Indonesia: tsunami with at least 832 dead

Indonesia: Tsunami with at least 832 dead

Amateeuer video recording of the overshoot of palu. Screenshot: tp.

Warning system does not warn residents

An earthquake of strong 7.4 and a subsequent 800 kilometer faster tsunami, on friday evening (local time) on the island of sulawesi (celebes) located between borneo and neuguinea, took the information of indonesian catastrophic protections after at least 832 people and injured another 500. Since not only a ten-hour hotel, but also thousands attract other buildings, they suspect that the number of victims could rise significantly.

Another reason for this guess is that the catastrophe protectioners have not yet been able to enter the regions of donggala and sigi from their spokesman wilem rampanglei by the infrastructure damage, in which about the natural disaster about 300.000 people lived. The survivors there are still cut off the red cross from the augenwelt. The indonesian viceprasident jusuf kalla is therefore from thousands of dead.

Rescue work in palu

350 in the 80 kilometers from the center of the earthquake.000-inhabitant city of palu has now launched the distribution of auxiliary gutters. They are sometimes flown with helicopters, as the main access, a 250-meter long brucke, and the runways of the airport are destroyed. The hospital kill not only with a variety of injured, but also with the destruction, the earthquakes and tsunami on the facilities.

The electricity is largely failed, as well as the mobile network. Meanwhile, the militar was sent to the region to set up the ruins aside from which media reports are horny. It should also prevent cords that threaten the survivors, among other things, threatened by several hundred criminals that escaped as walls of a prison with about 560 occupants.

Pacific fire ring

Sulawesi lies — how quite indonesia — in the so-called "pacific fire ring", wherever it comes to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. The most devastating since the beginning of historiography happened in december 2004 and drew alone in indonesia about 120.000 people. Another 106.000 died back then in zwolf other countries, to the east african kuste. Thereafter, it became known that the seismic sensor network of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization was registered the earthquake of strong 9.0 underlying the tsunami, but the data had not passed on, among other things, because of legal restrictions.

The thailand meteorological service should also have helped reasonable information at that time — but only one hour. Supposedly the scientists pointed, because other strong earthquakes in the past had not made a tsunamis, which ranged to the thai cousings. Six years before, a warning of the then weather-wire director had drawn a lot of criticism after a tsunami in phuket failed and the tourism industry suffers from damage (cf. Missed warning warnings and a faster around a rotating earth).

Silent sirens

Therefore, in the last 14 years you tried to improve warning systems. Apparently only with conditional success, as the course of the current disaster shows: although the indonesian center for meteorology and geophysics warned against a tsunami — but the warning was repealed 30 minutes later and the sirens remain silent to the catastrophic protection spokesman sutopo nucho. Because no warning signals erupted, nugrohos words were after "many people’s danger not aware" and "went to her support on the beach", where she was suddenly deserted from up to three meters high waves.

Dwikorita karnawati, the head of the center, justifies the abolition of the warning that it was only after the tsunami was already on the move. How to agree with the many dead and damage caused, should now be clarified.