The oracle of darpa

To the new spasing fantasms of the "total information awareness"-system

The 11.September not only marks a remedious perceptual leak spatmoderner’s overinformation societies, he confirms the evergreen knowledge that the future is not predictable. This should now be different in america, the future has to submit to the manichaic fight against the world bose.

The oracle of DARPA

The avant-garde american war technology, the "defense advanced research projects agency" (darpa), now projects the technologically revolutionary system of "total information awareness (tia). The system with the babylonian claim and the totalitarianism in the name should collect all the information and evaluate in good time, which are available to art terrorism, but often not interpreted in time in the past.

This race over time want to win the data rulers of darpa in a course of course at any price. This has also been disposed of such political premieges that the bush government is not only confronted by the opposition to have not recognized the september shortage. Although a part of the mosaic stones was the "intelligence" known, but no one there to complete them to the picture of upcoming terror.

Now this latest wish for total information rule is little original. Nothing else formulate us government and the relatively unsuccessful us intelligence services since the start of their excited hatz on real, potential and last but not least — imaginar terrorists is not. Like the spring-leading "information awareness office" (ilo) the darpa is suggested, this terrorist supervision system is a futurological project that adopt the present intelligence infrastructures on the digital old part.

New are only the planned data stores in petabyte coarse

Although the tia program directors do not want to not want to highly highly highly screw up expectations at the future success of their total information dominance. But one trust in technical developments that make the artificial interfaces between man and machine so smoothly that more complicated and more complex problem-out approaches are found for the ever-liking usa anti-terror world order when they promise the previous egg dancing around the reorganization of us monitoring agencies. What the political system does not direct, is now the agenda of hypertrophic technology. A bloobe further development of existing technologies should therefore not propose interested companies at all: money is only available for the one who designs a terrorist mousetrap, which snaps on time and irrevocably.

The rediscovery of storage and processing technologies in the context of the funfians plan of the ilo is so secret or so diffusely that only data stores in petabyte coarse is the speech. In other words, the data update with every variety of information about the burger should grow into the unimaginable. Gattaca at hand. And that the brochures, the tower of babel as a panoptic surveillance buro in god’s own country reconuing, removed from the iao from the metaphor, for that they are also parallel projects such as babylon, which is supposed to crust the terrorist brandy in the fundamentalist foreign multilingual.

Criticism of the planned hyberorwellian system

Since the agency is not a little communicating out of its visionary announcements, the resistance of the electronic frontier foundation and other representatives of bourgeois rights of freedom are now already stimulating. Eff-representative lee tienen moving that this project ultimately creates a national id card, without thinking at the same time adequately thinking about the relation to privacy. For tia, the tia system is not a simple identification system anymore, but an omnipotent tracking system to select even any flare data track of the burger. Nobody seems to be reflected in the file’s rights of the file or claim for clarification.

The objections to this fantasm of information rule are in the short run: the tons of irrelevant information could reject just the critical information measure (the sleeper in the data grid) — therefore, only the plug-in needle search with other, more expensive means. Thus, so the critics, but again only burger rights activists spied out, during the terrorist trap in the case of the trap.

The fear of a dark man strategy of the new hyberorwellian system is justified. Because neither the darpa has proclaimed the budget, nor are the statuses clear whether an existing intelligence department does the gigantomanic schnuffeljob are done or just found a new spiers agency again. In the ears of critics tia rhymes on steven spielberg’s minority report, the history of a fictional monitoring scenario in 2054, in which people are already pulled out of traffic before they could commit a crime at all. Terrorism was yesterday?

So those who signals in his emails, credit card legends, book shopping and the incurable traces of his data-existence of dangerous interests, is about too seemingly interested in america’s anti-terror combat, could already be hedged tomorrow. Of course, it was reasonable to shine the own super monitoring fantasm with the unruly reality. Such a low-budget killer application is so priceless these days that only dreams or taxpayers could come.