«Religion woves almost every book»

Constantin schreiber uber schullbucher in muslim countries

In his book children of the koran has the journalist constantin schreiber examined the school books of various muslim land.

Mr. Schreiber, from which countries did you look at school bookers and why?

Constantin schreiber: i looked at bucher from eight different majority muslim citizens. In the book, i then discussed a textbook from afghanistan, iran, egypt, the palastinian territories and turkey. I wanted to find out what knowledge gave the children in these countries to government schools. Again and again teachers have come to me who complain about problems in their school classes with a high migrant share. The questions repeated: why is the concept of honor so important? Why are madchen so devot? The female bookers give a part of the answers. Could you make a uniform world or human picture in the beers? If so, what about this?

Constantin schreiber: it is taught in almost any book expertise without relating to islam. The religion woves almost every book that i have seen. Either in the sense of religious instruction, or to justify nationalist ideas religious. What about the separation of state and religion in these beers?

Constantin schreiber: a separation of state and religion hardly takes place somewhere. How to treat in these beers like multiethnicity, other prolongedness, atheism, women’s emancipation, democracy and human rights?

Constantin schreiber: while we seek to teach the children in germany, that diversity is a bit good and desirable value, is mainly propagated in the successful female books throughout me, especially homogeneity. There is only a proper action in the beies, and that stands in line with rules of islam. So there is nothing else for madchen, as to disguise and obey the husband. Is there anti-semitic content in these beers?

Constantin schreiber: anti-semitism has come to me especially in an afghan book, but also in the books that publish the palatinian autonomous government. In a textbook for "arabic language" for example, from "zionist attackers" and "zionist gangs" written. Which influence do these books have on the readers after their coming?

Constantin schreiber: let’s stay with the palatinian textbook. There is no difference between jews, israelis and zionists. Some of the stories that are supposed to convey to highly arabic, cursts mainly the hatred of israel. I can not recognize this book on how to create a generation that promises a peace process. You can imagine that these bookers also affect the western hemisphare?

Constantin schreiber: the books alone certainly not. Also important is what values are getting the children at home, whether they really believe everything that stands there. But basically one has to ame that those who come to us from one of these countries grew up with these contents. Who finances this book?

Constantin schreiber: the financing is also opaque. But it is clear that a country like afghanistan depends on the help of auben. My research in this case brought me to the conclusion that even german money, developing aid, fleesen in afghan bucher. There is something in these beers who surprised you positively?

Constantin schreiber: it impressed me how ruh is taught philosophy in some countries. In egypt, primary schoolers have to deal with greek or chinese philosophy, at a high level. I found that very positive. (reinhard yellento)