France: cooperation with syrian army possible

Aufemister fabius: the supreme goal is the case of rakka. Russia is obviously the most important partner of france

The french foreign minister laurent fabius surprised this morning: for the first time he did, who is possible to cooperate with syrian government forces. To war against the is he explained it, there are two procedures:

… The bombing (…) and ground forces that we can not put on, which are to come from the free syrian army, the arab-sunni crowds and why not from the syrian government troops.

As far as the explanation of how she was previously spread by french media. In the original interview (at the transmitter rtl), fabius fugges behind the "of the forces du regime" still the kurds added. This is also given a statement for the surprising turn — and the ownership.

Is-militarparade in rakka. Propaganda material

The ultimate goal of france is how it fabius explained to bring rakka to fall. "That’s our ultimate goal", credited fabius. For this you want to explain a strong coalition several times like this hollande after the striking in paris, a strong coalition. Many of many should help with this goal.

Measured by vehement urgency, with the hollande wanted to make the fight at the is for a joint effort, the commitments were removing.

The us prasident obama dear him, as far as concrete commitments are concerned, with guidelines of an old friendship. The german commitments of a military participation are "modest", even if the german war commitment provides for vortex in this country. Great britain premier cameron, which is willing to give air understatement in syria, must bring that in front of his parliament.

Partner russia

So france is based on the diplomatic course of the last days of russia, from there there is the most powerful yes. In russia, hollande was showing himself shortly after the striking and immediately met a willingness to cooperate, which is not engraved by questioning, which one got to horen from the western partners afterwards. It is a military-determined and polluted-bonded in syria, but just on the side of the syrian government.

The corner points that led to fabius explanation were clearly evident yesterday at the meeting hollandes with putin (putin and hollande agree on how to proceed against is):

Hollande said assad in syria "no future". Putin said, however, "the fate of the syrian prasident is in the hands of the syrian people." the kremlin boss was added, the soil operation necessary in syria were only allowed to be carried out by the syrian army.

Both hollande like fabius emphasize that one will hold on the arrangements of the political process in vienna: so elections, new emergence in a timeframe of 18 months. Whether the schedule is complied with is not as important as the basic alignment.

There is a common denominator with russia, which is very underlined at the moment, the fundamental understanding for this process. And there is the bashar point bashar al assad. Elections should clearly, putin says, and he wives, like hollande, that there will be no other winner as assad when he starts.

But so far it is not yet, so the question is posted again and looked more on the leeways, which result in the topic, especially if the respective attitude towards assad is clearly promoted, without concrete statements to narrow his future. The common moment should be in the foreground first.

In such a tactical scope also moves the statement of fabius. This is not said that france will actually work with the syrian government troops. For example, fabius paid a very different partner, which are partly the goal of russian air raids, which are the whole obskure designation "arab-sunnitant dispute". What iran did not like.

In the fee fabius’ are also ies that can heat up. How fast this is, russia and the turkey demonstrate. According to french media hollande, this matter has rather placed on the side of russia. That too is a sign of the french-russian acceptance. You just look at the common interests. This is the moment’s specification from paris and russia is also a good opportunity to strongly affect his political position.