The fake floodlights

Overpeer inc. Tried, exchange bolts with a patent pending "method for preventing falling record sales" to hike

In recent weeks, numerous manipulated mp3 files appeared in filesharing networks. Behind this is obviously the new york company overpeer, which should make exchange bolts unusable on behalf of the music industry.

That had ciaran t. Not expected. Actually, he wanted to invite himself a song of the band no doubt from the net. With the exchange pool of your choice a matter of a few minutes. But when he played the mp3 file, he only got a man voice to horen to horen, who repeated a single sentence for minutes of doubt singer gwen stefani, "you shouldn’t do this."

Like ciaran t. Has it resulted in recent weeks many exchange bores users. Always often dive into the filesharing networks manipulated songs. Tracks, in which after some bars suddenly nothing to horns. Mp3s in dog’s sensor qualitat. Songs with stork noise, fluctuating loud, strange warnings. Most headlines caused these manipulated files in the case of the new eminem cd. Already weeks before the official publication of the "eminem show" all tracks of the album appeared on the net — but in apparently specially designed for the exchange networks manufactured versions. Someone had made the mess, eight clocks of the stucco to clean over the original long of the stucco to loops.

Clearly, that was no joke. Here someone tried to clog the filesharing networks in a targeted manner to prevent the exchange of originals. How chance wants it so, eminem’s record company interscope is also no doubt under contract.

The patent for floods

A few days ago, the online magazine published zeropaid.Com the honored, the new york company overpeer stecke behind the fake mp3s. Overpeer is a startup that was completely unknown in the filesharing world. The company website betrayed little about working and client.

On the website of the incubator sk technologies overpeers business is already a bit clearer. Thanks to a patent-pending technology you can stop piracy in networks like gnutella or fasttrack, it is called there.

The fake floodlights

In fact, two weeks ago, the overpeer grunders have a patent for one two weeks ago "method for preventing falling record sales due to the illegal distribution of music files in communication networks" registered. It describes how to manipulate mp3s specifically and then can feed in exchange networks. Become a potential change "the inserting a voice", "the reduction of the samplequalitat" or also called targeted use of distortion payments. Through such manipulations "among users a mistrust of the sound quality and reliability of illegal music files" generated. This ultimately increases the record sales.

Apparently overpeer already has the best contacts to the music industry. Ceo of the company is marc morgenstern, who worked as a vice-preacher of the american gema counterpoint ascap and was stateful for the area of new media. According to zeropaid.Com was in the morning star father for decades member of the ascap board.

The irony of fate, however, wants overpeer closely linked to the explanatory enemies of the music industry. Overpeer incubator is the sk group, which goes to korean sunkyonk group. Part of this company is also the company sk chemicals. Their specialty: the production of cd-blanks.