The afd photoshopper, the arms npd and the stupid populated meck-pomm

Youtube and co. — our weekly telepolis video check

With a musical cracker we start today in the weekend, played by a man who really did not like as neighbors. Unless you are deaf.

And after this wonderful performance, it’s about the pool, there’s always something going on how this small collection shows. Also this recreational employment is quite late, but in the long run quite expensive.

So, enough, now the lug press is denounced: afd media spread a photo that supposedly shows a dark guy of the antifa, which is spoused wildly on a policeman. This scene should play in germany, although the uniforms to be seen somehow to look strange alien. From the striking logo on the jerking of the hit to silence.

And actually, how findige members of the party have found out, the picture is already a few years old. The scene plays in 2009 in athens. Yes, the afd-low press is really not allowed to trust, which is just printed as printed.

But such a thing is not the common afd-wahler. On the contrary, which elects this dull cheeks. To do this, a report on the election campaign in mecklenburg-vorpommern, the panorama post npd and afd: original and copy? And the true words of this poetry slammer.

The AFD Photoshopper, the Arms NPD and the stupid populated Meck-Pomm

Continue is the media with the newspapers of the month and the funny singing game cover the news.

Now something for the consumer: drop tips. And a warning of self-testing with sharp pepper. This makes us with our readerspost.

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The AFD Photoshopper, the Arms NPD and the stupid populated Meck-Pomm

Finally our quick run: minkile dog, drone-shot, airbag, music breakdowns, street cooking, cat rescue 1 and 2, unusual friendship, artist, shopping in north korea, comic competition, breakfast, hidden camera. And set the final point wallace and gromit.