Vista sucks! And do not forget the fries…

Youtube and co. — our weekly telepolis video check

After christmas, which hopefully does not run so, the time of the backlogs comes. Also in this column! And without a doubt one of the largest achievements of the now in the last year’s year comes from microsoft. On the msfireefox page.Com is offered by a "microsoft firefox 2007 professional edition". So a firefox browser from microsoft, which makes it for itself and its own browser, the internet explorer, competition. Unless microsoft has made klammheim the firefox people and their company. Already clever, the guys around bill gates!

It is advertised for this browser whole new type with this video. And as system requirements are mentioned: "quadcore cpu 4.6ghz processor or higher (for the loading of hotmail.Com)."

Just as interesting and outside spectacular is the at archaeology.Org published report of a zombie attack in altagptisch hierakonpolis more than 5000 years ago. Although that sounds quite strange, yet this sensational discovery is occupied on the mains side by numerous documents. Unfortunately, a video is missing the zombie attack documented. Further spectacular network pages are listed here.

The most successful "viral marketing videos of the year 2007" is here, on the other hand. And the drums gambling gorilla is really a hit, although he recalls pretty strong at phil collins. That health advertising can not only be boring, but also funny, hopefully proves this video. And the people the movie vista sucks! Have obviously did not understand the wonderful operating system.

Those who like to eat fastfood, which can also order it; with the following words:

I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce do not be frontin ‘son no seeds on a bun we be up in this drive thru order for two i gots a craving for a number nine like my shoe we need some chick up in here in this dizzle for rizzle my mizzle extra salt on the frizzle dr. Pepper my brother another for your mother double double super size and don’t forget the fries…

And how to do that right with the fries and order with the order, that shows the video fast food freestyle. But the closing point relies today and thus our minister of the interior with furfauf thinking about our safety.