More art as a game

More art as a game

A colorful roller coaster ride

Sony "hohokum" for ps3 / 4 / vita

"Hohokum" is a very own video game. Experience the individual scenes is at the center of achieving concrete goals is less important. In the approach, it reminds a little at flow or flower of thatamecompany and in the artistic design of locoroco or patapon. This leads "hohokum" a tradition of artistic, indie-like titles on the playstation platform.

A colorful, snake-shaped being glides through a black environment. Occasionally form forms that accept color when working. Finally, more colorful snakes appear, which imitate every movement of the actor — like a kaleidoscope now appears the even black screen. The electronic soundtrack reacts to the players’ actions and wins fulle, the colorful picture becomes.

This is the start of sony’s hohokum. There is no explanation and does not need: that the player’s creature — a flying dragon named "long mover" — controls with the analog stick and accelerates with the plugs and brakes, no tutorial requires. That there is no clear goal, belonging to the concept.

"Hohokum" is not a video game in the fracture senses. It charges the gamer to explore the environment. From the first scene, the aircraft dragon changes soon into numerous more. He flies over a fair, roams a forest and dives into the sea. Each world reacts completely different to the movements. Let’s follow the dragon a fish swarm, sometimes light up lanterns when he manles them. Getting to know the individual scenes demonstrates the first approach attempts of a toddler to a new toy.

More art as a game

The dragon bring light into the dark

Anyone who knows how to uniform a new scene is rewarded with numerous aha experiences: the lighting of the lanterns attracts a strain musician in the foreground. In the water, a octopus lives, who wants to be fed and the figures jump on the jerks on the jerking of the dragon. There is no time limit and no opponents. Each world has its small tasks that are to discover and loose. With them the player offers areas in ever new worlds.

Is quite aimless "hohokum" of course not: with the lot of puzzles, the dragon finds a friend in every scene. In addition, he opens various hidden eyes with different actions. In addition, he lost many gaming, the colorful color effects raised or put things in motion. The music adapts to the events. The audiovisual experience is a central component of the game world.

More art as a game

What does the topfer need?

Even the development of the game was unusual: it is a collaboration of sony santa monica studios with the artist richard hogg and the developer studio honeyslug ("forbisher says!"To). The first, still abstract ideas had hogg and honysulg 2008. Pretty soon the idea was created a video game with a kind of air dragon as a major character, whose movements the developers considered optimally for their ideas. Only over time the individual initially abstract scenes took concrete forms. Even during development, the experimentation was always in the foreground. In a video, the makers tell the history of origin.

The graphic is artful, but minimalist. The soundtrack is wonderful: the dynamic music underlines the relaxed atmosphere of the game. "Hohokum" supported cross-buy and cross-save for ps4, ps3 and ps vita. If you buy it for 13, — euro on a platform, may download it free of charge for the others and who synchronizes his score with the cloud can, for example, continue playing his ps4 game on the vita.

More art as a game

Underwater world

"Hohokum" is nothing for impatient players who want to jump quickly from level to level. Evaluated by common video game requirements, it’s only mittelmab. But you did not meet the concept: anyone who takes the time to explore a scene and taste a lot to do it properly. Like a kaleidoscope is "hohokum" a colorful spectacle in which there is always new to discover. So it is as a total experience very much and a successful variety and assessment to the domestic video game collection.