Syria: bashar al-assad can be elections again

Syria: Bashar al-Assad can be elections again

De · jà-vu: assad poster before the elections in syria 2014. Image: hosin zohrevand, cc by 4.0

Vote meets rejection in the west. Signals from the country and the region opposing. Winner is already certain

Things to do today in syria prasidental elections. Three candidates compete for the highest office in the country, which is heavily drawn by ten years of war and a massive economic crisis.

After the 2012 term of 2012, the term of office of the president is seven years, he can stay in office two election periods. However, this rule has already been put on the last prasidental elections in 2014, when bashar al-assad was re-elected for a third term of office. Much suggests that he will now take a fourth term of office.

The syrians living abroad could already be on 20. May in syrian embassies or consulates elections. A small group of states, including germany, the us and turkey, however, prohibited the elections in the syrian representations. In lebanon stromty thousands on the syrian embassy in beirut.

More than 400 employees, judges, lawsal and journalists had been released from the detention before the elections. In the social media, they have become critically uplifted over the bad economic situation in the country. In addition, thousands of prisoners came up in the course of a general amnesty, which had been imprisoned due to probability, drug trafficking, smuggling or deployment.

Critics of the syrian government and human rights organizations pointed out that there was no freedom for political opposition, which are partly imprisoned for years and without legal proceedings.