Sliding command for the turkish army

Sliding command for the Turkish army

Source: isku

Kurdish news uniform a document that becomes the gun use of the turkish dispute in the southeast of the country

The attacks on kurdish city and neighborhoods are always escalating. For more than 31 days, diyarbakir sur is under a siege and artillery. The straws of bads such as nusaybin, cizre, sirnak or diyarbakir sur acknowledges more and more ruin landscapes, as they are otherwise suspected in syria. The startup barrier concerns more than one million people. The turkish human rights association ihd reported on 22. December:

Under the pretext to neutralize armed persons, a comprehensive punishment policy has been implemented. The kurdish population is massive in the fields in which starting barriers have been explained, with the help of the crafts of turkey, special units of the police and other specialty species and units called esadullah [lowen allah’s] and that our knowledge of racist and recruit the jihadist paramilitarian force, attacked.

According to the ihd lost between the 24. July and the 22. December of last year 197 civilians their lives, or. Have been killed. How many members of armed militias or armed teenagers have been killed is not known. The human rights association speaks of one "completely controlleless and merciless dirty war". The presumption of innocence, the rights of accused, the ban on torture, the unrestricted right to life were set. This practice is located outside of turkish right. It also fished "no effective investigations" instead of.

After one of the news agency diha played internal military document of the commander of the country’s credentials entitled: "establishment of the staff for firearms use and evidence of alertness" the massive firearms use was spat from the 30th from the 30th. July 2015 arranged and the impunity of the tatter underlined again.

For the authenticity of the document speaks much, not least that it is already the subject of a parliamentary request (see below). The document with the file number: 84933840-3000-350-15 carries out the title: "to push the right of the soldiers and the alertness of the units".

It became evidently on the 30. July 2015 from the 3. Panzerbattalnscommandantur in cizîr / sirnex (turk. Cizre / sırnak) to the 172. Armored brigade, the representative commander of the country forces, transmitted. In six points, the firearms use against the population is legitimized and impossible for impunity.

Threatened with the fact that army attention, which retire during weapon use and be it from fear of legal persecution, had hard consequences to bound. Otherwise, the survival of the state and the nation should be dangered and "betrayers, terrorists and enemies of the state" was mediated by strong for such misconduct. It becomes clear how far the influence on the judiciary that the akp government has gained.

In the document, according to a report of the kurdish anf-news, there is further mentioned that all units are to be instructed, with any ambush, with sabotage files, "harassment" or to answer at attacks with sharp ammunition. You are in an exceptional state can be removed from the document:

The commander should remember the staff that our state is in a difficult phase and you have to be vigilant.

The deputy of the opposition party hdp, ferhat encu, set on 5. January a parliamentary request for the legal basis and the consequences of this statement. The government’s response remains to be seen. If you look at the consequences of this command, it does not deposit that this arrangement continuously as "command to the massacre" understood.

Psychological war carrying with corpses

The consequences of the procedure of the turkish army against the population becomes more and more significant. Prompted "the totters" are reading again and again, such as in an open letter in which a daughter not only complains of their mother’s death, but also that the reliefs were prevented from mounting the body.

Since the 23. December is said to be the dead body in the district of sur on the strain and no one was maintained. As is apparent from an english-language annual report, the pein, which dusts the turkish dispute nor with corpses, is not an individual case, but carries systematic wise.

Meanwhile, the human rights club ihd called the cancellery court so that the relatives can be the body of their relatives. Happow initiatives have been in the hunger strike for four days in the hunger strike and explain this, if necessary to convert into a death-festing. It is striking that the turkish army uses this very special, insulting and snowing practice with the corps getotter specifically.

It is remembered that the challenges and autonomy clarifications in the kurkian regions of turkey in varto began when turkish soldiers in august of the past year shanded the corpse of the guerrilla forcher ekin wan and presented publicly. At the beginning of october, the civilian haci lokman birlik was killed by special units in sirnak and disguised at the tank through the city.

This approach seems to be part of psychological war. On the other hand, however, it also results from the safety pannies slaughtered by orders such as the cited statement to the militar to fear and hatred, which is often accused that they are accused "extremely nationalist or islamist" are (cf. The war of turkey and europe’s silence).