Dream of «militar schengen»

Dream of'militar-schengen'

Eu-council prosident donald tusk in brussel on 14.12.17 for the basic pesco. Image: european union

The new european defense university pesco provides that 20 percent of the regularly increasing defense budget will be ied for the rust

There was enough start-up to a common european security policy, but this time it is serious — with the bundnis pesco (permanent structured cooperation), which was founded last december, a fixed instance should arise. The construction of this new european defense court will also be a topic on the upcoming munchner security conference of 16. To 18. Be in february,

Donald tusk, the chairman of the european council, called the emergence, "good news for europe and nato and a bad for our enemies", without concretizing who the enemies were. The kremlin house newspaper "rossijskaya gaseta believes that the initiative is mainly directed against russia, especially since the eu states in other crisis areas were not aligned anyway. Otherwise, pesco was from the newspaper as "sandbox games" dismissed by a european pessimism. Probably an allusion to the non-official theory that the covenism is a response to donald trump and his departure of europe.

Mihena motoc, deputy director of the epsc (european political strategy center) of an eu internal think tank, former minister of defense romania and responsible for the coordination of pesco, tried in warsaw under the organization "in.Europe" to tell a little more.

Above all, the lawyer emphasized that no competition is targeted to nato, but a support. At the same time it will be given the "conflicts and crises around us" necessary, the potential of terrorism has convinced the majority of european countries. One "collective defense", so a kind of federal fall obligation according to article 5 of nato, it should not exist. With austria, ireland, cyprus finland and sweden, funf non-members of nato are part of the 24 members of pesco.

A european defense system is "a little bit of everything we have so far", it is "a management of crises at a low level". Crisis management are particularly referring to the eu’s auditors. Whether so that the defense of escape lets was meant was not examined.

According to the lawyer, neither the eu nor nato has so far rusted for the challenge of a hybrid or cyber attack. In september, a cyber defense of the eu states was played by the nato center for cyber defense in tallinn. As for a defensive corporation of the eu, one is just in an active phase of the idea collection.

Motoc hovering "militar schengen" before, a kind of militar mobility in which material and persons are transported within the member states. However, this requires the unregistered understanding of the member states, which should be discussed in marz within the eu.

Storing are not the ambitions of the french president emmanuel macron. This explained in january: "strategic and operational autonomy is my priority." he announced that the defense expenditure wants to increase in france, at the same time he demanded a ten-year plan for the eu, which should also fall in the defense. Also, france wants to expand its security alian with the great britain, which has not joined pesco and probably implement the brexit. Is to be suspected because france currently indicates the tone in the eu that the country also liked pesco as a pacemaker.

It is certain that the members must pay. So the rust expenditure must be raised to 20% of the defense budget in the medium term. This year, 500 million euros of member standards will be spent, from 2019 to 2020, a billion per year is planned, from 2021 then five billions of years.

As a member condition, among other things, the participants in the house is that the military entertainment should be permanently increased. This is therefore problematic, as many of the nato members have increased their militar expenditure due to the threats of the us prasident to the prescribed two percent of gross domestic product. Just smaller lander in the east of europe, such as lithuania and latvia, acein currently under this burden.