An atheist atlantic, a european cameron counterparty and hugh laurie as prinzregent

In the great britain, the formal coalition targets and main cabinet posts are known

Meanwhile, the occupation of the most important posts in the cabinet of conservatives and liberal democrats is determined: the tories face the financial minister and the eurosceptor visited by hugh laurie with the prince regent, which was played by hugh laurie) the finance minister and the eurosceptor william hague (which as a teenager according to own information up to 14 glass beer per day drank) also the foreign minister. Defense minister becomes the atheist atlantic and nuclear armilization advisor liam fox, minister of interior theresa may (a christian with a loud bbc "exotic shoe flavor"), health minister of favor facilities andrew lansley and justice minister kenneth clarke, who applies as a spokesman of the european party speech and intra-party counterparty cameron..

Finance minister george osborne. Photo: m. Holland. License: cc-by-sa.

The liberal democrat vincent cable should also be aware of the banks as a minister of economics, which he threatened a smash into smaller units. He also applies as a decided opponent of bonus payments. For energy policy, one of the ldp favorite topics, environmental speaker is provided by chris hohne. And nick clegg’s staff chief daniel alexander suppurs the scotland ministry.

In this region of the great britain, the tories had only a single mandate. Alexander threaten hard clashes with alex salmond, the boss of the scottish regional government, who wants to hold a referendum over an independence of his homeland.

Foreign minister william hague. Photo: open democracy. License: cc-by-sa.

In its coalition agreement, the two parties agreed, among other things, for a referendum over a change to the av electoral system and one "emergency balance" for the year 2010, which will be adopted within 50 days and to include 6 billion pounds of shorts. However, other parts of the agreement doubt whether the two parties achieve this goal.

The liberal democrats shall notify any of them originally required for a special tax on millionarsvils — for that the conservatives lay their tarpaulin ad act days, the inheritance tax only from a sum of one million pounds. Their promise of a tax favor of marriedities will, according to the tories, be included as a bill — but the liberal democrats can be included in the vote. Otherwise, in the ldp demand for a production of the threshold, no income tax must be paid below the low-income earners: here, in parliament, the tory deputies should vote for this. Relatively agreed, both sides were that a labor planned increase in social security contributions should only be partially implemented.

The european policy is considered the main reason for the fact that the liberal democrats in the election relatively remedy sections. Accordingly, the conservatives were rather surprising in this area: they love commitment that great britain continues to introduce the euro and any additional delivery of power to brussel must be approved by a referendum. In addition, the influx of non-eu countries should be limited.

Defenseminster liam fox. Photo: steve punter. License: cc-by 2.0.

In addition, the liberal democrats also had to give up their resistance to the expensive renewal of the rocket-fluctuated trident-atom-submarine fleet expensive renewal of the rake-up trident-atom-submarines, but received the commitment that a commission should carry out a cost-benefit analysis of the project. In the school sector, liberal democrats set their goal of a stronger requirement of children from educational families although in principle, but is not yet known in which order of magnitude they should take place.

The stability of the new government one wants to ensure that the rules are required: thereafter, a sustainable vote should only be possible with at least 55 percent of the deputies. For this, the legislative period is formally limited to fun years.

An atheist Atlantic, a European Cameron counterparty and Hugh Laurie as Prinzregent

Minister of interior teresa may. Photo: andrew burdett. License: cc-by 3.0.

The liberal democrats now approved the coalition agreement with the required three-quarters majority. Your party chairman clegg meant in a speech, he hopes that the coalition starts a new policy, in the politician of different convictions overweight their differences for the benefit of the country. He stated that some of his party was likely to have doubts in the face of the government program, but ared them that he had not received this arrangement if he had not been honestly convinced that it was one "unique chance" acted to lead those changes in the ways to which his elimans believe.

Tory fuhrer david cameron raised in a joint press conference with clegg in the rose garden of the estate downing street no. 10 showed that both parties have made constituents, but also had to enforce the key points of their election campaign claims. His will, differences from the past to the benefit of a stable government to buried, he craved with the words: "if it means swallowing some humble pie, and it means eating some of your words, i can not think of a more excellent diet."