Dispute between saudi arabia and qatar

Dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Al udeid air base (2004) image: us government / common-free

The "anti-iran front" has several broken lines

If the well-known, well-known politicians with threats to speak, they act frequently as a stobrupp to pronounce what may not be pronounced at the official level. As such lung pipes, in a short time interval of the former us secretary of defense robert gates acted and now the diplomat dennis ross known in middle east circles.

Both are quoted by the saudi arab arab news with the rather unhappy threat that the us could give up their military objects in qatar (the al-udeid militar airport) if the guided in qatar is not a different course. Qatar could also expect sanctions in addition.

To what extent the two politicians cover views in the top of the opposite trump administration is not clearly tight — the neocon ross, for example, was consultant under the aufemister hillary clinton — but they stand for a warehouse that is on a strong anti-iran front puts. Trump himself signaled at the summit in riad that he is located at an alliance against iran, which is important for israel and saudi arabia (cf. Summit in saudi arabia: trump in the "world of good"to).

Enemy pictures are not shared

Now cracks in the anti-iran bundnis of the gulf states, the exercises of gates and ross are peaks in a coarse front against qatar. The two main contrades in the dispute are saudi arabia and qatar. About the ratio to iran, to the muslim bruters and hamas, qatar is shearing here, it supports the muslim bridge as well as the hamas long. Trump called "isis, al qaeda, hizbollah, hamas" as extremists who protest the good counterfeit, and iran as a power that supports terrorism.

After the summit, the katarische emir should have given a dissident opinion to iran. In international media, sheikh tamim’s statements of hamad al-thani, which he is to uplift in a militar ceremony, among other things, the statement that iran is a one "gross" may be. Saudi arabia and the united arab emirates had subsequently blocked catari websites, including al-jazeera.

Tehran should not be isolated but integrated, was passed on by the emr. Also, he should have criticized trump’s attitude to iran. He called rohani in iran to congratulate him on his choice.

Saudi arabia: doubts about wahhabistic relations of the catal emir

From saudi arabia came to the reply article like how qatar and iran’s hardliners are very much alike politically or hezbollah and qatar — a story of forbidden love?. An anonymous minister of the united arab emirates spoke of one "serious crisis" within the gulf states between the warehous and qatar vained by saudi arabia. The dispute carries some capriols in themselves.

So was claimed by katarische side that the emir’s exceptions were not real because websites were hacked and put things in his mouth he did not claim. And from saudi arabia, loud doubts were uplifted that the katarian ruling house is called on a relatives to the primer of wahhabism.

Since the letter from the center of the clerical establishment has not yet existed, this has not yet been awarded, this is considered a further sign of a serious storage of the relationship of the two gulf states.

Other positions also in oman, dubai and kuwait

However, al-monitor draws attention to another aspect in his report: that qatar is not alone with the claim to drove a relationship with iran according to its national interests. Also oman have another position than those of saudi arabia or the united arab emirates.

In us articles to the crisis, it is highlighted that the views of the us secretary of defense mattis and the cia director of pompeo cover those in riad and abu dhabi. Bahrain is covered by us support in it to continue hard against the opposition that is associated with iran. Looking for search now to explore how far the trump administration is ready to go.

Meanwhile, the near-east journalist sharmine narwani at rt directs the view of other break lines in the golf cooperation council (gcc). Also between dubai and abu dhabi there are differences in the ratio to iran. Dubai have a rough iranian "expat"-volkure and do significant trade in iran. There you are less worried about the neighbor than in abu dhabi.

Even in kuwait, one is more recovering when it comes to iran. The share of the shiites is 40 percent in the country. The fact that katarische emir turns into his dispute with saudi arabia and the vae on kuwait is not about to come from about. The tenor of the article by narwani: the "sunni consensus" under the screen of the "saudi american power" is not so weary as this is postulated.