Greek anti-terror institutions in the amok against young academician

Greek anti-terror institutions in the amok against young academician

Image: wassilis aswestopoulos

13 years cultured house because of one "banned" love

In "the lost honour of katharina blum" heinrich boll addresses the hatz of a medium against an unduly woman who gets to know a man at a pub visit and taking it home. After a loving night, the apartment of the woman of martilian-occurring police turmoed. The short-term lover is sought by the police as a danger of morder.

It does not save the destiny of the katharina blum not saves himself in the episode. She becomes a hoped one only "newspaper" mentioned publication of the boulevard press. A reporter calls you as "terrorist bride" and destroyed with specifically distributed untruths the life of the woman. This must experience that your mother dies due to the stress through the hetzampagne and dreads the reporter at the end.

In the visor of the greek anti-terror police

In the greek realitat, the dystopia bolls seems like. Victims is also a boy here, today twenty-two-year-old doctoral candidate. She has, as judicially determined, as well as katharina blum no autonomous or left-wing extreme political mind and went a relationship with a similar young man ago years ago. This turned in 2011 into the visor of the greek anti-terror police.

He was arrested according to the anti-terror paragraph 187a, which was now once again aimed by the government alexis tsipras and put into considerably. The reproach was on membership in a terrorist association: the "construction of the fire cells". The young man had received two more men in his apartment, which were monitored by the state protection as a suspicious. Access took place in the apartment of the lifferent of the twenty-two-year-old.

According to the consequence of the greek anti-terror police, the parched was also arrested. The young woman immediately released upon adhesion. She had voluntarily given fingerprints and genetic material. Your lifestyle was fired later against strict conditions.

The young man came to court rapidly and became what is unusual, already in the first instance without the opportunity for the public prosecutor’s office of all charges freely spoken. The court attested him that he had no anarchist or autonomous attitude, with the two suspects had only completely legal social contacts and that it is in no way possible, in any way with the "construction of the fire cells" bring into contact.

New police visit to the doctoral student

So far so good — or not. For in january 2013, a squad of antierrorpolizei again stormed — this time in the dwelling of the doctoral student. She was because of "admission and activities in a terrorist organization" and "reception, possession, transport and hide weapons and ammunition with the purpose of illegal delivery of groups and organizations" charged.

What happened? At the beginning of november 2011 had a witness not far from the institute in which the young woman studied a man observed, who had dumped a suspicious pack in the bush in addition to the institute building. Only a week later, the witness, who speaks of an observed man and no woman speaks, contacted the police. He said to have been shaking from panic so long. On the 18th. November 2011 barg the police the package containing ammunition. Why more than a year elapsed from the date of the find to the command-like arrest, no one can explain to explain.

The package was examined by the lane protection, and — according to the representation of the police — it has been a vanuously low dna track, far less than the minimum amount of 200 pg corresponding to the standard, which was attributed to the doctoral candidate. To find such a small amount of genetic material in the immediate vicinity of a work and study place of a person, according to the rules of logic, could not be difficult.

A scientific review by expert is therefore not possible because nothing exists from the dna material. According to the police, it was too little to keep some of them.

An experienced hook nevertheless. He obtained insight into the dna documentation of the lane protection and found that the methodology and assignment of the track to the defendant doctoral candidate also corresponds to a scientific standard even with elastic design of the rules and is therefore not durable.

In particular, the opinion indicates that at least sixteen genetic markers are required for an assignment after a dna analysis. In the present analysis, only eight markers were allocated, five did not agree with the genetic material of the defendants and three were not examined at all.