New linke bosses are fixed

NEW LINKE bosses are fixed

Janine wisser and susanne hennig-wellsow this saturday. Photo: martin heinlein / the left

Janine wisser and susanne hennig-wellsow chosen on digital party congress with rough majority

With more than two-thirds of the delegate votes, janine wissler and susanne hennig-wellsow have been chosen to be chosen for the new fuhrungduo of the party. Wissers who already entertained their hessian landtagsruption and represented clear anti-capitalist positions in their application speech on the digital party congress, received the better result at 84.2 percent, but they had — unlike hennig-wellsow, on the "mixed" list stand — no counter candidates.

"We live in a class society, which becomes even more clear in this crisis", had wissers emphasized on the list to secure the minimum quotation of women. Many people are in existence groove and had charitable forward-looking, while the rich had become even richer. "With these, we will never be accepted", promised the 39 year old. A fundamental change in society is necessary: "it’s not just about a rough stucco from the cake. It’s about the whole thing, it’s about the baking mill." from 532 delegate votes made, wissler received 448 — at 64 counter-votes and 20 abstentions.

Hennig wellsov, who had two man’s counter candidates, came to 70.5 percent of the votes cast. The previous thuringian state and faction leaders had also reconsidered very much for a government participation in the federal government: "let us not wait anymore. People have no time to wait for us", so the 43-year-old. "Whether black-grun comes or red-red-green, is also available to us!"

Your counter candidate reimar planter from the brandenburg district association markisch-orland arrived at 19.4 percent, although the 50-yearly nationwide relatively unknown and only entered into the party in 2017. As far as known, he had not expected an election victory, but more competition. Above all, in the context of his application speech, he wanted to warn the party: before the task of principles in favor of government participations.

2.8 percent or 15 of the delegate voices given the 4-year-old torsten skott from mecklenburg-vorpommern, who had criticized in his application speech, among other things, that in the front ranks of the party, the left were hardly represented workers, although they have the claim, workers’ party to be. They do not lose the contact with the base, so skott, which is basic protection and eu pensioners because of a ms disease itself.

Janine wissler and susanne hennig-wellsow must still be confirmed by letter vote as chairman. At this saturday katja kipping and bernd riexinger, who had been calling the party since june 2012. Originally they wanted to stop in june 2020, but the planned electoral party had been postponed twice because of the corona pandemic. The left had become more modern in recent years, from the political landscape not indispensable and a recognized party, they recognized. "The floor is prepared. Now a new chapter can be opened", said kipping.