No desire to lauscher

According to two physicists, the search for signals of auberrard intelligence could therefore be in vain because they hide their communication against curious eyes and ears

We still do not know if we are alone in the universe as intelligent beings. Despite some unchecked ufo trail, we have probably not visited us a carer dirt so far. And with the existing resources, no finds have come to a search for communication signals in the search for communication signals of aiberish intelligent living beings. Even though more and more planets have been found and thus the likelihood has risen that there are a lot of planets on which life could have been created, the question remains why we have not belonged to anyberry civilizations yet, if it has been be.

In 1950, the nuclear physicist enrico fermi presented some colleagues the question of why no auberdirdish intelligent living beings (etis) had come to earth. After his conviction, according to the so-called fermi-paradox, had a civilization that had the appropriate technique for space travel such as missiles, time enough to find and colonize our galaxy. Within a few million years, the milk strain could be in the hands of such a carberland who wants to dominate the earth like the european volker. In view of the age of the universe, a civilization had to stop by ourselves on the earth — if they emigrate, the dairy strain colonize and just come in time, in the people who also get along.. You can think of a lot of reason why the intelligent auberdians are not here (if you do not believe in it, they have been here or are still there with their ufos).

Without knowledge of the challenge of fermi, frank drake had received a striker signal once as part of his observation of the plejades. While it quickly turned out that it had come from the earth, but with drake, the idea of giving it somewhere in the universal creature, which sends people to the people, we miss them. At the same time, the astronom philip morrison came to the same idea, which then published an article together with giuseppe cocconi in nature, in which the possibilities of a radio contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence was calculated in a radius of 15 light years around the earth. They suggested, since the most common element in the universe is hydrogen to desrease the frequency range of radiation outstanding from hydrogen atoms, as this is well distinguishable from the noise of the cosmic background radiation.

Meanwhile, drake had already begun with the ozma project to search for signals from the universe. For a conference, he then formulated a formula after which the entry of certain values greatly assesses how many civilization in the galaxy could communicate with others. To this drake formula, the number of stars in the galaxy, the number of planets on which it can give life, on which it has actually created and has developed overtelligent life. In addition, the likelihood that such civilizations can communicate with other radiwaves or other means. Important is also the lifetime of such civilizations, these, if we collect a radio signal, which had already been a few millennia, have already disappeared or have taken themselves.

Only in 1971, after a study by nasa, the serious seti research began. In 1992, in the us, even a state-of-good systematic search, which was blown out a year thereafter, because the congress had not considered this important and painted the funds. The search was largely conducted outside the nasa in the seti institute with private funds of uersche predominantly from the computer industry. Since 1998, the arecibo radio telescope is shared. And since the 17. May 1999, seti @ home started one of the largest projects distributed to distributed, in which the data received by the arecibo radio telescopic are divided and individual packages are sent to those of the internet, which make the computational time of their currently unused computers to provide this "suspicious" browse signals. But this collective referee attack with nearly 4.5 million helpers has not yet led to discoveries.

Not only for shy aliens interesting

So we’re alone (or are not the nets doing nothing we are looking for to setis)? The physicists walter simmons and sandip pakvasa from the universitat hawaii now, like new scientist in the ie of 10. May reported, made a suggestion that there could also be communicating etis if we do not find any messages. The etis do not want to call any reasons, so the idea that other intelligent beings can intervene their messages that they exchange between the planets they have inhabited.

For this reason, they may have developed a communicationality due to the quantum mechanics and the indetermination principle, in which the signals can not be distinguished from a random belaumer from cosmic background noise. An outdisible should not make out, where the signals come from, if they should be discovered. According to simmons and pakvasa, the transmitter had to split the message in the form of light rays only, so that the photons are sent to reflect in opposite directions, which are far away from the planet of the transmitter. The mirrors continuously forward the photona streams to the whereabouts of the reception, which summarizes the message again, with depesentation not dependent on the order or pattern of the photon stream, but from their room position.

For example, simmons and pakvasa, you can control the light beam from both sources through a hole mask. Due to the quantum mechanical principles, location and pulse can not be measured simultaneously. So it was measured by an outdoor observer the position of the photons, so love their direction of movement do not determine exactly. Even if the communication was discovered, you could not determine where the transmitter is located: "only the act of reading the message makes it impossible to determine the starting point of the two rays", said simmons against new scientist.

Over, in order to be able to combine the photon beams correctly, the arrival time of the photon pairs divided by the transmitter: "such photons are not distinguishable from the background of the photons coming from the stars, because they arrive very tight time", explains simmons, which is why a belauscher probably could not discover them. Unfortunately, if this communication method was worked out, they were not only interesting and privacy-looking aliens, but also for all human purposes interesting. Finally, space becomes more and more an important part of wars.