Athens, city of riots

Again, a policeman made a mistake, muslims are insulted and in athens burned again

Two weeks after demonstrations of xenophobic groups under the spring carrying of the right-wing extremes chysi avgi, the on 16. May the athenian center had turned into a battlefield from omonia square in the short term, spared unrest again in the middle of the last week. However, the foreigners went to the barricades this time. The riots found their flow of flow on friday. Also this time, as in december 2008, a mistake was a police action of the blame.

In greece, especially athens, it is ugly that policemen receive a kind of daily order via controlling offense (minor matters from athens). In response to the partially chaotic situation in the inner states of greece during the december of the december"until the government stumbles") the police were reorganized. Christos markojiannakis had received the responsibility of the police at the last government education at the beginning of 2009 as a vice minister of interior. He set a new police chief in athens with jannis rachovitsas. Rachovitsas is also known in journalist circles under the nickname "dirty harry". He has earned this title by strict procedures on a more early board of directors in central greece.

Daily order: "felt alternander"!

On wednesday, the control of the foreigners was on the agenda. Such actions are popular in the media and also by some police representatives as "action broom". Since rachovitsa’s investment, police strips were stanned in athens. An "action broom" takes place often than in the past. The police praise focuses mainly on the athenian center around the omonia square and on the amongwhile migrants inhabited districts agios panteleimon.

Result of the current "police promotion in the district of agios panteleimon": "two hundred civil servants of various departments (criminal police, police directorate, foreign police, special-unit delta, directorate for police actions) controlled 612 persons, 123 vehicles and 37 store locals."The official police report. 86 people were brought to a police station, 44 of them arrested. Among the detected offenses are drug violence, illegal glucose, unauthorized arms possession, certificate of judgers and illegal immigration.

The half-smoked, wrapped with an adhesive tape paper bench … Image: poleifoto

On wednesday just before nine o’clock in the evening, a police unit met a group of iraqis and syrians. One of the iraqis had, the body visit, a tape wrapped with tape wrapped paper bench in his possession. The official, so the version of the police, suspected drug and opened the package. However, in ignorance of the content, he has torn one of the koran’s sides. The police denied that one of the sides was torn.

Athens, city of riots

… Turned out to be a koran. Image: poleifoto

The version of the migrants

Shortly after midnight, the arabs appeared on the police station and showed the officials for "foreign-timer and racist insults" as well as "removing the koran".

Already on thursday, some groups of foreigners demonstrated against the "koranschandung". They demanded an official apology from the government. One of the demonstrators said that goods are being achieved morearious from the policemen than to see that an incredible campaign. An investigation was initiated against the officials. If there is a fault out, so minister markojiannakis in his official opinion on friday, he will be punished hard. So far, however, police officers in greece were rarely prone to abuse. Amnesty international rugt in official reports police legal assistant.

A cornering as a political propagandamant for small parties

The left sextremist splitter party ant.Ar.Si.A used the incident to complain about a solidarity demonstration. The partiname ant.Ar.Si.A is a pun and a criminality for "anti-capitalist left cooperation for the revolution". In the chosen short form, the partone name is also synonymous with "guerrilla".

Ant.Ar.Si.A was vice minister of the interior markojiannakis and interior minister prokopis pavlopoulos a "crusade of racism" and organized friday afternoon a protest custody of austrians and auberparliastar left. The demand for an official apology from the ministry was sent by a demand for a rough mosque for muslims in athens. However, the links have another reason to protest against the ministry of the interior. Auberparliamentar opposition parties currently process against a practical electoral ban. Pavlopoulos excluded with a ministerial adoption of non-parliamentarily represented parties from broadcasting advertising.

Side effects and collateral damage

The suffering of the riots of friday were the protesting foreigners themselves, as well as athenian city center. The police reported on five destructed shops, 75 demolished cars and a damaged bank. 46 foreigners were arrested, seven officials and seven immigrants are injuries in hospitals. Dozens of people, including the tourists demanded by greece, complained of complaints because of the police tranenga insert. The athenian city center was partially impassable to the spades of evenings.

In response to the "left demonstration", unidentified right-wing straightening streams have yet found a residential building in the spades of evenings, in which, among other things, an unofficial mosque is. Both the praying muslims as well as the remaining residents of the house smoke poisoning suffered. For lack of alternative, renting of muslims empty shops and use this as a church.

The day after

Already in the morning after the demonstrations, the police continued their "special promotions". In the frub saturday morning hours were arrested with a raid against illegal prostitution between zoom and two greeks. On saturday afternoon, the police continued their "broom campaign" with the hunt for illegal strain dealers. Another contested protest demonstration was canceled by the links in view of the riots as "goodwill" signs.

Jorgos papakonstantinou, european election day candidate and speaker of the pasok, the big greek opposition party, threw the government of the government and lack of respect against religious minorities. The communist party and the left collection movement syriza condemned the procedure of the police. Jorgos karatzferis, chairman of the right orthodox collectible laos meant that greece was tolerate religions, but that foreigners who could not hold on the circumstances of a "christian state" should go home.

The everyday life of the migrants

The greek authorities have no reliable statistics about the exact number of immigrants. Treasures report up to a million illegal immigrants.

Due to the miles of custs and the almost annually small islands in the agaisraum, many immigrants, especially syrians, iraqis, black africans, chinese and pakistani, elect the way over the turkey to greece. From there, most of them hope, they could then get into the united states of the european union.

The focal point is currently the small island of agathonisi because of the close to the turkish kuste. Once there arrived, the immigrants can not be deported because of the refusal of turkey. Your odyssee usually leads you in greek grobstadte, where you fail to make burocratic hurden. The greek ombudsman criticizes in an opinion that the greek immigration policy is driving with almost unused burocratic hurden, "asylum seekers in the illegalitat".

A life without papers

Without papers, most of the immigrants live on day salary jobs or from the black trade. Living room are available either in occupied buildings, such as the former court of appeal in the socratousstraben near the omonia square or by legalized immigrants. The latter rent coarse apartments and leave their compatriots for funf to ten euros per day in supervised rooms. With occasional jobs, such sums are not financeable. For comparison: a greek, legal insured, temporary construction worker preserved on average 35 euros net wages per day. In order to be competitive in the financial crisis times, illegal immigrants must offer many times cheaper. In particular, asians, arabs and africans compete with the already established albanians, which are in the majority and usually have residence permit documents. The only way out of the suspension and the prostitution remain.

Athens, city of riots

Police control. Image: wassilis aswestopoulos

Female foreign prostitutes are located on the leoforos athina, around the omonia square, in the former borsenstraab sophocleus and patission avenue. Sophisticated are in and around the zapion park (right next to the parliament building) to find the victoria square as well as in the pedion tou areos park. The main nightlike strain prostitution causes mainly in residents for displeasure. Regularly occurs in conflicts to totungs offenses. Prominent sacrifice is the greek actor nikos sergianopoulos, which was murdered by a georgian stringer.

But not only prostitution stobbed on resistance from the residents. Flying black handlers are the business operators of the athenian city center a mandrel. Black handlers offer nearly all possible goods for fighting prices in athens. Dolce gabana, armani, day heuer, rolex, puma, there is hardly a brand that is not offered. Of course it is imitations. But they are offered in every imaginable quality. From the low-cost imitation of a rolex for five to ten euros to the chronograph, which is offered with mechanical automatic clockwork for 50 euros.

The handlers spread their goods on a sheet on the burger. In particular, they use the close to shopping straps to offer passers-by their products as "much cheaper than in the shop to the corner". If it rains in athens raining sometimes, the totted handlers offer flight umbrellas. The average selling price for umbrellas on sunny days is five euros, ten euro are required for course rain. Similarly creative is the pricing for sunglasses, winter jackets and other seasonal items.

Athens, city of riots

Strast handler in athens. Image: wassilis aswestopoulos

Helpless police criticized by all sides

Particularly popular are sales pace around universities and subway stations. On universatatsgelande, the police may not penetrate due to the applicable universityasyl law without permission of the rectorate, subway stations have lighter escape routes. Especially the main shopping straws are connected to the subway network.

Thus, in addition to a nobelboutique, extravagant watches and necklaces at the bus stop in front of a jeweler district, cds and dvds are found against a jewelery district and music shop. If a policeman appears, the handler gave her bundle together and seek the width. Usually the officials can only be arrested one of the handlers despite concerted action and also with the use of motorcycles in fubganger zones. Unfortunately, this gets the frustration about the cheapest colleagues on the part of the police officers. Before dozens of onlookers, which use the opportunity to shine on the lack of state protection and to scold the "unable officials", then demonstrate the action for honorary rescue "law and order". As the youngest example shows, it can jump at any time of the zundfunke for coarse riots.