The digital replacement order

The mummy 2 does not save special effects

Who stands this summer in the cinema, wondering what success in hollywood is measured. The stamp of the satisfaction on the part of the film studios certainly receives every movie, of which a continuation is turned. And this year we expect some copies like "rush hour 2" and "dr.Dolittle 2". There may be almost amazing that 21 years after the first part of "indiana jones" nobody finds time to continue this trilogy after the third and unfortunately also last crusade (1988). Meanwhile, the ancestors are served by spielberg lucas at the heritage of the adventure film and in the case of the "ruupted the mummy" not even bad.

The digital replacement order

Quiet "the juxtage of the mummy"

If numbers have been worth a good blockbuster movie alone, had the stripes based on the karl-friend classic of 1932 (with boris karloff) streaks truly good cards. The first part of the first part first played worldwide 413 million dollars and now the second part started with 5,500 copies in 3401 cinemas and an incredible opening weekend with revenue of more than $ 70 million, only at the next weekend at $ 116 million lie. Director stephen sommers, which specifies as his own idols the illustrious group from errol flynn, bing crosby, ray harryhausen and bob hope, relies on it in terms of pace and impresses again. As in the first part, the almost trashful charm of the figures is based on the good part on your english and not yet american pronunciation, from which in german synchronization does not remain much abys.

In the plot, hollywood makes his spectators who do not have any unnotically difficult. If you have not seen the first part so far, get the most important context of intrigue and love again at hand cleverly used backblood. The 129-minute act set eight years after the last events and bring along rick ozconnel (brendan fraser, thereto also in "monkey bone" to see) and evelyn (rachel weisz) also the characters of jonathan (john hannah) and medjai attacker ardeth bay (oded fehr) back to the old locations of morockko and jordan as an egyptian replacement. Strikingly unnervious and very suitable, freddie boath plays the nine-year-old son alex, who brings the action properly to drive through the application of the anubis amulet. Because what follows is a chain of showdowns, which are subject to each other in the pace and in the presentation agents. With the help of the former beloved anck-su-namun (patricia velasquez), too, transforms in the continuation imhotep (played by the sudafrikaner arnold vosloo) again from the dusty skeleton to the proud regenerator, who starts new omnilation with his resurrection. Because he wants to defeat the scorpion king, who was damned 6000 years ago by the anubis god. Exactly for this role summer should also be a very special person: dwayne johnson alias the rock, celebrated hero world wrestling federation and now beaten with the knights of the actors were struck.

The digital replacement order

Wrestling stars do the dirty tasks in the mummy

The stars from the wrestling scene in hollywood are welcome occupations, because their popularity bolts equal to totals in the kinocasses. So daryl karolat alias tyler mane aka big sky played the sabretooth chrough in the first "x-men"-filming. Adam copeland alias edge was the laughing lot in the tremendous qualitat firm "highlander: endgame" and william scott goldberg alias bill goldberg played the romeo in "universal soldiers: the return". And there are still much most famous muscle stars. Terry bollea alias hulk hogen is probably the torment of the wrestler and steve williams alias sone cold steve austin can be seen on millions of t-shirts and regularly at celebrety deathmatch on mtv. In the range of the governor of minnesota james janos alias jesse the body ventura has set a whole new career, which previously with guest performances in schwarzenegger films like "predator" or "running-man" as well as blessed with a file x sequence. Dwayne johnson alias the rock is especially famous by his eyebrow movement and before his appearance as scorpian king he showed his well-known talents in a series of the sci-fi series "star trek voyager", where he also had to fight in the ring. But now he already has the next character role in the order book: for the filming of the shooter game "duke nukem" found the ideal occupation in dwayne johnson. For a kind of prequel, to the mummy under the name "scorpion king" is scheduled, the rock is intended to remove self-resistant to its in the second part somewhere-working language deposits in full long. And who then cared exactly, can discover another edge upholstery group in actresses: summer altice, 21 years old and playmate in august 2000, will fight there on the side of the rock queen isis in the army of warrior women.

As one of the show shields of the movie, translated digital effects and other special effects from the house of industrial, light magic, who had to put some extra layers in recent months through californian electricity shortage and overhaled demand. In addition to working on summerzs film, the effects for the war drama "pearl harbor" (german cinema start 07.06.01), the third part of the dinosaur hunt "jurassic park" (02.08.01) and the settings for the extremely well-kept prestige work of steven spielberg "ai — artificial intelligence" (13.9.2001) carried out. And as if that was not enough, the work is already on "harry potter" (22.11.01), to tim burton "planet of monkeys" (30.08.01) as well as parallel preparatory work "episode 2" and "men in black 2", which both come to the cinema in 2002. The work of the special effects supervisors is thus through the increasing complexity and the amount of settings (at "mummy 2" 450 shots for around 20 million dollars only have become increasingly important. In the case of mummy prere, neil corbould came back to the special effects and john berton as visual effects supervisor on board, in order to carry out impressive scenes like the battle of the anubis warriors, a neckbrokeric airship trip or the london’s chase with warrior mummies.

During the special effects to the scene with the golden pyramid are still designed to grab the movie in the mediation of his re-payment good under my arms, then somehow everything out of the rudder. The pygmaenmumien in the jungle, which had a director of summer as a mixture of piranha and moving monkey, sometimes remind of the annoying little ewoks from the sixth part of the star wars series. Within the pyramid it comes to confrontation with the scorpian king, the half scorpion and half-person changed with imhotep or rick ozconnel fights. But this fantasy face has no human wake in his face and is strangely sterile and hardly threatening. At the latest ilm stobs ilm drafting to the limits of the creativity or the budget in conjunction with time-scarf love better no longer. And that, although ilm with the somewhat disclaimed jar-jar binks in the "episode 1" had proved to overall a full-fledy actor role of an artificial being.

Anyone who wants to experience the most adventure of rick and his troop after the cinema visit, has the best chances of paying the legal species thanks to the entertainment industry. Film conversions to video game format are welcome promotion tool and also at the ps1 game "the mummy" (konami) it does not matter. Together with the trailer for the current continuation of the mummy spectacle, all sorts of cinema sequences can be blown to the adventure on the old playstation. Still based on the action of the first part begins the story of hamanaptra, the city of the dead. What follows is a classic game in tomb raider style in which the film action has been processed. This makes pushing, flaring and the very light advice in dark gangs of some spab, but edgy graphics and the embarrassing diaper portion of the main character rick are rather agile. The driving film music as well as the static opponent in the form of mummies and anubis warriors, however, forgot this over wide routes of the game.

Film start: 17. May 2001