Just recharge, is not enough

Just recharge, is not enough

E3dc. Image: hendrik luders

Charging stations for each house are duty, but climate-friendly are electric cars only with pv or wind power

If it goes according to the eu commission, will be compulsory from 2023 for new buildings and refurbishment of the installation of a charging station for electric cars. Every house should then have at least one loading point. In coarse buildings, parking garage and underground garages should be at least every tenth parking space.

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The macbeth effect

Circular cleanliness and clean morality

Pontius pilatus washed his hands to clarify his innocence at the death sentence of jesus. To wash in from his sundes is a religious idea that not only knows christianity. Behavior researchers have now declined the question of the extent to which moral ideas and cleaning of the body communicate — and behold, people tend to be more purifement if they are morally spotted.

In shakespeares stuck macbeth, lady macbeth, the macbeth’s wife, who stalks her husband to duncan (the konig of scotland) to climb itself to climb the throne, full of guilty nights through the castle. She is always and and over again the hands that are bloodstained in its inner perception, which speaks to himself:

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Ars electronica 2000: hudders talking to the symposium «next sex»

Totalitar bio-rhetoric has become final salon

How was that possible? With steelmen and nuchal words, the theses are read: the rape has to do with sex, not by force. The rape occurs in line with nature, which is called you an adaptation. And the sheer unfabbare high point (wortliche copy): "rape is a by-product of evolution, search as computers, arthritis a.O." ("the rape is a by-product of evolution, such as computers, arthritis u.A."To). — where are we here? At a lecture organized by neonazis on eugenik and racial hygiene in thuringen? For some freaky science sect in america? At dubious organic fascists of extreme rights of france? No, we are in the "city with sun in the heart"!

Extrauterine fetalincubation, nabuya unno / j, source: nabuya unno

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Helps frontex in illegal pushbacks?

Helps Frontex in illegal pushbacks?

Screenshot from the frontex video

Air monitoring of the eu border agency has been able to trigger international rejections. Corresponding missions were carried out at the axle borders in front of libya and bosnia-herzegovina

For two years, frontex’s frontex frontex has been offering the eu member states to overwake their panels with an airplane aircraft. The flights of this "multipurpose aerial surveillance" (mas) are part of the greural monitoring system eurosur, with the frontex all the axes of the european union and the so-called "border" observed. To eurosur obedient so-called "fusion services", including satellite clarification and drone bottle.

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Greek anti-terror institutions in the amok against young academician

Greek anti-terror institutions in the amok against young academician

Image: wassilis aswestopoulos

13 years cultured house because of one "banned" love

In "the lost honour of katharina blum" heinrich boll addresses the hatz of a medium against an unduly woman who gets to know a man at a pub visit and taking it home. After a loving night, the apartment of the woman of martilian-occurring police turmoed. The short-term lover is sought by the police as a danger of morder.

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Damonization and facts

The book "ibm and the holocaust" does not do what it promises, but shows how a company has earned fascism

Where did the nazis have the names? How did they know the names of the six million jews who murdered them? The answer of the american journalist edwin black betrayed the title of his evidence: "ibm and the holocaust". From ibm, more precisely: from the punch card reading machines sold ibm nazi germany under the name hollerith machines. They only measured the precise and rapid evaluation of the referendums of 1933 and 1939 and the statistical data of occupied states, the coordination of the flash wars on several fronts, the calculated destruction of human life.

As far as blacks thesis. However, it is already on the beginning of the book when black formulates as a question claims that never someone has asked the question. That's not true. Some scientists have even answered this question as similar as black. About the importance of the hollerith machines in nazi germany have already written david martin luschke or sybil milton. About the nazi's payments and the related technology wrote in 1984 gotz aly and karl-heinz roth the book "the residual lot. Volunteers, identify, separated in national socialism". But blacks foam blow can still be passed through, finally he is the first one who makes a pointed, journalistic written and well readable book on the involvement of the world group ibm in national socialism.

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The half of the world’s workers is a working arm

After a un report, the workplaces are not growing worldwide with the economy and worsens the working conditions with the rise of the service company

Worldwide economic growth and procuring no longer. According to a un report, the global economy between 1996 and 2006 has grown 9.6 percent year, at the same time, unemployment has risen from 6 to 6.3 percent in this period. In addition, working conditions deteriorate and will be degraded social security systems, while the gap between the income of workers and the holdings of capital are increased worldwide.

There are some "distressing trends" to recognize, sha zukang, vice-secretar for economic and social affairs of the united nations, in the publication of the report. "Despite a strong global economic growth, the creation of workplaces lag behind the growth of workfahny population behind." the report speaks of phenomenon of growth without worktop. However, this does not apply to the numbers for the industrialist in which unemployment has fallen in contrast to the main countries. In the middle east and in north africa, unemployment has also fallen, but it is still 12.2 percent — and thus high than those in africa to 9.8 percent unemployment rate.

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Corona in sweden

Corona in Sweden

For the location of the covid 19 pandemic in sweden

The swedish emergency medical sebastian rushworth emphasizes the anecdotic character of his blog articles from the beginning of august to the pandemic in sweden, which were published in german in telepolis (how bad is covid really?To). His representation is still well with the doctrine of the swedish health department (folkhalsomyndignheten) for the evidence of covid-19 ocean. As with rushworth, the central question is the immunitat of infected.

In sweden, like everywhere, you are interested in the so-called "second wave". Conditioned for the situation, the department of health analysis and data development (folkhalsoeanalys och datautveckling), whose director is different tegnell as "architect of the swedish way" has become known.

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The man who knew too little

The man who knew too little

All pictures: kinowelt film rental

A game of powers and coincidence: the psychotriller "unknown identity" bring hitchcock and polanski to berlin and schindler, hitler and stauffenberg on the same screen

Taxi drive in berlin, you know it, can be dangerous. Since the drivers take the way from the parisian place to tegel the way over the upper tree bridge — and then land in the spree. In berlin, the capital of the incremented and newfunden identities, the historical brackishment, is all possible. To the high chart also comes the subtle irony of a curious role constellation, which brings schindler, hitler and count stauffenberg together on the canvas.

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So that it does not come to blackout in germany

So that it does not come to blackout in Germany

Also the easter kraftwerk korneuburg acts as a cold reserve for the german electricity grid. © bwag. License: cc by-sa 3.0 / at

Due to energy market liberalization, germany has a stream market split between network operation and electricity market

In the past, the german electricity network was comparatively simple. On the one hand, the power generation was concentrated in a few coarse power plants and on the customer side were in addition to industrial users who partly have their own power plant capacity, a rough number comparatively small consumer distributed decentralized over the whole republic.

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