Why the wireless room will be destroyed

The wap world reminds the web in 1994 before there were banner ads, animated gifs and cookie attacks

So well, i give you an insight into a secret. Contemporarily there is a possibility to access the internet as fast, convenient and unsteady as sooner before there were banner ads, animated gifs and cookie attacks. It’s the rectilinear wap world, just made of text, a simplified world wide web on which you should actually access only with cell phones or pdas.

But thanks to some security, you can, if you know the unused urls of these sites, call them with a usual browser. Then you will not be the same anymore.

Try the new york times on the web without advertising and graphics by going to this url. Have you ever done that? So the web has looked in 1994 before the auxiliary concept of advertising agencies to transform the internet in a platform of direct marketing, overhead.

This is the new york times, free of confusing layouts, time-cost graphic downloads and meaningless navigation. On this version of the site, which is intended for mobile phones with low bandwidth, each article is listed entitled and a description in one line. The title is underlined, which means that he is linked to the text of the article. If you click on the title, you come to a new page that contains the item itself — again without graphics, advertising or useless distractions.

I already know that this description sounds a little sarcastic, but only because this is because they are on hand and logical method to set up a website from the web today completely disappeared today. Wap sites like the new york times or cnn are more lighter, faster and more organic and even easier for the reader and the publisher.

You just have to get along how quickly these pages yourself with a normal old modem load. Try it once, as you go without an effort of an article for the next, text passages cut out and copy, link friends email or use the data as you want this. No frames, no javascript, no special applications that you have to download. Surfing on the web can not be tracked, there are no espionage programs that are on their own hardware, and no interface that is mandatory to face the finger in the direction of the "buy"-to direct buttons.

Try this lightning fast and user-friendly world yourself once. Then you will understand what people like i have sued for the last 5 years. With this simple, open and accessory information architecture you get so close as possible to the internet, about that we were still talking online at the beginning of the 90s. Now you know why we complain so much. We are not nostalgic because of the innocence of our interactive youth. We only have a pretty clear memory of how much better the first web interfaces serves the needs of the students, the teacher and all others who were looking for information.

Of course, visual interfaces, streaming media and interactive gamed have a meaning, but they should be used on sites that have to do with art, playing or technology. For the presentation of texts and a quick navigation, nothing survives the simplicity. Have added these sites as long as you can do so. Even if you stay accessible to the browsers, you will not look like that. The "mobile revolution" pumps new air into the speculative bubble that is through the dot.Com collapse is bursting. Venture capitalists who acted last year their e-commerce incubators as a hot tips have now ran away from their binding to the internet and stuck their entire claims in the wireless room.

Your new business plan will prove exactly as your inevitable exit strategies as well as fruitless as your previous ones — but only after you have the whole wireless room with new advertising concepts, methods for penetration into the privacy and graphics that burden the bandwidth, crushed and corrupted. You can wait for it. If there are a lot of people’s cell phones with colored displays, which there are already bought and wireless fast palm-bought, then features that we consider today as given as sms messages or only-text surfing, frustrating complex and inaccessible.

We all understand that for the services we like to use, somehow has to be paid. But online marketing did not focus on that you pay something. As a means of financing web content, advertising has failed. She was successful in watching tv and radio because these passive media experiences offer. Here sponsorship makes sense, but not in an interactive media landscape, where advertising is coming to the reader only in everything he just tries to make in the way.

We were not accepted the loading, every time we take the phone horiz of advertising,. We pay for election. Similarly, we pay for access to the internet and wireless content and should not submit the convenient operation to the wishes of marketers or nasdaq investors.

All the businessmen there is said: before you celebrate the same mistake, look at the websites i have given. Please think about it for a moment if you want to make any more likelihoods of making money using people to offer usable, fumigation-free services as they simply destroy.