«Absolute security can not give it!»

Open letter to the chairman of the bundestag inns wolfgang bosbach (cdu)

Dear wolfgang bosbach,

Today i would like to thank you! Thank dafur that you have been helentical for safety in the innermost of our country for the year and day. This is important, because sometimes someone else can hardly look for safety: her namesake has voodle from the inside to the financial department, wife of the leyen does not fight for internet locks, but tries to loose the ratsel around hartz iv and i feel already uncertain. So since you have to keep the position alone, do my questions give you suggestions for you to confer your mission even better.

To your favorite projects are currently located the occupporscanner at the airport. We need that, so tell them to meet "minimum standards in international aviation". And now that: in front of zdf camera, you must watch a look, like any noses — hard packed with "thermite" and the accessory to burn the whole stuff with several thousand degrees to burn — just can walk through the new miracle tool, without the box also gives only one muck. The criticism of the meaning and purpose of the whole spook leash: "absolute security can not give!"And of course, they now turn on that the material was at least partially transported in the jacket pocket. They had to be examined separately at the airport anyway. So we leave the terrorist the good stucco thought and ask us further questions.

The (marginal) gain of security should be partially part of the airport. Even if journalists — in their opinion — still so many "stupid" questions ask for other equivalents of the encounter — for example: we do not have to offer the pilgrims at bahnhofen, fubball games and pop concerts a similarly high mab (un) security? No — there they are then stern — we do not have to; the whole body, in your opinion, we only need to scan at the airport, the "minimum standards in international aviation" will. Aha — and i still thought, we needed the things because of the security. No, what for an alberner thought: we need the millions of taxpayers for the minimum standards. But that does not do anything — lively we want to boost the economy at the moment and the tax release for the (hourly) hoteliers has so far not achieved no throughout effect.

What distinguishes the passenger of the lufthansa of the deutsche bahn?

But what i still did not understand (please see me — i was already in school as a conceptual!): what distinguishes international aviation from international rail traffic or international sea shipping? What distinguishes the passenger of the lufthansa of the deutsche bahn? Both rise in the frankfurt airport and out. Well, it is probably due to the fact that "minimum standards" are only necessary for such exotic locomotives such as airship. In fact, my knowledge is never visibly landed a vessel visible in a skyscraper. The goods also against all tradition.

Well, now the potential terrorist has left the security check at the airport, is therefore in the duty-free area. Of course, he does not want to escape his obligation as a worldburger in this and part of the international community for the administration of the economic crisis and comply with his consumer obligation — for example in the airport pharmacy "metropolitan pharmacy".

After all, he has to refresh his prirdhead of thermite ingredients again; they have been a little decimated since the security check. For safety's sake, the terrorist has pre-ordered the goods by phone — it could be that the stuff is just out of stock due to strong demand. And the staff in the pharmacy are really very helpful! And would like to ask in the gross trading (from due to servicewuste germany!To).

Should he want to implement his project in the short term, he was able to achieve his goal with the help of razor blades, high-percentage alcohol and lighters. These articles should be in stock. — as long as the terrorist transports such utensils in a transparent, sealed bag, that's all completely fine.

The terrorist does not need this whole firefanz anymore!

At least as long as the unions of the police and pilots did not have enforced with their prohibition claim. I can self-mindedly understand that they did not like to move in such banal lowlands: razor blades! Who wanted to let himself clearly, if there is an alternative, the possibility of sending themselves with such a 'nem to set spectacular corpers scanners? This has no way to do something with symbol policy, such as vicious contemporaries, but serves exclusively the matter. And the minimum standards.

But now comes the absolutely cool top bang: the terrorist does not need this whole firefanz anymore! Instead, he simply copies a service from security personnel and marches souveran to the plane without ever having to pass a security control. Apparently this works on the airport hamburg, berlin-tegel, stuttgart, dresden and hannover. Especially delicious: the responsible persons in the airport and the swiss software developer legic knowledge about the cheeks, but they do not want to fix "cost". Grandma ilse in the whole body scanner, terrorists in the plane — that's what i call innovative burocracy reduction! That gives a photo! A plane with a whole tanker full of poison gas bursts over berlin. I would like to honor them honestly: since they can not be medial against attacks — neither with razor blade nor in a whole body scanner.

As in the meaning of the minimum standards, it is released whether the transport systems in this country have ever undergone a systematic vulnerability analysis and what it was cost to eliminate weaknesses. So it would be very conceivable that schuler bring dashing tracks to derail. As happened in poland a year ago. But at least they became less suspicion of suspicion, effect handling went to them before serious policies.

With warm pits