If taders will sacrifice

The collection on a supermarket branch in krems in low easter ended for a 14-year burglar for the dead. Policemen shot him from behind and that makes in austria just for heating discussions

In the night of tuesday, the 4. August, on wednesday, the 5. August, broke florian p. Together with the 16-year roland t. Into the mercury branch in the niederosterreichian city of krems. What exactly happened when the alarm was drawn and the policemen — a man and a woman — arrived in the supermarket is just determined. It is clear that the policemen shot three times and that fireworks demanded a seriously injured and a death victim. A shot went into the emptiness. A shot pierced both thighs of roland t., the accomplice and possibly instigator of florian p. A shot hit florian p. In the back. A few minutes later he died in the hospital.

Florian p. Was buried yesterday in krems. Contrary to all amptions, the burial has gone without riots over the bean. Since the death of the 14-year-old especially among the young people in krems a deep policeman hate strain, escalations were omitted. Escalations are highly happening before. In the form of reader letters and postings, in the newspapers and television. The question that has hovered in the room and sometimes more direct, sometimes rather placed between the lines: how much weighs the life of a 14-year, which is criminal?

Judge and hangman

The case florian p. Leave many questions. For example, as it is possible to be shot as an attacker from behind? The two policemen claim they had been attacked by the two muted burglars and had therefore shot. But questions have also been created in the context of the declaration. For example, why the survivor roland t. Immediately asked for the actions and the two policemen got a multi-declared period of time due to their traumatization? And for himself, surveys immediately after the act is by means of preventing agreement or affecting by third parties. Otherwise, there is a danger of danger.

Another question in this context: why are police directing the investigation? On and for goods in such a case the public prosecutor for the management of the verve.

Media, who asked these questions or even tried to find answers to it, were confessed with the accusation of supporting a criminal, the eyes prior to reality or politically acting. Added to the orf and daily newspapers such as the standard or the press. The premieges came from applied readers or other media, the kronen zeitung, for example, easter-rich’s large and opinion-forming daily newspaper.

The kronen zeitung seized from the first day of reporting to party for police officers. In the reporting were the little stable family background of florian p. Or the "ghetto" illuminated in which he lived. Quite as a commodity krems paris, london or new york. And crown newspaper commentator miarel jeanne meant in his column even that youthful burglars had to accept death. As a professional risk, so to speak. In a talk show on television, jeanne then explained which questions in his opinion had to be asked: why a 14-year-old so spat at night is not in bed, but is located in the middle of a burglary, for example. Or: where the parents were at that night. And probably many in front of the tv and nodded to him in agreement.

Rights and obligations of a police officer

The case florian p. In krems, however, questions have also raised whether the use of the weapon was justified and whether the police have shot too fast. In principle, the following applies: from the firearm use, police officers are theoretically only if other, less dangerous losses seem ineffective and in absolute exceptions. In addition, the firearm use may make a human only attack, resistance and escape. That’s a shot on arms or legs are theoretically permitted, shot in the jerking, the chest or the head taboo.

This regulation does not only apply to austria, but also in the other eu countries. In terms of armament, however, serious differences rule. The bobby’s bobbies do not wear firearms in the aubendur. In norway, police officers in the aub service only in exceptional situations wear firearms. This also affects the "accident balance". In norway there is significantly less injured by police violence than in neighboring swedes, where the police are well armed.

With two mab

It is also not denominated that in the easter-rich justifiable is likely to be measured with two mab. That happens just in the case florian p., where the two policemen are touched with velvet gloves and supplied highest protection. But that happened in other cases.

At the beginning of february of this year, a us teacher of two police officers hospitalize was beaten in the vienna subway station spittelau. The officials confused him with a black african drug dealer, then had a procedure, but were freely spoken and are still in service today today. Apart from the torrent confusion, it had been a service for regulations, so the burial.

The fact that two mab is even on the agenda in the east-rich judiciary, a whole series wants to prove in the vienna city time falter, which is started this week. The revealing journalist florian klenk was allocated by an informant from the ministry of justice two paper paints full of confidential files, in which names are called high politicians, officials, but also police officers and in which, among other things, of bribery, abuse of abuse and friendly. The motivation for the informant to pass on secret government papers: "the customs and use in our house must finally become public", so it is called in the current moth.