily wants to prevent such clash art with a so-called violent thereto, which should be prevented with the recognition-treated activists at an exit. Keep the for an adequate medium?

Freut duve:in the european community, i hold the for no adaquate remedy, especially since it should work praventively. The question is for me how a uniform legal culture can be created. This is currently not the case. What does this mean for the forwarding of personal data to the italian registry?

Freut duve:if information about burgers, as it happened in the case of austria, are forwarded to a state in which the police legislation is obviously from the joints, then these strategies were hazards. Of course, states must be able to pronounce warnings about criminal activities. But that can only be the case if absolutely secured material is present, which does not fever on smells. Second, it must be rated that all partners recognize a joint legal basis in this common system. German bundestag members, among others hans-christian strobele, have asked to take the investigations of international institutions now, for example, the eu parliament. Goods are an appropriate procedure?

Freut duve:i can not take care of such proposals as an osce officer. Italy is first a member state of the osce, whose government has chosen me in my office. But that does not ask for the fact that i hold a critical contact with many states, such as weirussland. If there is no answer to my request at a reasonable time, i remember the state. But it is also possible to go again with this question before the assembly of the 55 osce states. Italy will have to be explained. (harald neuberto)